Training 3:
Activate Your Higher Senses

Welcome to the Crown Chakra!

This is where we start tapping into the depth of our Body, by awakening, opening our Crown Chakra and activating this consciousness into our life in a very powerful way. 

LIMITED TIME AT $49! Price will increase back to $197 on Wednesday when we commence our Third Eye Chakra Week 👁

Here's What You'll Learn

  • Welcome to the Crown Chakra - what it's really all about
  • Your Animal Spirit Guide
  • Shifting depression, confusion, loss of direction, reducing fatigue & insomnia, releasing feelings of overwhelm, mental illness support (ADD, ADHD, Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar and more)
  • The Sacred Energy Flow balance of energy flow. The Sacred Masculine & Feminine - if you want to receive ANYTHING in life, it is time to get this balanced in EVERY Chakra, as it affects your consciousness of all areas of your life. Here we delve into why and how this affects it and what that looks like in day to day living.
  • Integrating the Dark and Light, the Extremes of a too open and too closed Crown Chakra, so you aren't stuck or have so much energy pouring through you that you burn out.
  • Sleep tips, the Crown being highly activated can cause you to not sleep, so here, I give you sleep tips, so you can stay open and connected to your intuition, but honour your physical body at the same time.
  • Diving into the neural pathways of the Brain, these are the true portal activations - are you ready to take your life to the next level with this awareness and activation?
  • The Truth about those Dark Forces, Dark & Heavy Energy, Psychic Attack, Curses, Hexes, Spells, Black Magic - how to remove them in Modern Day society from experiences from people in this lifetime and in previous lifetimes. How to recognise if you have a spell on you, if you've been hexed and what to do about the Black Magic Curses you are experiencing from people you know around you.
  • How to be spiritual and still function our modern day world without being called a crazy person
  • How to get people to deeply understand who you are, see your worth and honour you
  • How to honour your deep empath abilities and not hide who you really are at the same time
  • Archangel & Star Being Activations and Attunements for the Crown Chakra
  • Retrieving Life Purpose Activation tools
  • The truth beyond the veils is revealed

Here's What You'll Learn

  • Guided physical realm exploration
  • Merging spirituality with physical 3D reality
  • Combating fatigue
  • Deep physical body cleansing, healing & activation
  • Detoxing, food exploration, supplements - gentle, medium and let's fucking do this PLUS how to do detox and stay in shape when you have your family to feed too, we'll be diving deep into all of the tricks of the trade so you can actually make this happen.
  • Loving limits and extreme stretches to shift to next level - where's that delicate balance? Activations plus!
  • The keys to reducing overwhelm, so you don't take 1 step forward and 10 step backwards.
  • Sacred Powerful Morning Activation Rituals to keep you on track and highly aware
  • The Sacred Art of Receiving - so you can actually keep the powerful activations you need, and actually, let them IN to create sustainable change.
  • Powerful Mindset Shifts for Rapid Acceleration.
  • Extreme Self Care - all the insider's tips to care of yourself to shift rapidly without being wiped with tiredness in the process (sabotage).
  • Finding YOUR flow - because you're Unique, you ain't like everyone else right? Finding your Unique gifts & talents and knowing how to use them.
  • Clearing the Clutter - we delve into physically de-cluttering, including, home, work space, mind, business and more.
  • Plus how your Psychometry gift is your golden key to de-cluttering like a boss.
  • Powerful activation to enable your Earth Angel Magic Glow that everyone notices.

Are you ready to be spiritually guided, intuitively mentored and activated through this Portal Activation Series that rapidly accelerates your Ascension Awakening.

If you're really ready for change and are looking for the support, help and guidance to do just that, then this is for you.


~ You have lifetime access and can work through this at your own pace
~ Access to all video trainings and guided audio healing meditations and activations

LIMITED TIME AT $49! Price will increase back to $197 on Wednesday when we commence our Third Eye Chakra Week ðŸ‘


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