Cracking The Code

Uncovering Your Sacred Life Purpose Gift

You have something within you, that is uniquely yours. 

You know you are gifted, highly intuitive and psychic, yet, what is your unique Sacred Life Purpose Gift?

You have lived many, many previous lives on Earth, you have so much history in your Soul DNA.

So what is your unique sacred talent that you specifically use to heal?

Intuitively Channelled

and divinely guided, your Sacred Life Purpose gift is uncovered and activated in this Cracking The Code session.

  • Strengthen your Sacred Life Purpose Gift
  • Realise, understand and incorporate your Life Purpose deeply into your life
  • Enhance your healing sessions in your business, career and relationships
  • Activate your Unique Blueprint Code 
  • You are provided with a deep understanding and road map of how to use your Sacred Life Purpose Gift
  • Energetic Upgrades, reactivation Soul DNA codes are also provided in this session as your Sacred Life Purpose Gift is uncovered

How Does It Work?

  • 45 Minute Phone/Video Call 
  • Audio Recorded so you can listen to it over and over to receive your Blueprint Activation Codes anytime you need a boost and realignment of your energy field 
  • Any questions you have can be answered here 
  • Oracle & Tarot Cards can be read for you during this session as well
  • You will be emailed confirmation and can schedule your time from there

Ready to Uncover Your Sacred Life Purpose Gift?


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