It's not enough to just use our words

We must use our actions, we must UNITE  🕊


It's not enough to just use our words

We must use our actions, we must UNITE  🕊


We must UNITE 🕊

So many people have felt powerless in 2020 with our 'Freedom' being ripped from underneath us and so many have been asking, or at a standstill mind numbness and blank stares... with that unsettling uncomfortable question - BUT WHAT CAN I DO???

Some of us Humans, are lawyers and can support us in ways that the 'normal' public cannot for example... but still... so many have felt helpless, powerless and it is sending humanity into a spiral that is taking people's live unnecessarily - BUT THERE IS SOMETHING WE CAN DO 

And we can do it from the comfort of our locked down homes. 

Over this last 5 months on the road, Spirit showed me so much and the solution to what is going on in the world?


The darkness, feeds on the 'lost souls', the darkness aka satan, the devil, demons - whatever label you want to place on it - feeds on us FOCUSING ON IT. 

Yes, keep tabs on what is going on in the world, heal the triggers that arise in you from what you see in the world and then REMOVE YOUR ENERGY FROM IT - aka remove your focus on it!

The other week, I asked people if they need help with shifting the adrenaline body muscle memory and trauma response that we all get pulled into and as a society has been normalised for eons gone by -  NOT ANYMORE SUNNY JIM! NOT TODAY SUNNY JIM!!! (recognise that from somewhere?! If you haven't read my blog where I reference this, click here to do so, as it will help the process of healing from the world situation and shift us all in Unity.) 

Take Action! 


Remove Yourself

Turn your back and walk away, turn your focus in the complete opposite direction. Just like when dealing with a narcissist, you must remove yourself entirely.


We must turn towards each other, not against. We must open our hearts to one another and stand United - no matter our differences. When the masses Unite, there is no fight. 

Raise Your Frequency

Meditate to train ourselves to stay in a higher frequency, vibration and consciously infiltrate our life, humanity and our dear planet Earth with this high frequency.

I've been guided to hold WEEKLY Global Live Healings, Global Live Meditations & Activations, Global Live Frequency Shifts 


HUMANITY needs us to UNITE 🕊

PLANET EARTH needs us to UNITE 🌏


WE need to KEEP OUR FOCUS STRONG on what we WANT 🔥

And THIS is how we do it 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️

Remember back when the lockdowns first began earlier this year?

And the Global Live Meditation was held worldwide and the Schumanns resonance was affected from this?

Imagine what a Weekly CONSISTENT influx of this energy can do for Humanity and our Planet right now! 

Are you in? 

Oooh yes baby! I thought so! 

Okay  - here is how it rolls: 

When? (Commencing next week 23rd/24th)

  • Mondays 12pm Brisbane AEST
  • Mondays 3am London BST
  • Sundays 7pm Los Angeles PDT
  • Sundays 10pm New York EDT


Reality Awareness Facebook Page that you can Click Here to like the page and turn on notifications for when we go live


It's free


Yes, there are even BONUSES! And this is FREE! (The things Spirit Guides me to do! 🙄🥰) 

Each week, you can join live, or watch/listen to the replay. 

Each week, I will be re-recording the audio of the live channelled meditation for that week and adding it to my Free Essentials Meditation Pack, that you can find by clicking here (you may already have this pack) - so, there are going to be a lot more free meditations in that pack very soon! 

Which means - you can download the pristine mp3 once it has been re-recorded and uploaded and keep it to listen to forever! 

This means, that you can listen to these meditations daily, to keep you focused, on track and your vibration high. 

THIS is our survival. 

And it takes discipline, focus and commitment. 

Let's do it together 🕊🌏❤️ #unite 

You may find a favourite one over the weeks that will help shift you faster and support you in your life right now, or you may listen to them on repeat each week as they are released, in between our Weekly Live Global Channeled Meditations.

You're joining us right?


This isn't about keeping tabs...

But this is having an awareness, of where the emotions vibrate on the scale, so we can choose to shift back to a higher vibration with conscious choice. 

This isn't about pushing down and ignoring dense, lower vibration emotions within your body that need to be purged out. 

What this IS about - is seeing how they are 'controlling the world' with these lower emotions that keep people stuck, the darkness (Satan/Demons etc) controls humans with these lower vibrations. Raise your frequency, your vibration and you take your power back, let alone your life thus Humanity.

They are 'playing' psychological warfare. We also know 'how to play this game'. It's called shift out of this dimensional vibrational frequency and watch the world change, because WE have.

Remove the trauma from your body that is keeping you in recycle fear mode and shift your frequency. 

Our Global Live Weekly Meditations will support this process. 

What we are doing every Sunday/Monday, is consciously training our muscles to be strong, connected to our Higher Self, clear, calm and deeply centred during this time of chaos. 

This keeps us in EXPANSION - which is a very high vibration and... we can manifest anything we want from this frequency, including the World We Wish to See In the World. 

So, you're coming right?  

You are joining us right?