GET CLEAR: The Intuition Activator

The Sacred Keys to Awaken Your Innate Psychic Skills

Tired of hearing so many different ways to Activate Your Psychic Skills, but just want it to be simple and easy?


You've heard it all before, people even talk about it like it is normal, yet, you are still feeling confused at times at what is what and still doubt yourself and - "Why can't I 'see' the colours like everyone seems to talk about?!"

I get it beautiful Soul! You just want it to be easy and not so confusing AND understand what is what and why is there so much out there these days, which one even works?

What if I told you that you could: 

✅ Receive your intuition with clarity and ease

✅ Find out what your specific skills are

✅ Distinguish between intuition or 'ego'

✅ Get accurate messages through your intuition and work out whether it is your Angels, Spirit Guides or your Intuition  

✅ And yes! SEE the colours like everyone keeps talking about, but no matter how hard you try, it just doesn't work for you

You're in the right place beautiful Soul - because you can with Get Clear: The Intuition Activator

These are your most Sacred Key Elements that will Activate Your Innate Psychic Skills and leave you with Powerful Crystal Clear Intuition.


Activate Your Psychic Skills

Activate your Four 'Clairs': Claircognisence (Crown Chakra); Clairvoyance (Third Eye); Clairaudience (Ear Chakras); Clairsentience (Heart Chakra) and discover your individual unique skills

Achieve Accurate Clarity

Strengthen your Intuition more than what you have currently without being overwhelmed at the clarity and receptivity you achieve at the same time

No Experience Necessary

Whether you are beginning or want to advance your current skills The Intuition Activator is for all levels and skill sets, move from confusion to clarity beautiful Soul ❤️

This self paced online course, isn't just about Activating Your Psychic Skills, but about giving you the confidence to trust in your intuition, no matter what anyone else says. 

You can feel confused when you are not clear in how you even receive your intuition, let alone what other people think and say - it is time for you to be empowered and Activate Your Psychic Skills beautiful Soul, allowing you to trust not only yourself, but life, in a deeper way, to feel supported, nourished and bring that lightness of heart back to your life again 🕊

Here's how this program works:

(Valued at $197)

  • Instant Access (start right away)
  • Lifetime Access
  • Take as long as you want or move as fast through this training as you please
  • 19 x Video Trainings 
  • 7 x Downloadable Audio Meditations to add to your Meditation Playlist for Crystal Clear Intuition
  • PDF's to support your Clarity of Intuition
  • Reality Awareness Support Group Membership Access on Facebook to reach out for support anytime

Meet Your Teacher

Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Mentor

Hey beautiful Soul, my name is Hannah and I have been working as a Healer and Psychic for many, many lifetimes, reactivating my gifts and skills since my awakening in 2005.

I help Empaths & Sensitive Humans embody a higher consciousness to accelerate your Life Purpose.

Ready to Awaken and Activate Your Psychic Skills?


You could keep plodding along in the dark, remaining confused on your own 


You can gain the clarity and confidence in your own Psychic Gifts with the support of The Intuition Activator right away


When you sign up and join The Intuition Activator, you will:  

  • Receive a welcome email from me with all the details on exactly how to begin your journey through The Intuition Activator
  • Be able to begin right away as soon as you join

It's time to Activate Your Psychic Abilities and get accurately clear in your intuition, regardless of what anyone else says to you so you can finally move forward in your life and stop staying stuck frozen in a clouded mess right?


This Course is for you if you:

✅Are ready to be active and clear in your Psychic Abilities

 ✅Are ready for it to be easy

✅Wanting to trust your intuition and stop doubting yourself all the time


This Course is for NOT you if you:

❌You want someone to do it for you 

❌Are not willing to put your intuitive guidance into action

❌Don't believe in something greater than us here on this planet

Join us, to Activate Your Psychic Abilities with The Intuition Activator

It's time to have clear, accurate intuition and psychic abilities beautiful one 🕊

✅ Instant and lifetime access

✅ Work at your own pace

✅ Downloadable mp3's to add to your favourites playlist to always have your Intuition Activations handy at all times

✅ Access to our Reality Awareness Members Only Facebook Support Group 

✅ BONUS #1: The 'How' You Amplify Your Accurate Intuition

✅ BONUS #2: Your Most Powerful Spirit Guides

✅ BONUS #3: Powerful Portal Activations - taking your Intuition to the next level

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