You were born for this time of The Great Awakening On Planet Earth

You know you came here for this time on Earth

You know you came here to be a part of this Great Awakening 

You know you came here to be a part of it in a big, big way. 

Helping the masses awaken, shining your Light into the darkest parts of Humanity 

Guiding the lost and forsaken Home. 

Home to their inner self, awakening their hearts, healing the grief that has weighed them down for eons of time and supporting their rise to their return to their Purpose Driven Life. 

You know you came here to do big things in the world and you know that time is now.

You feel the world going through a HUGE transition and almost feel a sense of urgency to get your purpose in full swing, in alignment to your highest path and destiny.

The call has awakened you, you are here to Awaken Humanity, to support those that awaken from the slumber.

You know that now is the time for you to rise and to truly come into your Divine Life Purpose on this Earth.

Welcome to

Life Purpose Accelerator


Hannah's Inner Circle 

For Rising Lightworkers
& Ancient Blooded Healers



You've been waiting for the right time and you know you cannot not actively work on this anymore...It's time.

You know you feel unsettled, or completely depressed or something is 'off' or you get agitated or angry when you are not working on your Soul's Purpose. 

You know that when one 'bad thing' happens after another 'bad thing' you know, in your Heart and Soul, that you are being led, and guided - to the Awakening of your Life Purpose, your Soul's Destiny. 

And even those long term commitments and what you have dedicated and poured your Heart and Soul into your job, your career, your family your - everything and now, it all seems lost - you are deeply opening to your Purpose, and you know, that this is the guiding Light. 

"You're not blocked, you're being redirected." - Hannah Andrews

When everything seems to stop you in your tracks - 'You're not meant to go that way anymore!' 

Timelines have been rapidly changing and it is now, more than ever, the Rising Lightworker's and Ancient Blooded Healers are rising to their Destiny. 

Are you, ready to RISE? 

Are you sure you're ready to enter?


Life Purpose Accelerator


Hannah's Inner Circle 

For Rising Lightworkers
& Ancient Blooded Healers



Hannah's Inner Circle is a Life Purpose Accelerator, 12 Month Mastermind for those who are ready to activate their Life Purpose and step into their Soul Purpose Business.

Plus surround themselves with people who are constantly doing the inner and outer work to Awaken the Consciousness of Humanity - who are also in deep alignment with their Soul's Life Purpose.

You want to be around those that 'get' it. 

You are ready to LET IN THE LIGHT.

Or do the work TO let in the Light. 

You know, it's time. You feel it in your Soul. 

That you cannot not actively work on this anymore. 

You know that you've sat in the Darkness for too long. 

You know that the answer IS in letting in the Light, but are not sure how. Or ready to deal with what that brings up, because you can FEEL how big this is.

However, you're ready to be supported in doing this. You know that, that, in itself, is the point of change that you are beginning to let in the Light - which you KNOW has been the missing piece.

You're ready, for this level of consciousness awakening for yourself, to stretch yourself, amplify yourself so that you can be at the highest level of service for your clients, your tribe and Humanity. 

You KNOW this is what you were born for on this Earth, you've been waiting for this time of Awakening that our Planet is witnessing right now - we are in the middle of making History right now.

You are ready to step up, learn, implement and rapidly expand your consciousness, energetic self and the gifts of what you are here on this Earth to do, during this rapidly shifting time. 

Perhaps you are super clear what you are here to do and just want that Soul tribe to connect with and be close to, so you can accelerate the gifts you already have, for your purpose and your life, for you know that the people you surround yourself with is who you become. 

You know that with increasingly huge shifts in the World - this has become a priority and your Soul has found you here, reading this right now. 

No, you don't have to be 100% clear on what your Purpose is - that is what the Life Purpose Accelerator is for, you get to become super clear on what that is, so you can implement and take your gifts, business and life, to the level and lifestyle you want to be living now, for yourself, your family, your tribe and of course, our Planet.