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The Life Purpose Mentorship is your access pass to an entire plethora of tools, instant access & replay trainings, divinely guided business strategies, live group coaching from Hannah, Lightfilled Yoga and Psychic Development, to awaken, activate and step you deeply into alignment of your Life Purpose.

Show Me What's In The Life Purpose Mentorship

Of course, there are bonuses, I always look after my Tribe:

So how do you know the Life Purpose Mentorship is for you? 

If ANY of those topics lit you up in some way shape or form, then your Life Purpose is calling you. It is a deep internal calling, that you wouldn’t be reading this far, if it wasn’t for you beautiful Soul!

How does it all work?

~ All trainings are recorded, so you can watch them in your own time. 

~ Monthly Mentoring Training Support Call (livestream in the facebook group)

~ Lightfilled Yoga Access

~ Access to the all the above-mentioned packages.


~ No lock in contract, you can choose to leave at any time 



**The Life Purpose Mentorship has transformed into Transcendence Reality Society**


This is also the main group of the Inner Circle, where all the Rising Lightworkers & Ancient Blooded Healers who are here to change the world are found. If you want to be a private client that has Inner Circle Level access, please click on the button here or send me a message on facebook.


“What if I don’t know what my Life Purpose is?” Is one of the most common question I get asked.


My response is always the same, if you know that deep down and have experienced any of these before:


~ You have this deep desire to change the world (that seems crazy to others!)

~ Feel like you’ve never fit in

~ Always felt like you were born for more

~ Know you are here for BIG things, but not sure what exactly

~ Are mis-understood by almost everyone you know

~ Feel alone on this path because of it

~ Feel uncomfortable in ‘normal’ jobs

~ Feel lost and confused at what on Earth you are here for

~ Have had a very dark past

~ Resonate with being an empath, sensitive soul, psychic, lightworker and more


Honey, if you said a quiet yes, (or maybe very loud yes  ) to reading any of those, you are already 100% on track for your Life Purpose!


Why? Because you wouldn’t be here, reading this if you weren’t. 


I believe that everyone has a divine unique Life Purpose, yet, Awakening Your Life Purpose, isn’t something that everyone has the COURAGE to follow and make happen in their life.


Yet, if you have found yourself here, reading this? Then YOU DO have the courage!


And you ALREADY ARE? Aren’t you?! I know 


The ones with the biggest Life Purpose’s have had the darkest pasts – is this you?


I bet it is!


Perhaps you are deep in the darkness right now and needing SOMETHING that is going to show you your next step….


Perhaps you are clear and on path, but something is still kind of missing in some way, on some level, whether spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, financial or business technical aspects and you are wondering what that thing is…


If there is a loud YES inside you as you read this, then the Life Purpose Mentorship is for you Divine Soul. 


Current Group Coaching Trainings Available:

There is a plethora of our Group Coaching Calls available - here, is the list of what is currently available that you can jump in and watch right away, let alone the live calls that you can join each month and gain individual live group coaching should you need your questions answered โค๏ธ

The Most Basic Essentials You Need To Start Your Entrepreneurial Business


The Illogical, Scary, Vulnerable Posts - Should you do them? Or no?


Entrepreneurial Breaks - How Does Your Business Run When You Are Not There?


Affirmation Audios 


Feeling Disappointed About Losing Followers - What Is Really Going On Here


Boundaries with Life Purpose Entrepreneurship


Life Purpose Alignment and Increasingly Large Amounts of Money - Can You Really Handle It? Or Are You Repelling It?


How to Get Everything Done When You Have So Many Ideas


The Truth About Why You Feel Stuck and Trapped โค๏ธ

How to trust what you're being called to do and why you feel trapped where you are - what this really has to do with your Life Purpose. 


Immersion vs Everything Everyday Plus Finding Your Life’s Purpose. 

Do you do little bits of everything everyday or, fully immerse yourself in your projects from start to finish? What is better? Finding YOUR flow PLUS how this relates to our schooling systems and what we are changing in our Modern Day World to support Earth's changes ๐ŸŒŽ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ


Money, Banks, Cluttered Environments block the flow... or do they? ๐Ÿค”And Mediumship.

Does a decluttered environment block your flow? Or is a creative mess? We'll see what the difference is and whether it supports you or hinders you. 


Calling in Soulmate Tribe & & How To Create Your Offers/Course/Services

How to combat the reactions of others when you start sharing your spiritual truth/message. How to find your ideal clients, track them down without even trying and without cold calling - this is how I have built my business without even sending one personal message ever (unless they've contacted me first!)


How Else Can I Create My Online Course? 

What other ways can you create your course/content/workshops and what else are you being called to create in this world?


How To Stay In Complete Financial Flow

Journal Prompts - How To Stay In Complete Financial Flow, When You're Not Even Journalling


What Really Happens When You Start Speaking Your Truth & Aligning to Your Message 

How to combat the reactions of others when you start sharing your spiritual truth/message. 


How To Know What To Sell In Your Business

~ What is your message

~ What is your life purpose

~ How do you even talk about it

~ What to charge for your services

~ How to package it and the most important key you need to know about all of this combined ๐ŸŒŸ


Releasing Family Ancestral Money Blocks

~ Releasing Family Ancestral Money Blocks

~ The Key to Successful Business Transactions When Your Work Is Your Life Purpose 

~ Journal Prompts throughout this livestream as well 

~ Touching on 'why mindset doesn't work' (Well, of course it does, this is what is blocking you) 


Removing A Pattern FOR GOOD

~ Important Steps for removing a pattern for good and changing your reality ๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜

~ Going deeper into why journalling is hard in the start and what to do about the 'hard parts'


Life Purpose Awakening Meditation

You can use this as many times as you like. Anytime you feel stuck or need more information about your Life Purpose, you can always come back to this one. 


Let Yourself Receive Without Guilt or Apologies

You have to be able to receive to build an empire and change the world. If you can’t receive help, money or love - how are you supposed to change the world? You might be good and giving it, but can you receive it?


Aligned Action

How do you know what action to take in your business? Here is an awesome process to get you into deep Soul alignment with sharing your message so your tribe not only show up, but align and shine too, let alone your business flourishing and you feeling like you’re right on your Soul’s Life Purpose every single day.


Sabotage & Your Life Purpose

Here is the magic for you - as this is one of the very first things that happen when you start Awakening Your Life Purpose (Sabotage!). Let's keep you on track babe!! 


Healing From The Witch Hunts Meditation

Let's Heal this fear and get you on Life Purpose now babe. You can listen to this as many times as you need to, or anytime you get stuck, come back to it and shift another layer, another past life for yourself. 


Breaking the Myths of Your Life Purpose

Smashing through the limiting beliefs of what your Life Purpose is, what you think it is, what you’re really supposed to be doing and knowing the difference so you are not going around in circles year after year.


What if My Life Purpose is Not an Online Business?

What do I do with my Life Purpose and how do I implement these practices I keep seeing everyone talk about? There is more to your Life Purpose than just being online - but are you noticing that? How do you even know where to start with all of this? I answer all this and more for you.


Instant Manifestation

Yes, it is possible - but how? It would be nice to have things show up instantly right? Yet, for most, that is not a reality and perhaps you get disheartened or discouraged. Let me show you the key factors to making Instant Manifestation your reality too.


Attraction Marketing

How to receive your dream customers, clients and more - without cold calling!! This is a secret that everyone should know! Hence, why Life Purpose Souls DO this and how you can too.


Combating The Reactions of Other's When You Do You Spiritual Business

How to handle the judgemental comments of other people and the hurtful words of family and friends, the people closest to you, the ones you least expect right?


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