Welcome To Manifesting Magic

The key 🔑 to creating your Dreams 💫

And no!

This ain’t no network marketing game!

This is your unique Life Purpose Soul Creations Only in this space!

Over this self paced online course, we will go through the physical structure of what you need to create your online business, no matter what industry you are in - because it is your Life Purpose and THAT is all that is needed to build your online business - you think you aren't doing your Life Purpose right now - oh honey, you are so on path it is ridiculous or you wouldn’t even be reading this!

Let alone the mindset and deep, deep energetic work that ANY online successful entrepreneur consistently does and especially what they did in the start to push through all the negative comments that others continually tell you why - like the ‘but how will you afford and what about… fill in the blank..’

#rollshereyes “Don’t you remember I told you my life is Magic and you know this is how my life always happens to me?!” 🙄😉🥰

Because I create it so! 

We can have the physical structures in place and miss the key element of the mindset and deep energetic work that is required to move mountains and create magical finanicial freedom in your business. 

Or we can have the all the manifesting, visualising and mindset work we like, sit there visualising until the cows come home - but we need the crucial element of the physical structures in place to create the financial freedom we really want.

We need both of these - the physical online structures (website, sales pages, payment systems, branding and so much more) - which is the masculine side of our business and then we also need the internal work, the psychic and personal development side - the intuitive side, the MAGIC - and both of these divine creations then also need to work in synergy, divine balance, deep symbiotic dance with each other, supporting each other. 

It is here, in Manifesting Magic, How To Build Your Online Business, I share all these secrets so you can, live your Soul's Calling and Destiny with complete Freedom too.

Since 2016 to current day being present online, transforming Reality Awareness from Sole Trader to Company and multiple six figures, that is steadily increasing, this is the first time I have ever offered anything like this and have been consistently getting asked these questions for quite some time now.

With Spirit tapping me on the shoulder to release to this to you as well - which is exactly how I have built my online business - by following my intuition 100% of the time, 100% of the way, no matter what any online guru told me - I did it my way and in here, I share with you: 

✅ All the tips and tricks to get your work done faster 

✅ All my mistakes - so you don't have to take as long, or fumble your way through like I did!

✅ From Creating your sales offers

✅ To knowing what to even sell on your online intuitive entrepreneurial business 

✅ How to sell it, how to package it, how to brand it - Coaching Programs? Online Courses? Mentoring? Healing Business? What do I do?! I have you covered here too beautiful Soul 💫

✅ The deeply essential online physical systems you need and how to use them (sales pages, sales systems, payment systems, branding tools, graphic design, click links, how to link them all together)

✅ Over the shoulder trainings, so you can watch me work, and you can set up your online business, step by step as you watch me do it. I walk you through every piece, including the mindset along side each piece - the divine balance of masculine and feminine in every step

✅ The mindset work needed to create your online Life Purpose entrepreneurial business that hasn’t been birthed on the planet yet

✅ What do you really need and what don’t you need (people tell you, you need a website, but I show you, other options that you don't 'need' one - there are so many ways to build an online empire and I will show you options, and of course, the way I have done it)

✅ But what about my other business? What to do when you already have a business but you know something else needs to come out of your Soul and are scared to, or not entirely sure what that is, but KNOW there is something there to birth out of you - I have you covered here too beautiful Soul

✅ Are you worried about what others will think when you step out with your online business? (Don’t worry I have walked through this first hand have many tools up my sleeve to share with you on what to do to combat this so you can FLY in the direction your SOUL is calling you to LIVE your Life Purpose on this Earth)

✅ Every thing you need to know and set up AS YOU GO, so you're up and running and FLYING in your Life Purpose Entrepreneurial business, all from the comfort of your own home

This is the in’s and out’s the ‘over the shoulder’ let me teach you to build your online business. You watch the training videos of me showing you how to set it up, step by step, so you can follow along and build yours as you watch the training.

How Does It Work?

Over 5 Weeks, you will be able to build the solid foundations of your Online Empire and get up and running with your gifts out into the world. 

And YES - you get lifetime access, so you can work at your own pace, you don't need to keep up or even begin now, but at this low price, you won't want to miss this opportunity to have this golden nugget in your pocket! 

Yes - some people think this is too cheap, however, I am ALWAYS trusting my Soul and if I didn't receive the gift of learning all the in's and out's at a crazy low entry price when the original mentor released her course teaching the tech, I would never, back then, as a single mum on the government pension, have been able to put the work in and change our reality, our lifestyle and live how I KNEW we were meant to live - WITH FREEDOM. 

There is: 

✅Group Training - Members only Facebook Support group where you can post to ask me your questions and gain support building your tech heaven online systems to get your gift into the world 

✅Recorded Trainings - over the shoulder trainings to set you up and walk through you each step to get you up and running 

✅Replays of live trainings - the Live Group Coaching Calls are powerful with activations and energetic upgrades as you listen and gain the knowledge and support you need. 

✅Lifetime access so you have the rest of your life to get it done But - over this next 5 weeks, you can be up and flying with your gifts into the world - Humanity needs your powerful gifts, or your Soul simply wouldn't have drawn you here today. 

What is the Investment?

Get Me Started Hannah!


One Payment

  • Online Trainings & Videos
  • Lifetime Access (Work At Your Own Pace)
  • Access to the Members Only Facebook Support Group 
  • All the know how to set up and commence your Online Business (External Masculine)
  • All the mindset and deep energetic work required to shift you to your next level (Internal Feminine)
  • BONUS Intuitive Business Starter
  • BONUS Wealth Activation Codes

Payment Plan


3 Payments of $444 over 3 Months

  • Online Trainings & Videos
  • Lifetime Access (Work At Your Own Pace)
  • Access to the Members Only Facebook Support Group 
  • All the know how to set up and commence your Online Business (External Masculine)
  • All the mindset and deep energetic work required to shift you to your next level (Internal Feminine)
  • BONUS Intuitive Business Starter
  • BONUS Wealth Activation Codes

How Does It Work?

You have lifetime access, so you can work at your own pace - however, over 5 weeks, you can get your online empire up and running, systems set up so you can FLY 🦅

New content is added, every time I learn something new that works for me, so overtime, this space get's better and better.



What Else Do I Need Besides This Course To Be FLYING in my Online Business? 


Of course with any business, there are set up and on going costs. All of the following are things you will need to take responsibility for in your own Entrepreneurial Business. Some things to consider are:  

✅Yes, there are many systems available for you to use to build your online Empire. I teach you the in's and out's of Kajabi, how to use it, tips and tricks and everything I have learnt. You can check out Kajabi Systems by clicking here as they are a monthly investment and is what I use. This - is an All In One System and the online platform you will need for website, payment systems, email marketing, housing your courses, sales funnels, webinars and much more. It has everything and they are constantly improving, hence what I teach you here. There is a two week free trial, so there is time to get in and then upgrade later. Click here to check this out. 

✅There are business set up and ongoing costs in every country. In Australia, you need to register your business name, have an Australian Business Number, Tax File Number and pay taxes, have a trust worthy accountant, alongside insurance for yourself and your business to play the business game. These are things to consider and are essential when running a business. 

✅I also teach you how to film your online courses, the software is a once off purchase (with yearly upgrades), so you can film and edit your courses to make the look next level professional, plus the all essential lighting to make the magic happen. These added costs (that you do not need right away) would be around $250-$450AUD approx. 

Meet Your Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Mentor

Beautiful Soul, Welcome.

My name is Hannah, a single mum who took my business from Sole Trader to Company, with no outside financial help since switching to a company - completely following my Heart the entire way - even when they told me I was crazy to do so. 

I released myself from all Government Benefits to support myself, my daughter and my Life Purpose Path.

Let alone manifesting my dream car, my beloved V8, along the way, which has enabled me to road trip and be free, whilst everyone was in major lockdown in 2020 when it first began ❤️

I FREED myself from anyone else's systems, any strong hold or energetic capture of the current world systems so I can completely follow my Heart 100% of the way 😍🕊❤️🌏

With creating this multiple six figure company, that is totally aligned with my highest and deep in my purpose, I have been guided to finally share the technical aspects plus the powerful deep mindset, energetic work that creates a successful online empire - so you, can completely follow YOUR own Heart and only that ❤️

Are you ready for that level of complete Freedom? 🕊


#ofcourse there are  bonuses!

Intuitive Business Starter - For Empaths & Healers who don't know where to start, but know they have to and those who have already started, but keep stopping and falling in a heap with the enormity of it all, let alone the backlash they receive from those closest to them.

(Value $97 - but really priceless - I truly wouldn't be where I am with this content that I shared in here)


More bonuses!

✅ Want to increase your income even if you don't know how that is possible right now

✅ Are ready to say goodbye to stressing about money all the time 

✅ Want the freedom to be able to do what you want when you want, without being restricted by... money!

(Value $97 - same again - really priceless - I truly wouldn't be where I am with this content that I shared in here)