6 Months of Mystic Mastery to Magnify Your Intuitive Gifts for the Fruition of Your Divine Life Purpose

🌟Magnify Your Intuitive Gifts

🌟Deep Psychic Development

🌟Hone Your Unique Mystical Craft

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Welcome to Mystic Mastery


6 Months 1:1 with Hannah, deeply developing your Intuitive & Psychic Skills for the complete fruition of your Extremely Unique Divine Life Purpose in our Modern Day World 🌏

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What Is It About?

1:1 VIP Immersion Day

Frequency Upgrades, Next Level Attunements, Deep Psychic Healing, Clearing and Activating with this 1:1 VIP Immersion Day, where we spend 1 full day, completely Immersed in Divinely Guided Energetic Source Frequency, shifting & healing you, together in person.

Psychic Development & Activation

Any questions, any time of day, no matter what is on your mind, for it ALL relates to your Life Purpose. Whether taking your business to the next level, wondering how to set up events and programs in your business to align with this spiritual stuff that is trying to come out of you, or if you just want to magnify your Intuitive Gifts and know how to use them in your every day life, this is for you. 6 Months of Unlimited Support ❤️

Precision Healing

Rapid Healing Shifts are inevitable creating and stabilising new frequency codes, that stabilise emotions, finances, career/Life Purpose, health, whatever it is, that you need to deeply focus on - it gets to be energetically recoded, healed and deeply shifted so you can bring your Life Purpose to complete fruition with Mystic Mastery.


What Else is Involved with Mystic Mastery?


1 x 1:1 VIP Immersion Day - I come to meet you for your Powerfully Deep Healing & Frequency Immersion Day

2 x Distance Healings (3 in total, including the VIP Immersion Day) 

6 Months Unlimited WhatsApp Support, Unlimited Questions, Unlimited Psychic Readings, Unlimited Intuitive Guidance specifically channeled for your unique situation for 6 Months



How do you know if this is for you?

  • You know there is more to your intuition than you are aware of 
  • You often feel that there is something is missing with your intuition, but can't put your finger on what exactly
  • You want to magnify your Intuitive skills and fast so you can deeply align to your Life Purpose
  • You feel stuck and frustrated, that it seems like someone seems to always be one step ahead of you in your intuition and want to match the clarity, accuracy and intricacies of your specific Intuitive skills, that you know you have but can't seem to find it or make it happen by yourself
  • You know you're a Spiritual Leader, but are scared to fully own that and BE it in the world
  • You are well on your way, but something is not quite aligned and are ready to dive deep to shift and full align with your Intuitive Gift
  • You feel like there is no one else around you that understands your gift as much as you do and find it difficult to even be in the world, you feel like, 'How am I supposed to come out in the World, being who I really am, when no one understands my gift in the first place?' 
  • You're ready to bring your Life Purpose to complete fruition, even though you might not know what that is
  • You feel like you're the only Mystic of your kind left on this planet and wonder where all the rest of you have gone (well, you know, you have an idea, but you don't want to face that reality at the same time)


What is the Investment?


Mystic Mastery is $8997


6 Months of Mystic Mastery to Magnify Your Intuitive Gifts for the Fruition of Your Divine Life Purpose


Ancient Blooded Healer, I see you ❤️

  • Learn how to bring your Unique Life Purpose Gift to Earth
  • Discover what your Gift even is
  • All the practicalities that come with being a Modern Day Mystic (how to be 'normal' with your out there gift, so people actually listen to your powerful message, rather than look at you like you're crazy)
  • How do you bring this to your business or even create a thriving business from it?
  • How do you tell your family, let alone the world?
  • How do you function in normal day life and still have your highly tuned in gift activating without you even trying?
  • How to use that in your business to enhance your client sessions?
  • How to use it to shift your clients
  • How to bring greater depth to the work you do and being able to hold space for - the dark and the light and all in between
  • How to shift all levels of your being to a higher frequency in energetic alignment for physical, mental, emotional, health and well being
  • How to increase your standard of living, your finances and freedom of lifestyle
  • Crucial elements of relating to people in the world, let alone in your relationships given how sensitive you are. You feel everything, even the breath of the wind through your blood
  • How to trust your intuition and not doubt it one moment more, especially when you are surrounded by those around you who just don't get it
  • Clear out Past Life Trauma & Blocks 
  • Gain skills in Past Life Integrating & Healing 
  • Amplify your Energetic Codes & Frequency
  • Become your Higher Self, know your Soul and what your Life Purpose is



6 Months of Mystic Mastery to Magnify Your Intuitive Gifts for the Fruition of Your Divine Life Purpose


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