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Transcendence Reality Society Reality Awareness Selenite Access

Selenite Access Includes:

~ Monthly Membership 

~ Access to the Inner Circle Facebook Group

~ Access to the Inner Circle Telegram Group


Reality Gateways:

~ Each Chakra Consciousness Course, we integrate and share wisdom, new advanced spiritual technology centred around a Chakra Portal Consciousness that is divinely guided through the current cosmos activations and channeling that are designed specifically for TRANSCENDENCE REALITY SOCIETY members. These 'Reality Gateways' are portals to your Consciousness. 

~ These activations integrate current reality to Transcend the ‘current world crisis’ - to integrate Humanity back to wholeness, to Awaken the Consciousness of Humanity through your powerful attention to these channeled trainings, activations and Chakra Portal Integrations. 

~ Trainings/Videos/Content for each Chakra that we are in, are released each week, with a 3 week break in between each Chakra. 

Hot Seat Intuitive Healing & Life Purpose Mentoring:

~ Once a month is a Hot Seat Intuitive Healing & Life Purpose Mentoring where you can be intuitively given direct psychic guidance and intuitive healing from Hannah 1:1 in the group Zoom Hot Seat Call. 

Life Purpose Business Mentoring:

~ You are not an empath for no reason. You do not have a Gift for no reason. Let's be real, you constantly help people anyway, so whether you step into charging for your services or not - business is all about Boundaries - essential for an Empath, no matter what level you're at. Plus, let's face it I love sharing all the Business knowledge and wisdom I have learnt from having a successful Soul led spiritually based business, from experience and from the mentors I have surrounded myself in over the years. Potency power in transforming your reality and getting you out of the rut - whether you are just starting, want to or are seasoned in Business, once a month I jump on Zoom and we discuss a different potent Business Training to accelerate your Intuitive Business Model. 

Psychic Readings with Emma:

~ My beautiful dear friend and Reality Awareness Trained Intuitive Healer who specialises in Animal Healing holds live Psychic Readings every month in Transcendence Reality Society. Ask any questions, or see what messages intuitively come up for you with Emma. 

Full Moon Ceremony Access:

~ Also included in the TRS Inner Circle Access is - the Full Moon Ceremony!

~ Each month you get access to attend this powerful portal that we dive into.

~ The Full Moon Ceremonies have been powerfully channeling some potent activations, then, the ones I have been intuitively guided to - I audio record into their own mp3 with background music that takes you on a journey to Awaken Your Consciousness and Activate Your Life.

~ As part of the TRANSCENDENCE REALITY SOCIETY Inner Circle Access, you get these mp3 activations to keep for life.

Rapid Ascension Awakening Access: 

~ Live & Lifetime Access to Chakra Consciousness Trainings - you are also gaining the most in depth consciousness activations as they arrive on the planet. 

~ Being in the Inner Circle, you also get access to the other Rapid Ascension Awakening Courses that are already complete.

~ Rapid Ascension Awakening is 9 Chakra Consciousness Courses. This is an entire course on each individual Chakra. These are potent trainings that the skills you learn, you can use with your clients right away and/or in your day to day life to Accelerate Your Consciousness into expansion to support your Life Purpose and Awaken the Consciousness of Humanity at the same time. 

Inner Circle Selenite Access Benefits: 

~ Part of your Inner Circle Access, provides you with ‘Selenite Silver’.

~ What this means that - any course or meditation that I release whilst you’re a member in Transcendence Reality Society Inner Circle, you can receive that course or meditation for FREE. For example, if I was intuitively called to release a course (like The Shadow of the Archangels let’s use this example) and The Shadow of the Archangels was $555, you would receive the course for FREE. Or, if I release a $49 Audio Meditation, whilst you are a member in here, Selenite Silver grants this for FREE for you. 

~ The only exception, is hard copy books, oracle cards or other products when they are ready, where you would need to purchase this of your own accord. The only other exception is the Trust Your Intuition, Certified Intuitive Healer Course. If you would like that access, then Larimar Access is for you. 


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