Online Courses.

I am passionate about teaching you how to heal yourself, so that when something comes up, you can tend to and heal yourself right away, rather than being in pain, hurt, trauma and confusion waiting on that appointment until you can see someone to help you. 

Here is a selection of my online courses that you can do right from your own home 24/7. From self healing, to awakening your life purpose, to strengthening your psychic abilities to so much more.

Over the next 12 months, this collection will continue to grow, so remember to come back and check what has been released. It will no doubt, be the answer you're looking for. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

All of my online training courses are video and audio trainings that you have lifetime access for. Most of them include some audio meditations and activations, energetic upgrades, clearings and healings. Once you choose the one you're intuitively guided to, you will receive email confirmation so you can log in and begin right away.

Trust Your Intuition

🌟 Increase your Intuition

🌟 Psychic Development

🌟Connecting, meeting, repairing and more to Archangels, Angels, Spirit Guides, Animal Spirit Guides, Crystal Kingdoms and so much more

If you've ever felt or:  👉🏻don’t know why you are feeling like you are feeling

👉🏻don’t feel yourself

👉🏻feel confused

👉🏻don’t know which way to go or what direction to move forward in

Trust Your Intuition

Become a Certified Healer

If you are wanting to turn your part time hobby into your full time career, you can now become a Certified Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Activator with Reality Awareness.

Certification Training

Life Purpose Accelerator

The Inner Circle for Rising Lightworkers and Ancient Blooded Healers. 

This is your access all areas pass, meaning access to all courses, all certifications, plus 12 months 1:1 mentoring from Hannah. 

For the Lightworkers and Ancient Blooded Healers, born for this time of our Planet's Great Awakening, supporting Humanity through this incredible time of History making transition.

Life Purpose Accelerator

Life Purpose Mentorship

Psychic Entrepreneurs taking their Business to the Next Level

~ Psychic Development 

~ Divinely Guided Business Strategies 

~ Life Purpose Group Coaching 

~ Lightfilled Yoga 

~ Rapid Ascension Awakening

Life Purpose Mentorship

Get Clear Intuition

Your Sacred Keys for receiving crystal clear intuition. This is how you can receive messages clearly from your Angels, Guides, Intuition and more - just like you see everyone else receiving messages and you wonder how they are doing it? This, is how beautiful one. 

This is how you build those intuitive and psychic muscles to hear your intuition loud and clear. 

~ Claircognisence Healing & Activation

~ Clairvoyance Healing & Activation

~ Clairaudience Healing & Activation

~ Clairsentience Healing & Activation

Get Clear Intuition

Power My Life Upgrade

In here, I give you my exact Morning & Evening Ritual Steps of:

~ Journalling Rituals & Journal Prompts ~ How I use all the tools every morning & evening ~ What I do when I am 'busy' and 'can't' do it

~ The exact structure that shifted me through the biggest blocks, so you can too

~ How I stop sabotage behaviours; The Inner Child Work, The Shadow Work, The Past Life Healing Work, The Money Goal Work, The Life Purpose Work

~ I give you the inside details of exactly what I use and how I do it, and yes, I show you how you can take these and find your own way, so you can do it too!

Power My Life Upgrade

12 Divine Steps to Awaken Your Life Purpose

These are the exact steps that I have been living for over 15 years now that have enabled me to Awaken My Life Purpose as you see it here today. Are you, living your unique Life Purpose? Are you... ready to uncover yours?

12 Divine Steps to Awaken Your Life Purpose

Rapid Ascension Awakening Series

Where ALL your Chakras are activated, awakened to depths beyond what is thought possible before, to allow for ultimate expansion for your highest potential to be birthed on this Earth - the whole entire reason you are here in the first place. A deep course on each Chakra. Welcome to Rapid Ascension Awakening.

Rapid Ascension Awakening

Heal The Land

When you see the intense deforestation and constant destruction and construction you feel so much pain at times right? And then totally powerless to do anything about it at the same time?

Here with Heal The Land, this powerful divine Healing package to help our Mother Earth restore Her grids, help Soul's Pass over that are stuck here, heal the pain our Earth Mother feels from what us Humans are doing. There is something you can do. 

Heal The Land

How To Read Your Own Tarot Cards

You'll never have to see a professional Tarot Reader again after this! 

How To Read Your Own Tarot Cards

Clean Energy

How to use our physical world to clear negative energy. Crystals, Water, Sage, Essential Oils and much more. 

Clean Energy

Clearing Energy Blueprint

All the in's and out's on clearing energy, why and how, so your Intuition is acutely clear and loud. Why you aren't sleeping at night and what to do about it. What to do when you sense a presence in the bedroom or house. How to tell when you are carrying someone's energy, why, and how to clear it on the deepest level so you stop doing this! Mediumship, Past lives and so much more is in here too!

Clearing Energy Blueprint

Heal Your Broken Heart

Here I deeply hold you in your Heart's pain, so you can truly heal your Heart, even when you don't want to let go, when you've been dumped, or even if you did the dumping and are now questioning if you did the right thing. 

It is here I hold you, so that you can allow your authentic feelings to free you, even when you don't know you can even face another day again.

Heal Your Broken Heart

Power My Life

Ready to Amplify key areas of your Life?

~ Increasing your income, even though you don't see how it is possible how?

~ Losing weight and keeping it off, no matter how much you've tried before? 

~ Growing your business, no matter the field you're in, without cold calling or sending private messages to strangers you don't know? 

~ Calling in Soulmate Love and friends, the ones who are authentic, just like you?

Power My Life

Reconfiguring Energetic Codes

~ Energetic Frequency Recoding & Upgrades

~ Relationship Healing Crystalline Structure & Repair 

~ Intuitive Ability Frequency Upgrades & Beyond The Veil Gift Activation

~ Prosperity, Wealth & Abundance Frequency Recoding

~ Physical, Energetic, Emotional and Mental Health Repair & Upgrade

~ Reality Frequency Upgrades

If you have been doing this Spiritual work for a while and you feel like you've hit a wall, that something is missing or there is something else - this is for you ❤️

Reconfiguring Energetic Codes


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