12 Divine Steps to

Awaken Your Life Purpose


You've heeded the call of Your Life's Purpose - it is time, dear Aware Soul


The time on Earth has come, the return to our Magikal Earth is inevitable, Souls are being called, you are Awakening and so are your fellow beings.


You're Divinity has been sparked and you are hearing it, even though you aren't 100% clear on what exactly that entails, as a true Healer, you're listening, you're hearing, following it's call, trusting and the call is too strong to ignore anymore....

When your heart beats to the sound of the Earth Mother’s drum and aligns in full force of Her power and glory - your powerful divinity self - awakens with ease and effortlessness. You step into flow, you step into ease, you step into confidence and you step forth with deep certainty of the awareness, trust and inevitability of the pure divine magic of your Soul’s Unique Life Purpose.


With every step, with every breath you hear the Lion’s roar, deep in your Soul and your awakening alone empowers people without you even doing a thing.


Your breath, your PRESENCE, your BEING is what transforms people without having to take a step, take a breath.


This IS your Divine Power, this is your Divine Soul, this is your CALLING.



Yet, with irrevocable faith, your Power is unleashed, your Divinity exposed into the brilliance of your BEING and every divinely guided thing you TOUCH, let alone CREATE transforms the world around you, let alone our planet and all it’s inhabitants #purpose


This irrevocable flow that steps forth and is unleashed within you, creates a ripple effect and your world is transformed forever, from this moment forth - just by you even reading these words.


THIS is the power of your Life Purpose that is already starting to pour through those hardened walls of distrust in the world around you for all the reasons of your past being in whatever way, shape or form.


But nothing, nothing can stop the unleashment of your Divine Power and your Unique Life’s Purpose which is why you came to Earth in the first place - for when it is time, it is time.


Do you hear your internal Lion’s ROAR?


Do you hear the calling of your SOUL?

Do you hear the eggshell crack and it breaking away whilst you try so desperately to hold it together, but honey, let it fall…


For these are the wings of change that you have been secretly craving and the Divine Trust that flows from your Soul - you can feel the calling of your home…


Your Home, Your Soul, Your Life Purpose - feels like HOME….


To fly FREE


That piece of Divinity from your true birth place on the other side - that Unique birthprint - your SOUL is calling forth, the time for the tallest solider on Earth to fall has arrived and you are here to catch their fall.


Are you ready to Awaken Your True Unique Birthprint Life Purpose that belongs to you, uniquely deep in your Soul?


Are you ready to BE that which you came to this place for in the first place?


Are you ready to Awaken Your Life Purpose?

Yes I Want To Awaken My Life Purpose

✨12 x Divinely Guided Unique Trainings over 12 training videos of deeply integrative healing space - you will not be the same person as you entered this Divine Crystal Cave with us - you will come out - Awakened, present and transformed with your Divine connection to your Higher Self leading you forever more.

✨Simple guided action Steps

✨Self Paced Online Course 

✨Guided Video Trainings taught by Hannah 

✨Plus Guided Meditations to help you Awaken Your Life Purpose

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You are the Leader


You're the One that everyone turns to in their time of need


You're the One that always knows what's going on before others do


You're tuned in, switched on, deeply, deeply AWARE


And now it is time to do your REAL work and what you are truly here for on Earth


It's time to Awaken Your Life Purpose dear one:

Yes I Want To Awaken My Life Purpose

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