4 Weeks of Free Training for Crystal Clear Intuition

Taking 'Get Clear Intuition' to the Next Depth. 

Starts 3rd September 2018

All free, in the Reality Awareness Facebook Support Group

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This 4 Weeks of Free Training, held in my Private Facebook Support Group, will take your Intuitive Senses to the next depth and powerfully amplify your Intuition. 

This Free Training, is taking 'Get Clear Intuition' to the next depth. (If you haven't got Get Clear Intuition - you can check that out by clicking here, it is still $19 for September)

With this Free Training starting in September, each week we will be focusing deeply on one of the 4 Spiritual Organs.


We will be delving into: 

~ How you receive intuition for each Spiritual Organ
~ How you tell 'ego' from your 'intuition' 
~ How to strengthen each Spiritual Organ to it's highest potential
~ Tips & Tricks for each Spiritual Organ to function and receive accurate intuition
~ How to build each powerful organ, not just use 'one' of them, so your intuition is accurate, on point, clear and amplified. You may as well be using all of your intuitive organs to be receiving intuition right? 


How does this training work? 

Each week in September we will be focusing on 1 organ at a time. This will be with a post every single day on tips, tricks, 'know how' and more.

Every week, I will hold a livestream where we will discuss live about the Spiritual Organ of that week, anything that intuitively comes through about it and this is the perfect place to bring your questions about your intuition and I will answer them live for you. 


How do I best recommend to use this training?

If you haven't purchased Get Clear Intuition for $19 I highly recommend it. Totally okay if not - however, in Get Clear are the specific healing meditations and trainings for each Spiritual Organ. 

If you want to truly amplify your intuition this September and anchor in this new level of enhanced spiritual receptivity - I recommend doing the corresponding Spiritual Organ Meditation daily, for the week that we are on the week of over this training and truly repair & amplify how you receive your intuition. 

You want to be an amplified power house of clear intuition without being overwhelmed don't you? 😘

You can Get Clear Intuition that has the Spiritual Organ repair trainings and meditations and more by clicking here

However, if you don't want to do that, well of course, you are going to get a lot of new tips, tricks and clarification on what is intuition and what's not over this powerful September by coming and joining in regardless. 

If you want to Amplify Your Intuition, in preparation for the last quarter of 2018 and into the busy Christmas period and head into the New Year with Crystal Clear Intuition, come and join us for this free training. 

(Yes! Christmas is approaching! Yes, I said it! I like to be prepared for the energies approaching us 😉)

Yes! Add Me to the Free Facebook Group for this Training!

Week 1: Claircognisence

~ Those out of the blue ideas? 
~ You just 'know things'? 
~ But how can you trust it?
~ How do you know you're not just thinking it?
~ And what about not sleeping or waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to sleep?

We cover all this and more in Week 1. 


Week 2: Clairvoyance

~ Your Third Eye
~ How you 'see' things
~ Prophetic Dreams
~ Visions
~ But how do you know if it is real?~ And what if you do see a 'ghost'? What do you do then? 
~ How do you know what those sparks of Light are you see flash before your eyes?

Lots about Your Powerful Third Eye in Week 2. 

Week 3: Clairaudience

~ Your powerful Ears that you HEAR your Intuition, but your Ear Chakras here? They are sooo much more than just about Hearing your Intuition. THIS is where you receive! If you have ANY trouble receiving ANYTHING in your life, love, money, career, home ANYTHING - it is THIS week, you will want to listen in #punintended 😘

Week 4: Clairsentience

~ This is your 'Gut Feeling', lots of people think it is their gut, it is actually your powerful Heart. 
~ Understand the difference between feelings, emotions and your intuition
~ What is your feelings and what is someone else's feelings?
~ The most powerful way to clear your Clairsentience Energy, which is essential for Empaths if they want to stay sane! 
~ How to strengthen your Clairsentience, so you are very clear in your feelings, without being confused with other energies that are always going on behind the scenes

Take Your Intuition to New Heights with this Free Training

Starts on the 3rd September 2018


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