Welcome a new dawn with my power packed Sacred Rituals to reclaim your freedom and create your life - exactly how you want it

My Finest Power Packed Sacred Rituals All In One Package

These are the exact mindset & activation tools that I use everyday, that have shifted my life exponentially. Ignite your PASSION, ignite your FIRE and FUEL YOUR DESIRES!

What's In It?

This is the complete Power My Life Affirmations & Videos, straight out of the Life Purpose Mentorship, this complete package here is 10 Power Affirmation Videos to supercharge your life!

If you want an introduction into Journalling and need to low down of what all the fuss is about and how to even do it, especially if you aren't a writer, this is for you!

Mmmm, these are my divine journalling secrets that give you all the hints and secrets to expand not just your journal practise, but your entire life, with mind opening realisations that will leave you having to pick your jaw up off the floor! 

Want to take it to the next level? Of course you do! This is for you, if your journalling has become stagnant and you are wanting to actually make those specific goals happen, instead of just writing about them. 

This powerful 20 Minute Morning Activation Practise, came to me intuitively that opens your body and life to the divine secrets of the Universe and the truth about Manifestation. A must have for super charging your Manifestation Practise. Yes, there is a beginners flow sequence for you too. 

Finding your Sacred Realm, is like finding your Home. Whether you're a Star Person, Mermaid/Merman, MerAngel, Earth Angel, Fairy, Wizard, Elf or more, this will bring you a sense of calm and fulfil a longing that only your Soul Home can fill. #divine

The Exact Ritual Steps


In here, I give you my exact Morning & Evening Ritual Steps of:

  • How I use all the tools every morning & evening 
  • What I do when I am 'busy' and 'can't' do it 
  • The exact structure that shifted me through the biggest blocks, so you can too 
  • How I stop sabotage behaviours
  • The Inner Child Work, The Shadow Work, The Past Life Healing Work, The Money Goal Work, The Life Purpose Work
  • I give you the inside details of exactly what I use and how I do it, so you can do it too!
Yes!! I want this Hannah!

Want Your Own Steps?

Yes! I give you the exact formula to find your own unique morning and evening ritual, so you can make it work for you in your life and never miss a day, even when you don't feel like it.

This is for you if you: 

  • See it working for everyone else and not sure why it isn't for you
  • Don't have a journalling practise, or have started it on and off and want to be able to commit everyday to it to create your life 
  • Want help and guidance on exactly what to do in a Sacred Morning & Evening Ritual to support your individual unique life 
  • Already have a journalling/sacred morning ritual and want ideas, guidance and support on how to individualise it to meet your exact goals, money goals and Awaken Your True Divine Life Purpose at the same time
  • Need new ideas or a freshen up with your Sacred Morning Ritual to get you motivated again 
  • Want help with mindset and inner work, to create the life of your dreams and move through blocks rapidly and with ease
  • Need help understanding how to do it with children around, or your busy lifestyle - or what if morning's aren't your thing? I have you covered here to beautiful Soul! 

Of Course There Are Bonuses!

The Tip Of The Iceberg

This is the golden key so that all your affirmations and inner work - actually manifests in your reality. There is always what is going on underneath that iceberg that you can't see, I show you how you can see it and melt it to set yourself free!

A Must!

You must be clearing your energy daily it is a no brainer for empaths, sensitives and more. So, of course, I give you these tools here. And the Powerful Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael Attunement Meditations, that help you every single morning. 


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