Rapid Ascension Awakening

Portal & Chakra Activation for Rising Lightworkers
and Ancient Blooded Healers. 




You might be spiritual, extremely intuitive and highly gifted...

....yet that needs to be intertwined with your modern day societal world, so that you can truly expand your healing gifts on this planet to make a difference.... like you want to in the core of your being.

Reading energy comes easy, naturally...

... and your gifts are only heightened, fine-tuned, activated and deeply aligned to your higher purpose whilst moving through this Portal Activation Series.

This Portal Activation Series for Rising Lightworkers & Ancient Blooded Healers isn’t for the faint-hearted,

....this is definitely not for everyone. 
BUT, if you have found yourself here reading this, you’ve had enough and are sick and tired of being stuck and are totally ready to be spiritually guided, intuitively mentored and of course, activated through this Portal Activation Series that rapidly accelerates your Ascension Awakening, deeply supporting you in an environment that you can call on 24/7 to deeply align, activate and live with your reason for being on this planet.

If you are not sure if Rapid Ascension Awakening is for you, if you haven’t already, please take a listen here to my free Next Wave Ascension Healing Meditation here to get a taste of what this powerful space is.


Rapid Ascension Awakening is a series designed to activate and accelerate your highest potential –

There are 11 Chakra Trainings (12th One on it's way also) that make up this series, click on each one below to learn more about them. I look forward to seeing you inside. 💕

 The 11 Chakra Trainings Are: 


1. Earth
My Reality

Get Grounded, before you commence this deep journey of Embodying Your Awakening.

Show Me Please

2. Awaken Your
Psychic Senses

Balance Your Awakening, before you commence the Chakra Journey.

Show Me Please

3. Activate Your
Higher Senses

Crown Chakra

Show Me Please

4. I See You,
I See Me

Third Eye Chakra

Show Me Please

5. I Hear You,
I Hear Me

Ear Chakras

Coming Soon

6. Reclaiming Humanity, Reclaming Me

Throat Chakra

Coming Soon

7. Heal My Heart,
Heal My World

Heart Chakra

Coming Soon

8. Empower

Solar Plexus Chakra

Coming Soon

9. Take Me To
The Sacred Sanctuary

Sacral Chakra

Coming Soon

10. Earth
My Purpose

Base Chakra

Coming Soon

11. Integrated Reality,
Integrated Me


Coming Soon

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