Reality Shifter Program

Work 1:1 with Hannah

30 Days of Pure Intuitive Psychic Guidance, Emotional Support, Help, Psychic Development and Divinely Guided Business Strategies as Humanity transitions through an Awakening, we have never seen through all the History of Time. 

As our world is shifting through something that no one has ever seen before... 🕊❤️🌏

With so much turmoil and confusion and all kinds of theories pouring out left right and centre and people not knowing where to turn, how to get through it OR are deeply in cocoon and ready to build their dream life in their bubble, to prepare to rise into the Spiritual Leader they are, I have been guided to offer this 30 Day Reality Shifter Program for a limited time as we transition to our Dawning New Era of Light. 

30 Days of deep 1:1 Unlimited Access, plus 2 x 45min Psychic Reading Intuitive Healing Phone Calls, that can deep dive to shift the biggest blocks, fears and unlock your golden wisdom that is awaiting to be born through you during this transitory awakening that Humanity is birthing right now. 

If you're looking to build your Spiritual Business from the inside out and even figure out what on Earth you are exactly meant to do with it, or how you even start, let alone continue to build through these turbulent rough times I can intuitively guide you you how to THRIVE in your business and life as the successful Leader that you are - this program is for you. 

Or whether you're looking for love or trying to get untangled and stumped to figuring out how you even do that in a lockdown or the world half shut down, the complete alignment comes from the internal work to never settle for anything less than a complete 100% match is imperative to the Heart, Body and Soul alignment you KNOW is possible but haven't quite found that yet - this program is for you. 

Nothing is off topic, from Life Purpose Awakening and Clarity, to Relationship Healing, to complete Psychic Development and Acute Deciphering of your Intuitive Abilities, this program can dive into any topic that you need support on. 

That is, what an Intuitive Healer does after all - works on any topic - as it is Intuitive, completely guided by Spirit - you only need to show up and be guided in each moment - even if you don't know what to work on, Spirit through Intuition, leads the way. 

So how does it all work?

This is 30 Days of deeply personalised and 1:1 Support from me. 

With 2 x 45min Intuitive Healing Psychic Reading Phone Calls - we commence with our first call to dive deep and shift out the core, to then have the unlimited support to follow up and continue working to shift you to your next level in any/multiple areas of your life. 

On the 3rd Week, we have our second 45min Intuitive Healing Psychic Reading Phone Call that deep dives into shifting the next layer, to allow you to fly free with the embodiment of the Soul calling that has been uncovered to date. 

For 30 Days in between our calls, you can gain clarity on the questions that you have and have them answered with unlimited voice messaging and text messaging (via Telegram/WhatsApp) anytime of day or night - whenever those thoughts come to you, send them to me and I am here for you ❤️

Any issue, any question, nothing is off topic. 

When do you start it? It starts as soon as we have our first 45min Intuitive Healing Psychic Reading Call and then our 30 Days commences. 

Work 1:1 with Hannah

Are you needing 1:1 Intuitive Mentoring Coaching, Psychic Reading Support or Intuitive Healing?  

Yes! This includes Psychic Readings!

Oracle and Tarot Card Readings can be done for you over this 30 Day Reality Shifter Program, tailoring the messages personally to your situation, of course, plus our 2 x 45min Phone Call Intuitive Healing Psychic Readings that are audio recorded to listen to over and over again when you need to. 

What is the Investment?


Send me a message on facebook or email for all the investment details. 

When you book/pay, you will receive your confirmation email and once you book your first 45min Psychic Reading Intuitive Healing Phone Call, our 30 Days commences from the date of our first call. 

So if you are needing support, 30 Days 1:1 Personalised Intuitive & Psychic Guidance of:

🔮 Psychic Readings
🔮 Deep Support
🔮 Your Questions Answered
🔮 2 x Phone Calls
🔮 Voice Messaging
🔮 Text Messaging
🔮 Intuitive Healings
🔮 Psychic Guidance

Are all here for you dear Soul. 

Send me a message on facebook for all the details to book:


"Hannah's 21 day shifter program brought an awareness to a relationship that I was "stuck" to vibrationally for 13 years, it actually ended up being from many past lives and with her Beautiful guidance I completely shifted the whole thing while even manifesting him in the flesh and fully undoing those cords. She helped shift other past issues as well and I can honestly say I'm fully in my powerful skin these days. I have attracted the most clients I ever have, her Love, Intuition, Rawness is like nothing I've ever encountered. She's beyond gifted."

Ashley Waddell

"Hands down the most down to earth and real person to help facilitate to shift and change yourself but also her healings are next level. I've been to psychics and healers around the world, places like New Orleans...the home of it. Hannah is gifted and genuinely helps you thrive and level up or shift away from things counter productive to your life purpose and your happiness and growth as a soul on this earth 💓💓💓21 day shifter Awesome. Goal Reacher level 😊Readings and Distance Healings will blow your mind."


"The 21 Day Shifter Program - yes it was amazing. What I experienced was seriously amazing, who would believe! Mind blowing to see Archangel Raphael come to my defence and feeling the shifts for real - like I'm a whole new being. You get results and they're real. Love the spirit world and beyond. So much more that I experienced. Including going through the healing stage too. Thanks to Hannah Andrews. I guarantee good investment. Hannah, our Life Purpose Queen. Thankyou xxxxxx"


"I took the plunge (very, very anxiously, as it's was something for me..not allowed to do this) 21 days of waking up and feeling the support of Hannah right there. Guiding me to what ever trash, dirt, emotions I told her about. Never ever grasped meditation before. I found myself doing these meditations she's sent me. Still doing them too. Learnt so much about how energies effect us (picking up on other people's energies and vice versa) . This has changed my life and my family in such a phenomenal positive way.  I am lost for words to say how great an experience this has been and how I'll have these skills /gift for ever. Thank you Hannah. X❤"

Wendy Newman

"The 21 Day Shifter Program was incredible! It's deeply supportive, personalized guidance for any and every aspect of your life! And Hannah is absolutely amazing! I can't recommend it enough!"

Amanda Starks

"Dear Hannah, I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for the experience of the 21 Day Shifter Program. Wowzers – it was so potent, powerful and such a gift to give myself to sink into claiming more of how I want to be and express in this world. Through WhatsApp, I was able to share to my heart’s content and ask whatever questions came up to be asked of you. And I loved that I knew you would hear me, without judgment and give to me honestly of your experience and what came to you intuitively. Your presence and support helped me have so many shifts, understand even more of my internal world, and get to some deep core wounds that needed to be seen. Plus you heard all the crazy sharing’s and the wild imagination I have!! And to you it wasn’t crazy – another bonus, and quite frankly reassuring! With love and gratitude for the person you are and all that you offer and give."

Kate Dillon

"This program is awesome!!!!  Hannah and I worked on my fears, how to release them and relationship issues!!!  During this process we found out my inner child needed a lot of love and attention!!!  By me putting in the work and doing all the meditations I am healed and cleared of rejection and acceptance issues!!! I am so amazed and grateful for you Hannah!!!  You truly are amazing! And I appreciate you for helping me through this rough time in my life.  I was so lost in which way to go but now I know what direction to go in!!!!  Love you so much!!!"

Dorothea Thomas

"I enjoyed working with Hannah and feel I benefited from it. Her energy is loving and genuine. She gives practical tools for everyday and tools for helping to shift the deeper stuff as well. What I found so refreshing about her is that above all, she encourages you to listen to your inner guidance. There is no pressure from her to join her programs and in addition she offers a lot of free content."

Nicole K

"The 21 DAY SHIFTER PROGRAM with Hannah was indeed a shift for me! Hannah made me cry constantly (happy or cleansing cries) with her "above and beyond" help, and her validation of my circumstances. Her card readings are amazing, her attention to detail, and her communication with my grandmother were spot on! The tools Hannah has given me have been life-changing. Her replies to my requests were quick, and her answers always came from a place of kind-heartedness, honesty, love, and her desire to help. For those of us who believe or have been told we are cursed, Hannah clarifies it is a gift! Her guidance was and still is invaluable to me! You cannot go wrong with the 21 DAY SHIFTER PROGRAM! Hannah Andrews IS the Life Purpose Queen!"

Kelly Bryant

"I signed up for the Program as I was feeling stuck and had been “trying” to solve it on my own.  With Hannah’s relentless guidance and support I was able to move mountains resulting in the sale of some property, increase my client base and reclaim my power.  Hannah provided the right tools at the right time and was an absolute pleasure to work with.  I feel focussed and revived and able to move forward in a very positive way."


"I want to tie the impression of how deeply Hannah’s awe-inspiring talent, amazing accuracy of insight, and how impactful and transformative my experience has been, with a big gorgeous bow, because she is such a gift!  I’ll paint try and paint a picture of what is like to working with her: Imagine you’re standing atop a giant rock formation and there’s this stunning waterfall pouring down into a swirling pool of crystal clear water below. All of your friends have jumped ahead of you, but you’re too afraid to take the leap because fear is holding you back. Hannah swoops in, grabs your hand, gives you a - you’ve GOT THIS - reassuring wink, and next thing you know you’re splashing around, laughing and playing with childlike abandon. That jump wasn’t so scary after all, and you realize that your mind was the trickster and your imagination or precious experiences have prevented you from taking the plunge into something cleansing, purifying, and blissfully freeing. Don’t get me wrong, she’ll give you the nudge, the tools of advice, guidance, and support, but it’s up to YOU to make good use of them. She’ll empower you, but she won’t enable you. She’ll encourage you, but she won’t coddle you. She’s the GPS (Guru Protective Services) that helps direct you towards the best version of yourself, but you have to do the legwork. She provides invaluable information, how to process and heal, and how to get to the root of your issues, with unmatched empathy genuine authenticity, and wisdom of an old soul. This is the nourishment that fuels you along the journey. We live in a microwave society, we want it all and like, yesterday...but that’s a quick fix and about as satisfying as all-you-can-eat at an empty calorie cafe. If want sustenance, if you want the real deal, if you want something to sink your teeth into that doesn’t sink your wallet, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll be left with something invaluable, an indelible mark on your mind, heart, and soul. I stand behind my word - it’s the best and most fulfilling, gratifying, and satisfying leap I’ve taken. All my love, respect and warmest appreciation."

Kat Rogers

"Hannah truly has a special gift to share. I went through the 21 Day Shifter Program and was guided by Hannah. I received such valuable insight. Messages and insights were given that truly touched my heart and came at a time that I needed to hear them. Hannah truly cares for those she works with and wants nothing more to help and make our lives better by giving us the tools to use each day. If you are researching the opportunities that Hannah has to give, I would encourage you to take a leap of faith and work with Hannah. Your life won't be the same afterwards. I look forward now to using what I have learned. Thank you Hannah."


"Firstly I would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Hannah. I was feeling stuck, lost and searching for answers. This wonderful 21 Day Shifter Program was exactly what I needed. It gave me the platform to ask questions and explore answers. Hannah was generous with her time, sharing of knowledge and access to helpful information. She was kind, insightful and inspiring.  The internal spiritual journey is one that each one of us must take for ourselves, but it is such a blessing to have a guide and coach to support us along the way. With love,"


"My experience with the 21 day shifter program was phenomenal to say the least. Hannah offered me so much help and guidance. I am forever grateful to her and everything she does to help the collective awaken to their purpose and true life potential. She has helped me shift and up level in so many ways. The 21 day shifter program is so beneficial! You are given unlimited questions and she generously give's you access to so much of her content, to help shift you in the ways that are needed at that time and always for the highest good!"

Blossom Rountree

"Hannah’s 21 Day Shifter Program allowed me to understand that I was reliving some old patterns from a very young age that needed to be released and accepted. Finally opening up with Hannah’s help of course I was able to take back my power and move forward. Listening to her audios and her feedback allowed me to go with the flow and be more in peace. Also I started a new job because I was in a space of no resistance. She also encouraged me to continue my love for art. Many thanks to you Hannah very grateful that I jumped in and tried your program."


"I have done this program twice and it hasn't just kept me on track of my path, it reminded me of how to see my path and take the actions necessary to implementing a consistent change in the present so that I don't fall into old habits. They say it takes 21 days for anything to become a habit, but you can feel the shifts occurring after just one week! I encourage anyone who needs guidance and will DO the work to sign up. It's definitely worth it!"

Marina Tezak

Ready for 30 Days of Reality Shifts?

Unlimited 1:1 personalised support with Hannah. Send me a message on facebook for all the details to book:

30 Days to Rapidly Shift You

Deeply personalised and specific to your circumstances, this is 1:1 Intuitive Psychic Guidance over 30 Days to get the support and help you need #pronto

Whether you need support with: 

  • Trying to make sense of the current world events and how this can hinder or support your business and life to move to the next level 
  • Need help navigating the current world events and can't do it alone anymore
  • Making a decision in your personal life
  • Not sure why you are so confused all the time and can't seem to make a decision
  • Wondering what to do with your current relationship, now you're awake, it doesn't seem in alignment anymore and you're wondering what to do about that
  • Wanting to increase your Psychic Development 
  • Increasing your Intuition so you can trust yourself 
  • Aligning with your Life Purpose and understanding what on Earth you're here for 
  • Turning your passion into your Career and stepping out into the world with your spiritual based business 
  • Understanding your childrens tears, tantrums and wondering how on Earth I Homeschool on my own and run my business at the same time 
  • Wanting to learn more about me and my Spiritual Awakening and Journey and how I ended up here 
  • Supporting you in releasing your addictions that are blocking your Life Purpose and Spiritual Abilities, that you know you so deeply have but don't trust them or yourself! 
  • Overcoming past relationships hurts, traumas and wanting to move on but can't 
  • Wondering why you feel depressed, stuck and down most of the time and wondering how to shift that
  • Wondering where all the pressure in your life is coming from and what to do about that 
  • Have lost a loved one through death and want contact with them 

Start Right Away

Unlimited questions and answers via voice messaging and text with Hannah as your personal Intuitive Guide for 30 Days, plus our Deep Dive Psychic Reading Phone Calls to Shift Your Reality. Send me a message on facebook for all the investment details.


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