Reconfiguring Energetic Codes

A Two Week Immersion of Technical Energetic Frequency Upgrades to your Human Body and your Life for Complete Alignment of Your Life Purpose.


Okay, so you have had your spiritual awakening, you’ve been doing this inner work for a while now and all of a sudden it feels like you’ve lost your purpose, the bottom has dropped out - what once brought you alive doesn’t anymore. You wonder if anything you’re doing has any meaning at all, when everything was so clear to you before now 🤷🏻‍♀️

All of a sudden, all this fear has come out of nowhere in sharing your message, you don’t know why that has changed nor what you have stepped into that has made this happen, so your hiding away, coiling back, curling back, yet you KNOW you have to get out there you just... 😳🤷🏻‍♀️

It’s okay - breathe beautiful one - all that has happened, is this is the ‘bottom’ that has dropped out and can leave you feeling like you are left into the oblivion, with no grounding, solid footing or anything under your foot to guide you anymore like you used to feel it there. 

Well, why has this happened?

You've been growing, changing, doing so much internal work, there is a pivotal point that you reach, where you need to Reconfigure your Energetic Codes as our collective consciousness is shifting faster and faster, Reconfiguring Your Energetic Codes, recalibrates your life. 

You've released the webs, you've shifted your entire life, you've let go of people places and things, so now it is time to Reconfigure Your Energetic Codes for the next chapter (or is it book?) of your life, flourishing your Life Purpose into full bloom. 

Reconfiguring Energetic Codes is for you if you are: 

  • Questioning everything you’ve ever done
  • Feel like you’re standing in a room naked and everyone staring at you (but you're not even putting yourself out there!)
  • Wondering what on Earth your next steps are when this driver is now gone well, what’s the point? Well, the point is still there, you can deeply feel that, but it's all changed, nothing feels the same anymore. The push, the patriarchal need to push, need to get it done and now because then you can ______ (fill in the blank), yet, this doesn't feel right either 
  • Are at a total loss at what just happened and are questioning what it is all for
  • And now that has gone - how on Earth do you navigate this space? How do you even get motivated and share your message, let alone even find what your message is, because that has changed, what you thought it was and drove everything you've ever done until now, has changed, but it hasn’t at the same time and are deeply confused by this
  • Are in a lot of fear and don't know why or how to shift it 
  • There is a deep sense of Peace going on, underneath this fear, so much so that the fear seems unwarranted, but warranted at the same time 
  • Are in a place you haven't found yourself in before, this space of space, this place, is different but familiar at the same time and are needing help navigating this new territory 
  • Feeling like the old techniques you use are somewhat outdated and need upgrades to your tools
  • Feeling like you are 'out of time', you don't feel connected to this reality anymore, like everything is turning to pixy dust as it disappears in your hands and right in front of your eyes **poof** GONE. Just. Like. That. 😳😰
  • You've been feeling stuck, stagnant and in 'limbo' or almost like a 'pause' has been put on everything
  • Not clear about what your next offer or step in your Life Purpose business is and need clarity now
  • Feel like you are starting to burn out and are tired of this cycle of 'collapse and fall' and just want stability

Welcome to Reconfiguring Energetic Codes


A Two Week Live Immersion of continual energetic frequency shifts, upgrades and recoding your reality for rapid energetic alignment to the opulence of your unique Soul's Life Purpose. 

There is magic that happens when you step into the field of reconfiguring your energy at an atomic level:

  • Rapid repair of cells 
  • Transmuting and transforming particles to rapidly shift entire realities 
  • Physical life shifts in all of your relationships - remembering we are in relationship to everything, this includes our Life Purpose, Money, Health, ALL of our Life Areas
  • Deep physical body healing
  • Chakra system upgrades 
  • Molecular system frequency shifts

Step into the field of rapid healing, prosperity and reality shifts. 


Reconfiguring Energetic Codes

allows rapid shifts in:

  • Relationship healing crystalline structural repair and recoding
  • Intuitive ability frequency upgrades and beyond the veil gift activation
  • Prosperity, wealth and abundance frequency recalibration
  • Physical, energetic, emotional and mental health repair and upgrade
  • Reality frequency upgrades

Bringing in locked and loaded dynamic duos for rapid development of your intuitive abilities that amplify beyond what this current reality has seen to date. 

This is the technology that overrides any 'harmful' technology. 

If you want to be protected in all areas of your life, as our planet and Humanity experience accelerated shifts in consciousness and what is happening to the planet, technology and 'how it is being used' right now, Reconfiguring Energetic Codes is your answer. 

They say, we are being 'changed by outside influences' with 'what they are doing to us' with 'harmful technology' - if you're at all worried about this - Reconfiguring Energetic Codes is your golden key to transmute and evolve, beyond what it is they are 'trying to do'.

The epitome of your Life Purpose is your 'key to thriving' on this rapidly changing planet. Reconfiguring Energetic Codes is your limitless activation form for your intuitive capabilities, physical reality support and a reconstruction of what you've known to date at quantum level bounds into rapid Life Purpose acceleration. 

Bring deep energetic healing into the now at your atomic level for activational molecular coding.

Reconfiguring Energetic Codes is a DEEP walk with the Goddess, the epitome of the Intuitives, the Empaths, the Shamans, the High Priestesses, the Druids, the Humans, that are ready to align to that call to their frequency alignment, harmonising with our dear Mother Earth beyond this realm. 

The veils are no longer hidden, the mists have parted, now, it is up to us, to use them to support Humanity into global Peace 🕊🌏❤️

Step into The Universal Mind

Come and play with Reality with us...




"This program has a very distinct energy behind it. It activates a change within your energetic, mental, and emotional field, redirecting your energy into what feels like a newer space. This newer space though, is where your higher self comes from, like your true energetic imprint! If you feel blocked in your path, or physically detached from the environment and time that you're in, I highly recommend Reconfiguring Energetic Codes."

Marina Tezak

How Does This Training Work?

This training is a two week deep Immersion into Reconfiguring Energetic Codes. This is like the Full Moon Ceremony amplified!

Upon entry, you will have access to our Reconfiguring Energetic Codes Facebook Group where the group of Reconfigurers are. #wegetit 

PLUS Pre-work is already there for you when you join us, you gain instant access and can commence the Full Reconfiguring Activation that commences your Sacred journey of upgrades.

Over two weeks, you can expect: 

  • Channeled Trainings for Reconfiguring Your Energetic Codes 
  • Intuitive channelings, golden tasks to shift your frequency, night time tapestry of life weaving frequency codes, recoded elixirs for your individual make up, life and frequency to align to your direct Home, so you can channel your unique Life Purpose with ease
  • Energetic Recoding Journalling prompts
  • Mapping out your Life Purpose
  • Audio meditations to download and keep forever
  • Life time access to the trainings through your members portal 
  • BONUS: Week 3 Training! PLUS you have the livestream replays of the support calls ❤️


When do we start?

Our First Live Training Starts: 

  • 9am Brisbane AEST 6th December
  • 11pm London GMT 5th December
  • 3pm Los Angeles PST 5th December
  • 6pm New York EST 5th December

Pre-Work is already in there waiting for you! 



How Much Is It Hannah?

There Are 2 Options:

Payment Plan:



Lifetime Access to Reconfiguring Energetic Codes

Downloadable Audio Meditations

Life Purpose Mapping

Pinpoint Frequency Group Coaching


Pay In Full:



Lifetime Access to Reconfiguring Energetic Codes

Downloadable Audio Meditations

Life Purpose Mapping

Pinpoint Frequency Group Coaching


Time for reset, recalibrate and restart to accelerate forward with your Life Purpose with Reconfiguring Energetic Codes


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