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For the Psychic Entrepreneurs Advancing their Psychic Skills with Empires That Change the World


You know you are here for a Purpose. 


You can feel that something inside of you wants to come out.


You want to come out of the Spiritual Closet. 


You’re done with playing spiritual small and you are sooo over hiding who you really are. 


You get tripped up when introducing who you are, because you know who you are, but you don’t know how to market that to the world, let alone explain it to people!


You don’t want to be where you are anymore, you want to live a life of Freedom and are ready to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes, because you are just one of….  well, us. 


You’re ready to do what you need to do, to put in the time, the effort, the willingness - you don’t even think about that - of course you just do whatever it takes… 


You LOVE this spiritual stuff, you thrive on personal development and are uniquely different to everyone you know (mostly!). 


It’s all you spend your time playing with or daydream about playing with. 


You see other Spiritual Leaders living a life of Freedom and exceptional psychic abilities and wonder how they do it… 


You want to learn about all the things spiritual, know half of them anyway, but want to become acutely clear in trusting your intuition with it ALL. 


You love Angels, Crystals, Metaphysics, Animals, Nature, have the biggest collection of Tarot and Oracle cards out of anyone you know and just live and breathe this stuff! It brings you ALIVE talking about spiritual stuff, mindset and abundant living - you’ve always had big out there dreams, love magic and anything that is well - THIS! 


You’re deeply intuitive - but you know this, but don’t really understand it fully and just want help in getting so darn clear on it that you don’t falter in it one single moment more. 


You’ve done some training but want to advance your skills - greatly, because you know, ‘just Angels’ also bores you… even though you love them… give me the advanced psychic magic, the Wizardry and Priestess Skills please! 


You’re ready to up your skills, tone up those psychic muscles of yours to be shining like the bright unicorn you are and taking your spiritual business a tad more seriously because - let’s be real - you're definitely not here to fit into a normal job - your Soul just dies in those places! You’re ready to come out of the financial closet and own the fact you’re here to live an abundant life, already do and want to move that into your Psychic and Intuitive Career alongside using that to advance your current Career. 


Whether you’re just starting out or you're a Spiritual Warrior ready to advance to Psychic University,  

Trust Your Intuition Training School is for you.



You're here because you're ready to truly step into your Spiritual Goddess and God Power - shift and heal that repetitive shit that keeps cycling back around, finally leave it in your past and come back to the truth of who you are. 


You’re taking your stance to the next level of being ready to step into your Leadership and help Humanity on a grander scale - you’re born for this time of incredible transition in Humanity’s evolution and you’re ready to take your skills more seriously whilst having FUN - the purpose of life right? 


You know what’s ahead of us in the world, you’re not here to play small… you’re here to stand tall. 


You’re tired of being beaten down…. you’re ready to own your Crown. 


You’re a long way from Home, but you’re ready to be World renowned. 


You know you’re being guided by the Angels above, by the feathers at your feet and the strong pulsation of the blood in your veins that you cannot not live for this stuff, stand for this stuff, stand for Humanity and take your place in your Destiny’s Dreams. 






You’ve always been different and you’re ready to stand up, claim it, own it and take dreams and turn them into reality.


You’re dedicated and confident - even though you may have been beaten down by life’s trials and tribulations and waking up all of a sudden to ‘what and how is this my life?!’


You’re ready to take back your God given power, heal that which holds you back, leave those toxic repetitive cycles, addictions and behaviours and own that throne on the circle of your Life.


You have ONE LIFE as a Divine Precious gift that you’re willing to own the fuck out of that right now and live it the way you were born for it. 


You’re ready to stand up, shake up and get clear and burst that bubble into the passionate fire that you know…. 



You were always born for. 


Welcome to 


Hi beautiful Soul,  


Hannah here, CEO and Founder of Reality Awareness. I am a Healer to the Healers, a Leader to the Leaders and a Teacher to the Teachers. I am here to Awaken the Consciousness of Humanity, heal you and the World. 

I have been in this industry, living, walking, talking, teaching and preaching this path since 2005. I work with Psychic Entrepreneurs in coming into and advancing their Intuitive and Psychic Abilities, accelerating their Life Purpose in Business and Life with Advanced Psychic Development and Intuitive Skills. 

You can find me on our beautiful property in the Noosa Hinterland, Queensland, Australia, with my teenage daughter whom I have homeschooled since she was four years old and all our magical animals, living a life on our terms. 

I am here to guide you to live your Life Purpose - that is uniquely yours and support you to advance your intuition - the very thing that guides your entire life. 

This is for you if you: 

  • love psychic development and metaphysics 
  • are hungry for this stuff 
  • live it every single day anyway! 
  • know you’re different 
  • know you have a deep drive to create a better life for you and your family 
  • ready to live a more abundant and free life 
  • want to shift your career focus to more intuitive and come out of the spiritual closet 
  • ready to create more wealth for you and your family through your own Life Purpose
  • believe you create your own reality and some!
  • ready to hone, fine tune and advance your psychic skills 
  • talk to Angels anyway and want to get to know them better 
  • ready to advance your psychic development 
  • want to learn how to feel energised, alive and take back power and control in your own life to live a life of freedom - the entire reason you were put on this planet! 

This is for the Earth Walkers, for the ones who have been here since the dawning of time. 


This is for the Ancient Blooded Healers who can feel it in their bones, who have the blood of the Ancient Throne. 


This is for the Lightworkers who are seeking advanced psychic development. 


You walk in your current life with a strong moral compass that connects you to the beginning of the very first Dawn. 


You sense the slightest disturbance in the energetic air - you’re so sensitive and intuitive and hold that deeper understanding that is just like common sense to you and you don’t understand how at times when you help someone (because let’s be real, the amount of times someone has told you their life story without you getting a word in and then turning around and telling you they’ve never told ANYONE that before, well, you’d be rich by now right?!) - it is just like common sense to you.


That moment you realise this is a skill you hold for Humanity and it is your duty and responsibility to hone that - your Life Purpose opens a path, you never knew existed because you realised the 


The Truth Of Who You Are. 


How does it work? 


This is a Monthly Membership where you access live classes of: 

  • Psychic Development Classes
  • The Sitting Method
  • Haven Healing 
  • Psychic Readings 
  • Aura School
  • Vision Quest Trainings - Activating your vision to expand with your Soul's Mission on Earth
  • Life Purpose Business Mentoring 


Investment is $97/mth or 12 Months Access for $997 with no obligation to renew. Payment options on the Gold Button below. 


Topics Covered in Trust Your Intuition Training School

  • Psychic Development 
  • Advanced Psychic Development
  • Clair Organs - Healing, repair, strengthening and how to tell what is your strongest and more 
  • How to amplify your intuition
  • Aura repair, healing and training
  • DNA Coding, Recoding, Healing, Repair & Activation
  • Connecting, meeting, repairing to Archangels, Angels, Spirit Guides, Animal Spirit Guides, Crystal Kingdoms, Dragons, Fae & Elementals, Mermaids and more
  • Mediumship
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Shadow Work 
  • Energetic Diagnostics
  • Metaphysical Arts
  • Deep Trauma Healing (in a gentle, deeply supportive and very, VERY effective way)
  • Planetary Healing (Mother Earth, Father Sun)
  • Family Healing (Inner Child, Mother, Father & More)
  • Generational & Karmic Healing 
  • Deep Relationship Healing
  • The Divine Balance - Masculine & Feminine Healing & Integration
  • Connect with the power of the Moon Goddess, attune your cycles, reclaim your power and learn how to ride the waves
  • Full Moon Ceremonies and Journey's
  • Past Life Healing & Integration
  • Interdimensional Lifetimes
  • Timeline Convergence Healing & Integration
  • How to get rid of dark negative energy, demons, entities and more and why they are even there in the first place
  • Sponge Clearing - the Clairsentience's Essentials
  • Psychic Attack, Psychic Abuse and Psychic Infiltration and how to stop it and more
  • Cutting cords ethically and permanently (not your usual way!)
  • Learn how to Meditate
  • How to read your own Tarot & Oracle Cards
  • Awaken your Wings, heal why they have been clipped, tortured or more, so you can fly free this lifetime
  • Understand, activate, amplify and use the magic and power you hold in your hands to heal, transform and shift energy
  • Healing Sabotage and Repetitive Patterns
  • Sage, Essential Oils, Crystal Grids, Water Healing and other Healing Tools
  • Creating Your Future 
  • How to Vision to have the life you want, instead of the subconscious creation of what is
  • Healing Self worth, confidence and more
  • Clearing your blocks to Wealth and Activating Abundance
  • Introduction to Journalling and making it work for you
  • How to align, activate and step onto path of your Life Purpose
  • Connect and join in deeply with the Trust Your Intuition Tribe who are all amplifying their psychic gifts, accelerating their Life Purpose and living their lives on their terms


Trust Your Intuition Training School Membership



  • Pay In Full Option is $997 for 12 Months. See button below for options. 
  • Psychic Development Training Classes
  • The Sitting Method
  • Haven Healing
  • Psychic Readings
  • Aura School
  • Vision Quest Trainings -  Activating your vision to expand with your Soul's Mission on Earth
  • Life Purpose Business Mentoring

What Happens When You Join: 

  • You will receive a confirmation Welcome email to Welcome you to the Trust Your Intuition Training School. 
  • In the Welcome Email, it shares all the Access you now have and how to find and access the trainings right away. You will also have links to the Facebook Group where the Trust Your Intuition Tribe hang out and most trainings are held so you can come join us for the fun. 
  • You can get started right away and mark the training dates in your calendar to join us live. Yes, there are replays always available for you to catch up on if you can't make any particular ones live.

Here’s to EMPIRES in the leading edge of Consciousness,

Awakening the Consciousness of Humanity 🥂

Psychic Development

Metaphysical Arts

Energetic Consciousness

Spiritual Leadership in Business


For the Psychic Entrepreneurs Advancing their Psychic Skills with Empires That Change the World



Here is where you get to put your Psychic Skills to practise in a dedicated class. Each Psychic Development Class will be a different focus from Mediumship to Aura Reading, to Journeys through Realms, to Activations, to Third Eye Opening and so much more. This is a fast way to learn how your Intuition truly speaks to you. By participating and listening in to how I explain how everyone's intuition is speaking to them specifically, you will definitely pick up a lot of real time learning, aha moments, tips and tricks in these classes. 

Here in the Vision Quest Expansion is where we create our reality. This is where we think bigger, dream bigger and even get clear on what our dreams, reality and life is meant to be about. Sometimes we are so lost and bogged down in the traumas of life that are still dredging up and subconsciously creating and blocking our reality and not even aware of what we even want! It is here I take you through activations, mind shifting, reality expanding ideas, visions and journeys where you can finally get clear on what you want. This, has a huge part in activating and living into your Life Purpose - the reason you're here right? 

In Psychic Readings you will not only learn new skills and understanding the intricacies of your Intuition but somewhere in the readings, there will be a message for you - unless I pick you of course, then the message will clearly be for you. This is also where you will pick up skills on how to read your own Oracle & Tarot Cards and increase your confidence in how you intuitively read, deepening your own psychic development.

The Sitting Method is a potent and powerful advanced skill that can:

  • shift trauma that tools don't work
  • shift stuff people have trouble ever shifting before
  • shift stuff that people have tried everything and it hasn't worked - including clay (but clay did work, it just stirred up/melted the hard part if you may and this advanced skill 'cleans it up')
  • shifts heavy trauma that can support rape and physical abuse victims (as well as emotional abuse victims of course)
  • can help those who are suffering from DV effects (if they are willing to truly shift that out of their body)
  • shifts clients that 'can't be shifted' or everything to date hasn't worked as much as they would've liked
  • help clients who can't cry or have trouble grounding

Haven Healing is where I share healing protocols that are intuitively channeled for you from me. This is where you tell me what is going on for you, what issue you are working on and then the healing protocol (step by step guide) will be intuitively channeled just for you. This could be a relationship issue, a health issue, an emotional turmoil that you're going through or a block in your business that you just can't figure out or change no matter what you've tried. I LOVE channeling these healing protocols for you and then it is up to you, to put them into practise - of course. 

This space is for all things Business related. Whether you are just starting or well in advance this is where we take your psychic and intuitive skills and figure out your next steps. Whether you have a technical question about your business or are looking for guidance on the next steps in your business - whether it is a spiritual business or not - whether online of offline - Life Purpose Business Mentoring combines Intuition and practical discipline into the physical reality of making your dreams literally come true. This is about advancing yourself to the next level, I always have said Entrepreneurship is one of the biggest personal development journeys you will ever undertake. We are here for all of it here. And I love it. 

Aura School is different to the Psychic Development Class, but similar skills used and a deepening of understanding of our Aura. This will be a cleansing, activating, revitalising and a pull in of all your psychic gifts from all dimensions in time. This is deeply activating and gaining advanced skills in Third Eye Development. This one, will be a potent class. 


Psychic Development

Metaphysical Arts

Energetic Consciousness

Spiritual Leadership in Business


For the Psychic Entrepreneurs Advancing their Psychic Skills with Empires That Change the World