Your Personal Intuitive Healer

I come to your private residence, to help and support you to Heal, Activate and Energetically Upgrade your entire life. 

By Application Only

  • Ascension Upgrades and Support
  • Energetic Realignment, Activations and System Overhauls
  • Intuitive Healing
  • Past Life Trauma Release
  • Past Life Reclaiming and Soul Retrieval 
  • Akashic Record Reactivations
  • Crystal Healing & Activations
  • Releasing Curses, Hexes, Spells that are affecting your entire life - especially when one area seems way off kilter or something major is going on and come somewhat 'out of the blue', especially when you are stepping up in an area of your life
  • Healing through losing a loved one via death, support with the entire process of someone who is passing over to the other side 
  • Healing through relationship break up when you just can't seem to get on with it at all or feel guilty for leaving and wondering if you did the right thing
  • Are going through things that feel like death
  • Are just at a complete loss for what your next step is, tired and exhausted of feeling so much all the time, are needing support in your Spiritual Awakening and feels like your entire life is falling apart and at complete crossroads
  • Feeling so lost and why you can't seem to find your Life Purpose, even if you are living a 'good' life, something just feels missing and you hide your depression behind that mask so well
  • Ready to activate your Psychic, Higher and Sixth Senses, your Deep Mystic Side, your High Priestess in a Highly Attuned, Accurate and #onpoint way to support your life like deep magic that no one knows anything about but asks you what you've been doing differently! 
  • Personalised Intuitive & Psychic Training
  • Personalised Advanced Psychic & Intuitive Skills Training & Activations
  • Psychic Readings & Training

Are ready for powerful in person healing, upgrades and energetic shifts that you just can't get online?

Your own Personal Spiritual Advisor that amplifies your Own Unique Gifts?

Your Personal Intuitive Healer

Hello dear Soul,

My name is Hannah, and I am here to serve and support you through the Next Level Activations, Energetic Upgrades, Crystalline Shifts, Activations and Adjustments or get you through the hardest times of your life, release your karmic past for good and get you back on the path of your Life Purpose. 

I have been deeply called into service to support you in your own home, home town and country, or meet you where ever you are in the world, to gain the deepest spiritual healing that tends to all areas of your life. 

I am your Personal Intuitive Healer, that comes to your side in your physical home or your current place in the world to be by your side, for deep, Intuitive Healing and Spiritual Ascension Upgrades. You are a Soul having a Human experience, let's activate your Soul's power, to deeply enhance your Human experience and fly you to the next level, whilst being deeply grounded on this Earth plane, doing the very thing you came here to do. 

Deep Intuitive Spiritual Healing

The deepest you'll find on the planet. Including Ascension Upgrades, energetic diagnostics, spiritual wound clearings, entity removal, past life healing, psychic surgery, energetic upgrades and psychic healings - these deeply intuitive sessions are just that - intuitive and are channeled for what you need in any given moment during the sessions, allowing for the highest and deepest spiritual healing possible. 

Life Purpose Activation & Alignment

The Key Reason You Are On This Planet, The most powerful reason for BEING on this planet and the key activation for not only your dreams to come true, but your life legacy you are leaving the planet with - we get you very clear on this over these powerful 6 months of activations, alignments, upgrades and divine intervention and implementation designed to support you not just to your next level, but your divine assignment on Earth. 

Where the Deepest Healing Occurs

In Your Own Home or Whereever you are in the World. The place you feel the safest. Perhaps it needs a clean out. Energy clearing, physical clearing and cleaning, Psychic Cleansing, let alone Intuitive Energy placement of items. Ascension Upgrades to your structural, energetic and physical home enabling activations of the highest frequency. Decluttering to rid the old, and create space for the new to come into your life. The most powerful space to heal!

Complete Lifestyle Overhaul

Whether we do Yoga or not, your entire lifestyle will receive not just a make over, but a deeply supportive process to make sure these changes are implemented long term. Through a specific healing process, these physical and spiritual support tools, will ensure that the desires for a better life, aren't sabotaged the moment you turn your back to them! #igotyou

Cultivating Intuitive Business

Your Own Spiritual Business. Whether you have a spiritually based business or not, or want to deeply tap into the secrets of the Universe and use your divine intuition to make your business decisions, trust them and live your Life Purpose - the reason you were born on this planet, of course, we delve into Divinely Guided Business Strategies too. And yes, not all Life Purpose's mean you have to have a spiritual career! However, this deeply activates a part of you that enhances your business decisions and creates exponential business growth.

So How Does It All Work?

  • I am your Personal Intuitive Healer for 6 Months.
  • In Person Healing Sessions x 6. These are done in person, whether I travel to you, or you to me, depends on your unique situation that we discuss together. These range from 1-3 Days per month, depending on your individual unique needs.
  • Whether you need Spiritual Healing or just a Spiritual Advisor by your side through the next level Energetic Crystalline Activations in your life and business or through the hardest time you've faced yet, that is what Intuitive Healing is - whatever the moment requires, it is done. 
  • 3 x Distance Healings
  • 2 x Cracking The Code Sessions - Uncovering Your Sacred Life Purpose Gifts. This is a unique process that I use to individually hone in on what your unique Blueprint Code is so you can activate it, implement it and use it right away.
  • Unlimited In Between Support. If you have any questions, need insight to any question or issue that arises in-between Intuitive Healing visits, you have unlimited access to me via phone calls/WhatsApp during this next 6 months. 
  • Unlimited Psychic Readings. During our 6 months together from now, you have Unlimited Psychic Readings with me. 
  • Access to any other resources that I am intuitively guided to share with you during our time together.

How Do I Apply?

Due to the nature of this in depth Intuitive In-Person Healings to have me as Your Personal Intuitive Healer for 6 Months this is via application only.

Just click on the button to fill out your details and apply for Your Personal Intuitive Healer:


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