Activate Your Archangel Frequency

Without second guessing yourself or wondering if you're making it up! 


You're into this spiritual stuff and have even have done it for many years, you've heard so many different takes on the Archangels, even connected with them, but see all these 'codes' and 'frequencies' and 'activations' and have wondered about it all, but just don't know where to start, or if it is even real 🤷🏻‍♀️


Do any of these sound familiar? 

✔️Feeling overwhelmed with choices

✔️Bogged down with tiredness, tears and exhaustion no matter what you seem to do to change it

✔️Think you've found 'the thing' or 'the person' and then it changes and you lose all hope again

✔️Not sure which spiritual thing or person is right and how do you hear the Archangels anyway, because you seem to not be as clear as other people?


What if I told you that you could...

✔️Be absolutely certain of who and what Archangel you are sensing? 

✔️Lift that darkness from your life once and for all and get your Light and Heart Happiness back?

✔️Feel confident in your intuitive abilities?

✔️Finally move forward in your life with the Passion, aliveness and clarity of Purpose you see everyone else living?


Well, good news beautiful Soul - you can! I have been there before, feeling that deep sense of loss of what you are supposed to be doing and it is here, with the Archangel Frequency Activations you can turn your life around, in 21 Days. 


Let Your Wings Fly Free Again Beautiful Soul! 🦅

This simple day-by-day system can get you back on track and upgrade your frequency in the easiest way possible. 


With Activate Your Archangel Frequency, you can:

Come back into the positive, happy heart space you, that you used to be in

Have the confidence and trust in what you are doing, no matter what anyone else says

Clearly hear your Archangel's, let alone Activate your own Angelic Frequency


This 21 Day Journey, that starts on the 21st January, Activating Your Archangel Frequency, isn't just about connecting to your Archangels, this is about turning your life around, pulling you out of the darkness, and bringing the light, love and joy back into your life. 

This is activating the LIGHT frequency back into your body and life, because quite frankly, you've been shifting through so much darkness for... what seems like forever now right? 

By the end of this 21 Days, you will be living in more LIGHT again, with your Heart lighter than what you began with, finding the JOY in life again - the space you once had, but now this time, in a new, sustainable everyday reality way.


"The biggest thing that has changed for me since being introduced to the Archangels is that I feel fully supported, all of the time now. In everything from keeping my energy clear and strong, to aiding in my healing, physical, emotional and spiritual to guidance and support in my business. Having this support allows me to trust in my path and to live my life at my highest possible frequency. Help is always at hand, all i have to do is ask!"

Tammy Turner
Yoga Instructor

"Beautiful, gentle, powerful profound shifts!!! Working with the Archangels in this way have allowed me to receive so much support in so many areas of my life, allowing in greater understanding and abundance. Knowing that I have the support of the Archangels right there with me helps me to feel safer and more willing to do the inner work in order to heal."

Leanne Sanderson

"During the 21 day Attunement to the Archangels I felt so many deep, powerful shifts. I have experience working with the Archangels and involve them in my healing as a Certified Advanced Level Angel Therapist but this Attunement was a whole new level! I received strong and clear messages in particular with Archangel Mary. The complete unconditional love I felt flow through me is nothing I can ever find words to adequately describe! All the Attunements contained valuable information. I feel more in alignment, more confident and divinely guided to follow the steps of my Life Purpose and shine my light knowing the Archangels stand by us. I was able to progress as I wanted to through the content (as a busy working mum living in Ireland) and paid in 2 instalments helping very much with this investment in myself. The workbook is also a great touch! Keep up the great work! I look forward to working even deeper with our divine Archangels. Namaste 🙏 "

Grace Girvin

"The 21 Day Activate your Archangel Frequency and the space that Hannah held for us through this journey has been an experience that will be with me forever. Following the course guide, each day working with the Archangels, being activated with their frequency, going on a one on one journey with them all and receiving messages small and large has changed my frequency for life ❤️With Hannah’s support and guidance through the 21 days, I was able to shift through some big blocks energetically! This has been a very special time for me personally. I have always believed in the Archangels and worked with them in times throughout my life and on my spiritual journey over the years, but this has allowed me to create a relationship with them on a different level. I believe that we are never alone and now I have a team of Archangels to walk with me by my side through life always and forever. My heart is so full and I am forever grateful to you Hannah for creating this for us all 🙏"

Kirsty Johnson

"I can not thank Hannah enough for the amazing experience l have had with being part of the Activate your Archangel Frequency, it has really been a privilege. No words can describe the peace and comfort l have gained through this course. My world has changed for the better in so many great ways, and l now know l have a support from the archangels which l can turn to at any time and this is such a comforting thought for me. I would highly recommend this wonderful experience to any one who is looking for support and a great deal of comfort, to discover that their is something as beautiful as the Archangels truly is a blessing in itself. Thank you so much Hannah ❤️💛💚💙💜"

Marina Jennings

"Hannah I can’t thank you enough for Offering the Activate Your Archangel Frequency, I had never spoken or even tried to communicate with the Archangels before but as soon as I saw this offered I was immediately drawn to connect with them. The past 21 days has completely changed my life, I feel so much more at peace and have a deeper love for myself, I adored connecting with each different Archangel and taking on all their messages and frequencies and attuning at a cellular level with them, it is definitely life changing and I can’t wait to keep doing life knowing now that I am in tune with the Archangels and can call on them anytime I need 💖"

Karen-Leigh MacKenzie

"I wanted to Thank You so much for the All Body Activation & Repair meditation...I mean wow! I've had this stubborn cough, been through 3 courses of antibiotics in the past 3 months but last night I did the meditation or 2 nights ago, can remember and I haven't had a coughing fit ever since. I've also received messages from my intuition to send love to my chest, lungs, throat, like literally say I love you which I have never ever done. Anyhow feeling loads of goodness in me right now, inspired to take more care with my body and really reach my goal to be and stay healthy. I'm so thankful to you, your meditations, the 21 day archangel frequency which has been so out of this world, and all the other meditations, teachings you've shared, just thankful to you. Thank you so so much💗💗💗🙏💗💗💗"

Josephine S Misra

Here's how our 21 Day Archangel Frequency Activations are going to fly:

1. 21 Days of Archangel Frequency Activations

($497 value)

  • Your Archangel Frequency Activations are sent via email each day, covering the 15 Main Powerful Archangel Frequency Activations, including Light Integration days
  • Access to our Members Only Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Archangel Frequency Activation eBook to help guide and deepen your process
  • Daily Crystal & Chakra Codings to amplify the LIGHT of each Archangel Frequency and how this relates to your LIFE

2. Live Channeled Activations via our Members Only Facebook Group

($197 value)

  • Ask me questions and join us for Live Livestream Activations
  • There will be Weekly Livestreams going deeper into the Archangel Frequency Activations and welcoming in the powerful Light Frequency of Archangel Mary, who has a vibration unlike any I've ever experienced and shifted the Darkness to Light more powerfully than any I have discovered
  • Join others who are ready to EMBODY THE LIGHT NOW and find their JOY AGAIN
  • Only positivity, empowerment and LIGHT in here! 🌟
  • Access to our Members-Only Facebook Group

Meet Your Teacher! I am Hannah!

I am an Intuitive Healer, Life Purpose Mentor and Lightfilled Yoga Teacher and I have been working closely with the Archangels since 2005. 

You can find me working online, helping people shift through a tonne of darkness that they haven't been able to shift before with any other person or modality until now. 

I am also a Mother to my daughter and lover of our Animals, the Ocean and Yoga. You can find me at or on facebook chatting about all things Spiritual and other worldly ❤️

Yes! There are bonuses too!

BONUS #1: Archangel Mary Frequency Activation

($297 value)

I didn't realise the depth of Light Activation I was going to experience when I received Archangel Mary Liquid Crystal as a gift mid-winter when I went to the Liquid Crystal talk with Justin.

It has been Archangel Mary nudging me to even release this 21 Day Archangel Frequency Activation to you, with Her powerful Mother Frequency of Light, may you receive the deepest shifts, that I have, that return you to the Love, Heart and Light that you ARE through this powerful live, channeled activation of Archangel Mary Frequency

BONUS #2: Frequency Checker

($49 value)

This was something they also kept nudging me to include here for you!

Once you have gone through your 21 Days, this handy Frequency Checker, brings you the Light of the day, so you can keep yourself in check and in the Frequency, to continue to stay in the Light, to keep your Heart open, your Soul bright and feel the Love Frequency in your life as your normal every single day. 

Ready to Activate Your Archangel Frequency of LIGHT and feel the Light, Love and Aliveness in your Heart and life again?


You can keep moving through life and trying to implement the change on your own 


You could join us to Activate Your Archangel Frequency and turn your life around in 21 Days



When you sign up and join us for this 21 Day Journey, you will:  

  • Receive a welcome email from me with all the details on exactly how we will FLY with our LIGHT during this time
  • Receive access to the Members Only Facebook Group where you will meet other like-minded Souls, ready to CLAIM THEIR ARCHANGEL LIGHT FREQUENCY

It's time to FEEL the LIGHT and POSITIVITY again,

to bring that smile back on your face, and feel it in your Heart, just like you used to precious Soul, the Archangels are awaiting you


Is this the right course for me?

This Course is for you if you:

✅Are ready to FEEL the LIGHT and POSITIVITY in your life again

 ✅Have done enough digging darkness out for now 

✅Want to feel the happiness and joy again that you seemed to have lost along the way somewhere and are even trying to figure out what brings you joy anymore as it has deeply changed

✅Want to deepen your Frequency, Vibration and Connection to your Higher Self, Archangels and Intuition 

This Course is NOT for you if you:

❌Are not ready to CHOOSE the Light in your every day life 

❌You want someone to do it for you 

❌Are not willing to put your intuitive guidance into action

❌Don't believe in something greater than us here on this planet


Join us to Activate Your Archangel Frequency

It's time to encode the LIGHT into your system:

✅Instant and lifetime access

✅Start right away

✅Archangel Frequency Activations to download and keep forever, exclusive Archangel Frequency Activation ebook

✅Access to our Members Only Facebook Group 

✅BONUS #1: Archangel Mary Activation 

✅BONUS #2: Frequency Checker for easy daily use after our 21 Day Journey to keep your LIGHT ACTIVATED AND ON beautiful Soul! 


But you can join us for this 21 Day Journey for:




Includes everything listed above





Includes everything listed above


Activate Your Archangel Frequency

Without second guessing yourself or wondering if you're making it up! 


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