Animal Shaman

Activate Your Animal Shaman Guide so you can walk through Humanity's greatest Awakening, deeply and acutely activated in the energetic coding that supports you to have your trusty guide by your side to lead the way for a prosperous and fulfilling reality.


Animal Shaman Activation

This isn't just an Animal Spirit Guide - this is your Animal Shaman Activation that embodies who you are to take flight and be fully fledged in your body to ground you into health, love and prosperity through Humanity's greatest Awakening.

Acute Psychic Activation

Deeply and acutely Activate your Animal Shaman Psychic Gifts - the sensitivities and perception that your Animal Shaman has, activate as your Psychic Gift to guide your everyday choices, so you don't doubt yourself anymore. 

Life Path Activation

I have been shown, that this Animal Shaman Activation is your Life Path Guide for Humanity's Greatest Awakening, to make your most prosperous and loving year ahead yet. 

Animal Shaman Activation deeply called to my Soul to support you leading into through Humanity's greatest Awakening and beyond. 

I have been shown that this is a Life Path Activation, that the deep, subtle and acutely tuned in Animal Shaman Psychic Senses are Activated within you, so you can emerge through Humanity's Greatest Awakening as one of the most grounded and psychically tuned in you, that you have experienced to date. 

This is not only leaving your past behind and clearing out this current path ahead of you, find the Divine Balance in the new reality you are birthing - you are releasing the years of pain to finally be free.  

This is helps you release, birth and ground into your new way of being that will fully come to fruition in the months ahead of you. 

**Disclaimer** - Be prepared for big changes for several months after you do this Activation. It is truly enabling you to ground into reality what you've been dreaming of, not just think, vision or dream about it anymore. 

How Does It Work?

Animal Shaman Channeled Activation is available immediately once you purchase it as an audio mp3 (40mins long).

It get's delivered to your email and you can listen right away. 

You can keep it for life and listen to it as many times as you're intuitively guided to.

What is the Investment? 




There are very potent energies on the planet right now, with a huge collective shift happening.

This specific Animal Shaman Activation, not only Activates the Animal Shaman within you, to Activate dormant intuitive abilities and psychic gifts that you hold within your coding. 

It also releases 'triangulation'.

2 +1 = 3

3 - if you are in a relationship situation of any sort, whether you are still physically with the person or not - if there is another person involved, energetically or a past tie - this is a triangulation energy that is interfering with your present day relationship and life path.

Working with the Animal Shaman Activation, I was shown, specifically works with releasing this triangulation energy - so that only the two of you who are supposed to be in the relationship - are! Including your intuition (Life Purpose) and you!

Whether this is:

  • an interfering ex who won't give up, or is taking and demanding more energy that your current relationship is required to give
  • if you are stuck between two lovers, you are with someone, but you also love/d the other one, who is still constantly on your mind or you are trying to figure out why this is happening right now
  • if you know there are past life threads still playing out because there is no other explanation 
  • if you feel they are both your twin flame and are stuck between 'What is ACTUALLY going on here?!' and 'No, I am good!' even if you haven't uttered a word about this to anyone
  • If you are stuck between choosing your partner, family and friends OR your career
  • If you are in a place where something doesn't feel right but you can't place what exactly 

Animal Shaman Activation is for you.

Time to change this pattern, this triangulational dynamic, so you can truly feel the power, commitment and love in your life - without having to choose one or the other! 

Allow the Activation to show you what to do, let alone shift it for you.

What is the Investment?




🦅 Access to the Animal Shaman Activation


If you dream of us all living in deep love, harmony and congruency with our dear Mother Earth again, 🌏 love to dance around a fire, deeply grounding your feet on the Earth as the Shaman Hearted Soul, as the Ancient Blooded Healer that you are, then this Animal Shaman Activation is for you 🔥⚕️🔥


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