Distance Healing 

With Hannah




There is droves of people that I am seeing and are coming to me right now that the darkness is taking them away, deeply away…


~ being labeled as too much

~ being told they will never amount to anything 

~ feeling stuck, bogged down, drained as fuck

~ engaging in behaviours that is NOT what they do anymore and feel deeply ashamed of when they ‘wake’ up and wonder where that came from as that isn’t something they do anymore and gave it up ages ago

~ being told they carry too much darkness and have been cursed and no body can fix them, that they will never find happiness (seriously what kind of psychic says this shit to people!?!? Yep, I am furious and my passion to serve has skyrocketed because NO BODY can tell the god damn future for goodness sake, let alone other shit!! #dontgetmestarted)

~ feeling abandoned by everyone around you

~ feeling like you have to ‘do it all alone all the time and nothing will change’

~ doing so much work/inner work and not feeling like you are getting anywhere


~ Physical aliments that the doctor can seem to fix or diagnose



~ clearing negative energy that you cannot shift alone

~ clearing and understanding the purpose of why you have been ‘cursed’ 

~ clearing your demons and entities that seem to come back time and time again

~ clearing and releasing from the Dark Mother Grid

~ clearing and understanding why you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and wonder why you turn back to drugs, alcohol/unhealthy relationships time and time again, even when you swore you never would again

~ activating energetic systems through your body that have been 'put to sleep' or dormant for a long time

~ reconnecting and activating your Life Purpose 

~ energetic realignment and recoding to the Krystal Spiral 

~ using gifts and tools that I haven’t even taught you yet through my teachings that have reignited in my Soul that are potent that are deeply being called to use right now that I am totally humbled by

~ using StarGenerational Crystalline structures that my guides have shown me I have used for eons and it is time to use these on people and now

~ psychic diagnostic tools, psychic surgery & restructuring your energetic body to match your highest potential that is being clouded by the pains and current human self limitations, that you can’t seem to shift yourself, no matter how much work you do on yourself

~ integration and activation of your Life Purpose pathway for this life time

~ complete after care support from your healing


I have a VERY different point of view on things like:

~ darkness

~ curses

~ hexes

~ entities

~ demons

~ things that people told you can’t and could never be fixed

~ people telling you, you are psycho and need help badly (seriously?!) (yep, #igotyou)

~ broken hearts and suicide - including Soul Suicide


Which is WHY I am being called of Service this way.

How exactly does it work?

Distance Healings: 

~ go for approx 30mins  

~ you don't need to be 'consciously aware' of the healing being taken place, but you can choose to be notified of when it is taking place

~ they are audio recorded as I do them, so you can listen to what happened and have the gift of the messages I channel about your Life Purpose, the healing taking place, Life Purpose activation tools specifically for you so you are aware of everything that goes on in session

What is the Investment?



What can shift from a Distance Healing?

~ lifetime patterns that you thought you could never get rid of

~ relationship karma that has been doing your head in for decades

~ healing the parts of you that keep repelling love in your life, rather than attracting it

~ releasing addictions 

~ coming back into homestasis

~ releasing mental, physical and spiritual trauma that you haven't ever thought could be touched by anyone, not even yourself

Aftercare Support 

Yes, aftercare is a given from this Distance Healing. If there needs to be a discussion, we can do so over email about your Session. 

It is vital that you tend to yourself with gentleness, love, care, rest, water and conscious awareness that you are not only activating your Life Purpose in this session, but deeply shifting the stuff that has held you back for eons of time. 

You will only be called to this Distance Healing on a Soul Level - YES I NEED THIS. 

You will know. 

Humbled, in Service and deep, deep Love, 

The Life Purpose Queen 👑



This is a Soul Calling thing - you will know deeply, that this is what you need. 

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