Psychic Readings 

with Hannah


Psychic Reading

Hey beautiful Soul!!

This is a 1 hour phone/video call that is audio recorded if you choose.

You will be sent the audio recording afterwards if you choose to have it recorded and can listen back over anytime.  


How does it work?

You will receive email confirmation upon booking/payment and you schedule your Psychic Reading/Intuitive Healing time through there. 

Psychic Reading/Intuitive Healings are done via facebook messenger/telegram and go for 1 hour.

What if I don't have a specific question?

I can pull a cards for you and receive messages for you even if you don't have a specific question. We can tune into your Soul, Spiritual Guides, and anyone else who comes through in the Reading to see what messages they have for you. 


We can dive into:

🌟 any questions at all, life, business or personal related

🌟 healing your broken heart

🌟 relationship problems & solutions 

🌟 clearing negative energy that you cannot shift alone

🌟 clearing and understanding the purpose of why you have been ‘cursed’ 

🌟 clearing your demons and entities that seem to come back time and time again

🌟 clearing and releasing from the Dark Mother Grid

🌟 clearing and understanding why you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and wonder why you turn back to drugs, alcohol/unhealthy relationships time and time again, even when you swore you never would again

🌟 activating energetic systems through your body that have been 'put to sleep' or dormant for a long time

🌟 reconnecting and activating your Life Purpose 

🌟 energetic realignment and recoding to your true Source Code

🌟 using gifts and tools that I haven’t even taught you yet through my teachings that have reignited in my Soul that are potent that are deeply being called to use right now that I am totally humbled by

🌟 using StarGenerational Crystalline structures that my guides have shown me I have used for eons and it is time to use these on people and now

🌟 psychic diagnostic tools, psychic surgery & restructuring your energetic body to match your highest potential that is being clouded by the pains and current human self limitations, that you can’t seem to shift yourself, no matter how much work you do on yourself

🌟 integration and activation of your Life Purpose pathway for this life time

What is the Investment for a Psychic Reading?


1 Hour Psychic Reading



1 x 1 Hour Psychic Reading


What can we shift in a Session? 

⚡️ lifetime patterns that you thought you could never get rid of

⚡️ relationship karma that has been doing your head in for decades

⚡️ healing the parts of you that keep repelling love in your life, rather than attracting it

⚡️ releasing addictions 

⚡️ coming back into homeostasis

⚡️ releasing mental, physical and spiritual trauma that you haven't ever thought could be touched by anyone, not even yourself


Time to stop wondering...

Ask me right away.


"The intuitive reading I received from Hannah was very interesting and detailed.  I gave Hannah no information about myself but did ask for guidance around a particular problem area of my life.  The reading came back incredibly accurate with wonderfully supportive and helpful information contained within. I would definitely get another intuitive reading in the future, whenever I am feeling unclear and stuck, when guidance is what I need because I am so deep in the situation I can no longer see clearly.  Hannah's help has cleared a path for me to move forward. Highly recommended."

Karen Dickson

"I truly loved my phone card reading with Hannah. She was so warm, down to earth and full of encouragement. She saw things from my past, present and future. Her guidance was very uplifting and soothing at the same time. I'm so thankful for Hannah who has been so generous with her videos, posts, guidance, free meditation packs and wisdom. Much gratitude and thanks."

Huey St Claire

"Hannah has always given spot in card readings and her teachings have helped me in many ways! Would highly recommend working with this lady. Namaste"

Sarah Gill

"Helped me go forward more than ever everything is spot on with her cards. So glad to have enrolled with her. Thank you."

Alison Slipper
Intuitive Healer & Reiki Practitioner

"Hands down the most down to earth and real person to help facilitate to shift and change yourself but also her healings are next level. I've been to psychics and healers around the world, places like New Orleans...the home of it. Hannah is gifted and genuinely helps you thrive and level up or shift away from things counter productive to your life purpose and your happiness and growth as a soul on this earth 💓💓💓 21 Day Shifter Awesome Goal level 😊 Readings and healings will blow your mind."

Gemma Jones
Intuitive Healer & Doula

"I have had amazing results with Hannah in shifting my consciousness, I recommend taking her courses, as she shares a lot of valuable information, and is very compassionate. She is very Intuitive also, was spot on with my readings. Was worth every cent xx"

Leonie May

"Hannah is one of the most genuine and real healers I've come across. Her messages are real and from her heart. Every time she does a reading for me and my boyfriend it is dead on! Thank you Hannah! Many Blessings 💜"

Linda Stark

"For giving her nothing to go off of, it was almost scary how on point the reading was for me. Not only was it dead on, but it was completely in depth, precise and quite detailed. The reading seemed to cover things going on in my life that nobody even had a clue about. While it was beautiful and refreshing to see this type of power at work it was also eye opening. I knew buried down I had some major demons from my past and also other past lives. She was able to bring these things to the surface in a very clear concise way. It was a very eye opening and beautiful experience that I'm thoroughly glad I allowed her to do. I have been working with her back and forth a little bit and she brings a very powerful presence to the table in which I would highly encourage anyone to try. I will certainly be working with her in the future as it is rare you meet a person in this type of healing that brings a valid presence."

Matt Ball

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