READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

free psychic reading tuesday tarot Jun 12, 2018

READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

Huge energetic changes shifting through the planet right now.

Feeling out of sorts, feeling like the world is shifting beneath you, but you don't know quite where it is going to land, but you are extremely clear where you want it to land. 

Archangel Raphael is the Healer Archangel and there is alot of emphasis on physical healing through his cards today. Let me know how you go with these today - I am curious if you are feeling the realities shift and meld right in front of your eyes? 

Scroll down to see what message is awaiting you through the number you chose earlier today, Archangel Raphael is strong on the planet right now - do you feel him gently nudging you?

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 


Card #1: Caffeine Free! “Dear Archangel Raphael, I ask that you cut my cords of attachment to caffeine so that I may honour my body’s natural energy rhythms without chemicals.”

Hmmm, well the message on this card is obvious. Yet, when I tuned into what the actual message is for you - I got the message about stress, and what source of stress is prominent in your life right now and the other part of this message? Is that this source of stress has been there for you for quite some time, you’ve also damn well known about it - but you’ve not taken action on it. Are you listening? Big Ear Chakra message coming through on this card for you today - are you listening AND taking action? You may receive the information and not take action on it and then wonder why your health, heart and body are suffering from the stress around you - because you’ve not done anything to change it, even though you’ve been getting the intuitive message to for quite some time - and so not listening, shuts down your Ear Chakras and your Heart, which are vital in receiving anything you want in your life, energy, money, time, resources JOY AND FUN perhaps? You’ve shut down the source of your flow, you’ve disconnected from what your HEART WANTS and desires, because you have let fear overcome you and so your body, your Heart and your Joy are suffering - are they not? If there were no restrictions on anything in your life - what would you be doing differently in your days? This message on this card, may be coming through a bit harsh - yet the Caffeine Free - you could also look at it like Stress Free - because your adrenals have been suffering and so everything else is backing up, shutting down, and so is your Hearts happiness. You might be so far locked away (your Heart’s Joy locked away), that you are not sure what even makes you happy anymore. Any restrictions you have placed on yourself and your current life, are just a way for you to try and gain some sense of freedom in the control, because it gives you a sense of safety, but your SOUL is crying out for freedom and the Heart smile of deep contented, Soul fulfilling JOY again. Where has your Joy gone? What makes you happy? What does your HEART want to do - if there were no restrictions or responsibilities you had to tend to - what would you be doing with your day and your time? And - with this - how can you start to dismantle your current life right now - to make this happen - now? Love xxx If you are afraid and don’t know how to find your joy or even what that means to you anymore, that you have locked away and shut down your Soul sooo much you have forgotten who you really are - the powerful, wise and JOYFUL fun Soul you are that desires anything it wants, no if, but’s or maybes - Awaken Your Psychic Senses has LANDED and is the sure fire way to reconnect with your Soul, your Heart and learn to trust your Soul again, so fear doesn’t keep running the show - cause fear aint a fun way to live hey? Click here for all the details if you are ready to Awaken Your Psychic Senses and reconnect to the JOY OF LIFE, to the natural flow of life THAT IS YOU, that is so readily there, if you’ll only trust your Heart and Soul enough to take it:


Card #2: Ask Your Body for a Message. “Dear body, please help me hear your messages. Archangel Raphael, please guide me in honouring and respecting my body’s needs.”

Hmmmm, the strong message coming through here, is that you are receiving intuitive guidance for yourself, you are feeling certain things you are hearing certain things - but you are not trusting your own divine capabilities in the messages you are receiving. Asking your body for a message - if you place your hand on your Heart or body part and literally ask it for the message it is trying to share with you - you WILL hear a message. The question is - do you trust it? I am getting the sense that you don’t need to look outside yourself anymore, right now, there are things happening for, with and around you that have been somewhat divinely orchestrated and even though you may be scared about how it is going to pan out by taking the steps that your intuition is speaking to you that are the best for you to take - it may not be easy at the start, as you are adjusting to a whole new reality - yet, this is ultimately what brings your Soul alive, what your Heart is craving and what nourishes you on the deepest layer possible. That Soul calling - what is it calling you? What is your Soul wanting you to do? What is your Soul, wanting to say? What is your body saying to you, that your Soul is speaking through you? I am getting the sense too, that the physical part of your body that is already coming to mind as you read this, has an important factor in this outcome that your intuition is guiding you too. What part of your body is it? Do you know the metaphysical meaning of your body that is speaking to you? Can you hear it when you put your left hand on it, ask it what’s its message is to you and you receive an answer - can you hear it? I am also getting the message about your physical reality - is there something that needs to shift right now? Also, have you been extra tired lately? There are collective upgrades going on - if your body is speaking to you with out of the blue things it is needing from you, like extra sleep or extra food - listen to it, acknowledge it, and take action on it. During the time of upgrades, means your body is reaching a space to hold a greater level of light. That may mean more sleep for healing parts of your  body that have been needing to release from your being, also certain foods to keep you grounded, whilst these upgrades are done. You don’t need to do anything special - except listen and fully trust the call of your Soul and Body. Do you need more sleep or exercise? Listen.  And trust the messages you receive, whether about taking better care of yourself, or taking action on your intuition for some life changes that need to happen - do you trust the messages of your Soul? Love xxx If you are feeling stuck and wanting to move forward with complete trust that the information you are receiving from your Soul is correct and true, that you can walk forward in full faith that indeed these messages are coming from your Heart and Soul and are in need of repair and reconnection to your Soul, then Awaken Your Psychic Senses is exactly this. With deep origins to your out of this world universal Homes, beyond our current galaxies, plus with repair and trauma removal, so your receptivity ie, your vital spiritual organs are healed with no rips, tears or blockages in them, so your Spiritual Organs are clear, open and receptive again - all of this is covered and healed in Awaken your Psychic Senses. Doors close on the 29th June, with pre-work already awaiting you. All the details are right here:


Card #3: Recovery. “Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for holding my hand throughout my recovery upon the path of radiant health.”

Hmmmm, two messages for this card here today - 1 is that I am getting the sense to just pull back, step back and let the situation unfold. It feels like you’ve been trying to make something happen, when, you’ve ultimately done all you can - and actually, there are some other things you need to tend to - that aren’t directly involved with the situation - but that also help the situation in the long run, if that makes sense? Have you tended to those? When you are pushing and waiting and the other things aren’t done yet, anxiety and stress can be at an all time high. It sounds a little bit contradictory - don’t do anymore, step back - but there are still things to be done right? Yet, it isn’t directly involved in the situation. And I am also getting the message that there is a part of you, that doesn’t want to do the certain things anymore either? Is there somewhere you an hire help or ask for help, or, is it something that even needs to be tended to? Are there things you can wipe off your to do list - forever? Can you let them go, just, like, that? The other message I am getting here of this card, is that you are indeed in a big space of recovery. I am getting the message that 6-8 months ago, something happened, some event in your life, some chain of events, some life change, that caused your life to go in a completely different direction than what you thought you were going in - and that 6-8 months ago, this time between then and now - you’ve changed into a completely different person right? But, better than who you used to be. And even though you may still think back to how much  of a different life you are now living compared to what you thought - there is a part of you, a large part of you, that knows this is what you’re supposed to be doing right? I am wondering, if you have received support for the change that you’re experiencing? It feels like you are good with it, but then it hits you almost at times and you are like a bawling mess on the kitchen floor wondering wtf is actually going on with your life? I am getting the message for you too - that there has been strong waves of light passing through recently, and they can send people into a downward negative spiral too - so be okay with people walking out of your life unexpectedly and also when you ‘fall’ down. Just know, it is all just energy and to have the support of a tribe around you that totally gets it - do you have this? In recovery from any addiction or change in relationship or circumstances it is also important to honour the grieving process. Whether you are deeply saddened by the change, or whether you are aware that it is the correct thing for you and are totally okay with it, ANY change, triggers the grief cycle and you may be okay and move through it - but later on you start bawling for no apparent reason - these are just the effects of change and being okay with them is super important right now. It is better to release them than hold in, again - do you have a tribe for support? I am also getting the sense that you are also actually doing really well, despite all the ‘out of the blue’ changes, so to be gentle on yourself, and actually look at how far you’ve really come too! YAY! Celebrating this with you beautiful one :) Recovery is a good thing, just be kind to yourself - you are doing that aren’t you? It’s all working out, trust the process. Walk forward in faith. Love xxx If you feel like you don’t have anyone or have lost everything you’ve ever known and need a good dose of faith, then now is your time to reconnect with not only your Soul - but your Soul’s destiny. “When things are falling apart they are actually falling into place.” doesn’t help how you feel at the time, but this is the strong message coming through for this card for you today. If you are needing some Soul direction, wanting to reconnect with your Heart, trust your intuitive nudges and guidance that is coming through - then Awaken Your Psychic Senses is awaiting you, all the details here:


Card #4: Hydration. “Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for motivating and guiding me to drink more water so that my health, energy and appetite stay at optimal levels through out each day.”

This card has the obvious - how much water have you been drinking? Enough? Usually, we need around 2 litres of water per day. If you are feeling tired, out of sorts or otherwise, the first thing to check in with, well, two things 1. Sleep, have you had enough sleep the past week? And 2. Water - how much water have you drunk the past week? If it hasn’t been around 2 litres of water a day, then that is the first place to start. Then more sleep if that hasn’t been satisfactory either. There are important upgrades going on right now and it is important to take extra care of yourself. The other message I am getting with this card for you today is, are you ready? It feels like there is big change on your doorstep and you can feel this in your bones? Even though you are sort of clear on what it is you are still walking in a lot of faith right? I am getting the sense to not deny the realness of these sensations you are feeling with what is going on for you - and to be ready. If the change you think you are feeling, were to come knocking on your doorstep, like - tomorrow - are you literally ready to embrace them? I am getting the strong sense that this is as real as anything, do not deny it, do not doubt it. This is real baby. And - this Hydration card - what do you need to do to take care of yourself to be ready? Do you have a list ready? What else needs to be tended to, to take action on in preparation to be 100% ready? The call of your bones is strong and it is already manifesting and unfolding so this amount of preparation may seem silly, but honey, the message I am getting for you, is it is so, so real and strong. The bridge - I am also getting the message - what else can you let go of like water under the bridge? What is not important anymore, that you can truly release and let go of? It feels like you have already done a lot quite recently, but if there are any stored emotions sitting there that come out randomly in the coming days - let them, to join the river that flows out into the ocean of oneness, so you are lighter and freer to move forward in ways, that you know in your Heart, have already manifested in the calling’s of your Soul’s path. What emotions are you storing that need to be released? What do you need to prepare for as if what you feel in your bones, was happening tomorrow? Do it. TRUST. It’s real honey. Believe in your Soul. Love xxx Wanting to shift realms and take your skills to the next level? Awaken Your Psychic Senses has arrived and along with reconnecting to the most important parts of your Spiritual body that allow you to receive your Soul’s intuition and receptivity - your reconnecting to your intergalactic and galactic homes, Realms and deep recalibration attunements are all waiting for you right here. Whether you’re beginning your Psychic journey and truly owning your gift or you’re a pro at it, these next level attainments are beyond current reality - which one are you choosing? Click here for all the deets:


Card #5: Sobriety. “Dear God and Archangel Raphael, thank you for adjusting my cravings in healthful directions so that I only desire life-affirming foods and beverages.”

Hmmm, there is a lot of recovery, foods, beverages, and self care in today’s cards for Tuesday Tarot. Did you pull more than one card today? Similar messages for you? Are you - paying attention? Need look any further? Not really. The signs are there for you beautiful one - trust them, they are waiting for you. I am also getting the message with this Sobriety card - what is it that you are needing to give up? What has been ‘tapping you on the shoulder’, gently nudging you for quite some time that you haven’t been listening to? I am getting the message that it is time for you to listen to this inner nudging and calling to release from your body/mind/spirit what is no longer serving you. What is coming to mind as you read this? Are you willing to let it go? If not, what is it giving you - that you are not wanting to let it go? What aspect does it fulfil in your life currently? And, with this, what is the need that it fulfils? Can you give this need to yourself, without this ‘thing’? For instance, if it is a relationship, and you feel love from that relationship and so, are not wanting to let it go, because you are worried that you won’t ever find that sort of love again - can you give that sort of love to yourself? Now, this is the bit where you need to have a wide open mind and allow new possibilities to enter - if you were to receive this love in another way - if how it feels your Heart and Soul - if there was other ways of living, lifestyle, capacities of being that you are not currently feeling/living in your life - that could fill you up with this love - can you believe that this is possible if, even in the future in some way shape or form, even if you can’t see how just yet? If yes, then this is great, you have a tiny thread that you can draw on, to pull you forward and leave your past in the past, as the message I am getting here, is that this past thread that you are energetically hanging onto - has had it’s used by date - but you also already know and feel this don’t you? I am wondering too, a Shadow Integration on the part of you that you are hanging onto will be amazing for you to help shift this last energetic thread too. Are you ready to let in Love (or whatever it is you are needing to let go of) in an entirely new way, that you couldn’t conceive of before? I am getting the message that all the work you have done to date and are doing - has helped you shift in this way and I am feeling excited for you - because even if it is super uncomfortable for you - you’re going to land, exactly where you’ve always wanted to - so - let go and trust beautiful one. You’re on the right path, or this wouldn’t be your message for today. Trust it. Trust that what you’ve wanted the entire time, is right in front of you, don’t give up now. Stay focused, stay true to your Heart’s desires, this release propels you forward - do you… trust? Love xxx Are you trusting in letting go? Do you trust the Universe has your back? Do you trust that even if you can’t see how this moment in time, that you have everything you need to achieve what you are wanting to achieve? Are you needing faith and support in your own connection to Source and your abilities to take you higher than you’ve ever thought you could possibly go? In Awaken Your Psychic Senses, the repair of your Spiritual Organs with your Physical body, is right there - but the deep healing from outer realm and finding your Spiritual Home to bring your divine blueprint into physical form - to fulfil your Heart & Soul desires in this lifetime, are you ready to fly? Click here for all the details to connect your Home to your Heart and align with your unique Life Purpose and Blueprint on this Earth:


Card #6: Alternative Medicine. “Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for guiding me to the ideal healing treatment modality, and for giving me clear signs and messages to validate the best path for my well-being.”

Hmmm, the message I am getting strongly here for you today - is that you’ve just come across something as a new form of healing modality that can help support your life’s destiny and I am getting the strong message for you to trust this! Yet, you already do don’t you? Because it is lighting up your heart and soul and I don’t need to tell you to trust it, because you deeply already do. I am wondering what bits and pieces you need to clean up, let go of, move on from to truly allow this new path to open up and let it into your life in full capacity? Any threads or ties to your past, let them go, yet, I also do feel that you have already started that process too. Hmmm, the other message is - what needs to shift in your kitchen?! Might sound a bit strange, yet, I am getting the message something in your kitchen needs moving out? Wondering whether that is an appliance or a restructure of your kitchen (renovations maybe?!) or a food/diet change to suit/attune/support this new modality you are bringing into your life? Maybe a cupboard that needs cleaning out? What is it that is happening for you in your kitchen that comes to mind - that is relational - or not even relational to this new modality? As things come left field, don’t seem to make logical sense when we receive divine intuition, but I am wondering what the kitchen/food scenario is for you personally? What comes to mind? Also, the other message here is your hands (again, may sound strange!), yet the image on the card, is strong with his hand and ‘healing’ with his hand - and I am getting the message that you have alot more powerful pulsating through your hands that you have given credit for in the past. I am getting the sense for you to build a relationship with your hands, with the power of your hands, with the chakras in your hands - what colour are they? What colour streams through them to heal? What symbols? And - what is wanting to come through your hands? What messages do you need to write, share with the world or create with your hands? As you do so, be very mindful and direct the powerful energy that your hands are holding and what energy you are putting into the work you are doing right now - okay? This is the strong message for you today - have you ever built a relationship with the power in your hands? Try it, and see what powerful circumstances birth in your life that come from connecting with the power within that you stream into your life from now on. Love xxx Are you wanting to reconnect deeper with your spiritual power more than you’ve ever done before? Awaken Your Psychic Senses has landed and is the epitome of connecting with your SOUL and downloading the blueprints from your Star Being Universal Home’s and portals to other dimensions that your origins are from to support your divine Life Mission, your Divine Life Purpose on this Earth, are you ready to reclaim your true Spiritual Power and know how to use your Psychic gift like never before? Step into the realm of being who you really are, the divine powerful you, that you are. #ownitbaby