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Crystalline Chakra Journey

Join us, for a nine week journey of Awakening & Activating your Crystalline Inherent True Nature

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Life Purpose Accelerator

Hannah's Inner Circle

You were born for this time of The Great Awakening, that our Planet, and Humanity are walking through creating History as we speak. 

And I was born to support you, dear Rising Lightworker, to RISE to your greatness in the pivotal time of your Destiny, calling forth your Soul, it's time.

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Free Weekly Global Live Healing & Meditation

It's not enough to use our words. We must take action, we must UNITE 🕊

I have been guided to hold free Weekly Global Live Healings, Meditations, Activations and Frequency Shifting Techniques to support Humanity through this huge time of transition. This is what we CAN do - Unite 🕊

They are playing psychological warfare. We can play this game too. It's called Ascension baby. 


Full Moon Ceremony

'The Priestess Codes'  
We will be holding our LIVE ONLINE Ceremony at:
~ 2nd October 6:45am Brisbane AEST
~ 1st October 9:45pm London BST
~ 1st October 1:45pm Los Angeles PDT
~ 1st October 4:45pm New York EDT
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Our Closed and Private Facebook Group is a place with practical insight and recommendations, enabling you to find, honour and follow your own truth, over anyone else's. Plus, a like-minded tribe who totally get it, the Light AND the Dark.


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