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Full Moon Ceremony

We will be holding our LIVE ONLINE Ceremony at:

~ 9th February 5:00pm Brisbane AEST 
~ 9th February 7:00am London GMT
~ 8th February 11:00pm Los Angeles PST
~ 9th February 2:00am New York EST

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Trust Your Intuition to Become a Certified Healer

You're not cursed, you're not too emotional, you're not crazy, you just have a gift, you're awakening, and you just need to know how to use it - you are a Healer after all. Humanity is rapidly Awakening and you are reading this, because it is time to step in your Life Purpose beautiful Soul 🕊

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Inspirational & Motivational Quotes from Reality Awareness to keep you on track for the full manifestation of your Life Purpose.

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