READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨

free psychic reading tuesday tarot Jun 26, 2018

READING RESULTS ARE IN beautiful Souls!!! ✨🔮✨for the 26th June 2018.

Scroll down to see what message came through for you today from the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue. 

These powerful messages streamed through with an underlying gentleness today - are you being compassionate with yourself? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘


Card #1: Sacral Chakra. “You are highly sensitive to chemicals, additives, processed foods and energies right now. Respect your sensitivities by avoiding harsh items, situations and relationships.”

This card has an obvious message and the sense that I am getting for you is that you too, already know this. I am feeling that this card has come as a confirmation of what you have already been intuitively getting the message of yourself - about needing to change some aspect of your diet and/or lifestyle. This, being the Sacral Chakra Card, the Sacral Chakra, is where we are nourished at our core - whether you feel loved or not. This is the place where you are first nourished when you are in your mother’s womb, as your Sacral Chakra is just below your belly button, where your umbilical cord, first gave you everything you ever needed when you entered this world. If you feel not loved in some area of your life - look at where you are compensating for that? What addiction is currently ripe for you? Any addiction, is just covering up a hole where we actually need love and also, addictions cover up, intuition - of something you are needing to take action on but are not listening to, so your addiction of choice, covers up/numbs/quells those intuitive calls. But of course, nothing can stop the voice of your intuition. It just somewhat gets louder as you go further off path in a direction that isn’t your highest calling’s path. What is coming to mind as you read this? What have you been putting off doing, taking action on, or leaving behind, that you haven’t done yet? Do you feel worse inside, because you haven’t done this yet? What would be the fastest cure to making you feel better? Doing the thing you’ve been putting off? And… what do you feel has stopped you from doing the thing? Whatever the answer to that question, look at it as your block, yes, but look deeper, what is under that? What is going on underneath the surface? The message that I am getting for the Sacral Chakra for you today - is that there is something that is about to be revealed to you, another layer of you, that you didn’t really know existed, or more so, could actually manifest in this lifetime, that, could actually happen and be real right now. I am also getting the message for you to keep the faith, there is something on the horizon that comes from you making these shifts you know you need to take. What is about to be revealed to you, is a layer of you, that you buried a long time ago, but almost - like the cicada who is underground for 30 odd years or so, then comes alive at the surface, comes out of its hibernation, and sings it’s magical song. This part of you that is about to be revealed, will fill you, nourish you and hold you with so much love, you will truly feel like you’ve stepped into a new reality unlike anything ever before. Don’t put off what you know you need to do, a moment longer. Do it today dear one, you are the one who you’ve been waiting for. #timetoshine Love xxx Have you stopped sharing your voice because you feel that you said something wrong? That everytime you shared something you were shut down, or told you were too much? Or wrong, or fill in the blank? Have you been so sure you were right in what you felt, but told you were wrong and then made you so confused and doubting yourself even more? I feel so passionate about this topic, that I am running a free training on this as I see so many passionate, heart fuelled, empaths and intuitives, psychic and healers and they are hiding their gifts away when the world needs you most. Click here to register for this free training to openly share your gifts to help the world and understand more of who you really are:


Card #2: Release. “Work with Archangel Michael to let go of what no longer serves you or your purpose.”

This card is quite obvious in its meaning yes? And this message I am getting is that indeed you are holding onto something from your past that is not letting you move forward and receive the results you are really wanting. What is coming to mind as you read this? I am getting the message about something to do with a relationship. You are holding onto a relationship in/from your past and this is having an energetic impact on your current reality. I am getting the sense, that you aren’t together anymore, but right now, as you are trying to move forward with your life and even find a new relationship, attract love into your life, there is this past relationship that is energetically blocking you from completely being free to step forward into your new life. I am getting the message of 24 years of age… and not sure why i am receiving an age, when some of you reading this, may be younger than 24! Yet, maybe they were 24? Regardless, what was going on when you were 24? As I feel that this having a significant impact on current circumstances right now. What else was happening around that age for you? And I am getting the message about your Mother. Maybe your Mother was 24 when something was happening in your life too? Or maybe you are the Mother at that age? There is something about that age… and your Mother. Whether they are interlinked or not, that will give you some clues about what is happening in present day reality. It feels like a weight, an anchor - hmmm, what commitments did you make to yourself around this time? Did you say any silent vows to yourself? If something was happening in your life and you said, ‘I will never let that happen to me,’ or - maybe you got married and actually said vows? Even if you are divorced now, those vows still hold weight energetically and some sort of ritual to release and undo them, would be amazing for you right now. It is Full Moon in 2 days, perfect time to shine the light on it and release it? Wondering if any grief, hurt, resentment or anger coming up as you think to this time in your life? I am also getting the age 15 years old? (lots of ages today in this card!) Whatever you can drop into through your memories and take your expanded Heart Light Energy there, to shine the light on this memory, unthread it, unpick it, like a thread of cotton that is tangled, so you can see it clearly for the lessons, love and release work that needs to be done, you can simply authentically feel whatever emotions arise and then cut that thread to your past, choose to let it go and turn back to focus on your future, free and lighter than before. You do have valuable words to say dear one, don’t let anyone tell you, that you don’t. What does your Heart want to say from this time in your life? Love xxx If you are ready to trust yourself, when everyone around you seems to keep reminding you not to, but something is wanting to bust out of you more than you’ve ever felt before, it’s time to listen within to your Heart, trust it and move forward in the direction it is calling you to go, more than ever dear Soul! In my free training, How to Trust Yourself In a World That Screams At You Not To, I share exactly this and why you are so deeply in tune beyond the comprehension of those around you, yet, you shy away from this gift - now is not the time to continue to shy away from your gift beautiful one, come and join me for this free training by registering here:


Card #3: Indigo. “The person you’re inquiring about is an ‘Indigo’, meaning a highly sensitive, natural-born leader.”

Hmmm, this card can represent you, yet, the sense that I am getting, is that someone around you, is deeply needing your help and support. Don’t shy away from them right now, it feels like, your judgement of them is not supporting them the way they need it. And for some reason, children are coming strongly to mind - is this about your child, or a child that you know? And I am getting the message about choices - do you let them have choices? I am wondering, if these choices, come from them, or are they suggestions that you have given them? Do you let them speak their voice? Or do you cut them off when they are still trying to think about what they really want? Can you allow the space for them, to voice how they are really feeling? If you don’t have children that this card has come through about - what relationship comes to mind as I am sharing this message with you? As it just feels like this person is strong, and as the card says, a natural born leader, their ‘bossy’ traits are actually the sign of a strong and upcoming leader - are you supporting that or squashing it? How to you support an upcoming and strong leader when they are tearing the place apart? You give them more freedom. No, I am not meaning to let them hurt people and break things. I am asking you to notice how many times you say ‘no’ to them and how they rebel to that. I am asking you to step back and notice how much you try to control the uncontrollable? I am asking you to notice, where you can be more present and supportive of their choices, for example with a child, do you tell them what to wear, or do you let them choose? With their food, do you let them choose? Or are you constantly telling them what they should and shouldn’t eat? Are you constantly telling them what to do or giving them space and freedom - to show you who they really are? Do you know who they really are? Do you get involved with what they are interested in? Or just nag at them to tell them how much they shouldn’t be doing that thing - when that is sooo darn important to their heart, yet, you are just constantly telling them, how much they should be doing something else? Can you imagine, how excited and fulfilled you feel from doing the thing you love doing and spending your spare time doing, and imagine someone telling you to get off it, to stop doing that thing, that they should be doing what they want you to do instead? What would be your first reaction? Um no! And your second reaction? Probably something along the lines of feeling very mis-understood by that person and not, very loved at all right? The best and fastest way to build a strong and healthy relationship with a strong-willed person is to get involved with what they are interested in. For a child, get them to show you their game, ask them about what their favourite part of it is, ask them to show you how to do it, can they teach you and can you play it with them for example. And watch them light up by feeling completely understood - for what is important to them. Because what is important to one person, usually isn’t to another person. And what matters to one person, usually doesn’t to another. If you want someone around you to feel loved, or to enhance co-operation, listening and connection with someone - get interested in what they are doing. Ask questions and listen. Don’t tell and teach them what is important to you. Step out of your own way, ask them how they are feeling and zip your mouth and listen. Do you? Love xxx If you find it tricky to find that delicate balance of listening, or speaking when you know your intuition needs to share what you are feeling, but then find it tramples on people, or you receive backlash and then wonder if it was your intuition, or a past emotion being triggered (very confusing hey?!), then come and join me for my free training on this webinar I am running You Were Born Psychic, How To Trust Yourself in a World That Screams at you not to and work out what is your intuition and what is just a past emotion being triggered, click here to register for this training and come and get clear dear Soul:


Card #4: Singing and Dancing. “Express yourself and awaken your psychic senses through the magical power of music and movement.”

Ah, these cards today, seem to have obvious meanings to them! 2 strong messages here is - when was the last time you had fun? Have you been all work and no play? Have you been forgetting what fun even is? Are you so bogged down in the day to day world that you are forgetting what the purpose of living is? To dance and sing and have fun? The Fairies party every single night - because they know the importance of PLAY. It raises your vibration, your happy hormones raise naturally and thus have a positive affect on other areas of your life. If there is not enough fun or joy in your life, you are dragging other areas of your life down. So, when you look over your life - what is the one main ‘worry’ on your life right now? Then, look at 4 other areas of your life - when was the last time fun was injected into any of these areas? What action steps can you plan for in the next month to make fun a priority in all 5 of these areas? One a week, 2 this week - can you do that? This card has come to you today, to let you know that PLAY is missing from your life and IS the answer to your question. PLAY let’s in fun and adventure and new ideas for you to spark the shifts you are craving from that first area of your life. Ask yourself, ‘How can I make time for more fun and play?’ And keep asking this question to let yourself be OPEN to the answer over the next coming days. The other message I am getting from this card for you today, is that something is wanting to come out of you, something is wanting to be birthed out of you, something is wanting a voice - are you getting the message to be creative in some way? Create music, art, write, video - what form of creativity is coming to mind, what is your Heart and Soul wanting to share with the world? Singing and Dancing - if you have been doing this lately - has this sparked a new passion? Has this brought to life a space of wanting to share more of who you really are? I am getting the message that this is a Soul calling for you and to listen to this voice, it is wise and has wisdom of your Heart and Soul to share with other people - what is coming to mind as you read this? What do you day dream about? What brings you alive thinking about it? Where are you needing to let go worrying about what other people think and just od what is important to your Heart? If you get stuck worrying about that in the right now, just think to your death bed and think about it from that perspective - if you were on your death bed dying, do you look back and wish you’d just done it? There is your answer beautiful Soul. What are you waiting for? Love xxx If you get stuck in a standstill wondering how to do it or worried what others think, or are wondering how to curb the reactions of others whilst still following your heart, in my upcoming free training - How To Trust Yourself In A World That Screams At You Not To, I share exactly this and more - you have a gift beautiful one, let it come out. Click here to register to join us for this free live event and let your Heart be seen by the world:


Card #5: Emotional Sensitivity. “Honour and respect your deep sensitivity, as it is a gift to us all!”

I am getting the sense hat you have been hiding away, shying away from society recently. Something has triggered you, or hurt you perhaps, and you are wondering what to do with that situation? Wondering what has caused it, hmmm, no, it feels like you are aware of what is going on, but are unsure how to proceed forth about the situation. It feels like it shocked you at the time, but you also ‘caught it’ quicker than what you have done in the past and are indeed actually using your gift of sensitivity, your gift of intuition, your gift of sensing energy and psychic awareness, to understand indeed deeply what is going on here. I am getting the sense though, that there is a part of you sad, that you’ve - you’ve outgrown this situation faster, ALOT faster, than what you thought you ever would? It feels like, you were so excited in the start, and it did, indeed give you a-lot, but something has dramatically shifted and just so much faster than you thought. You know you outgrow people a lot and fast, yet, it has just happened again hasn’t it? I am getting the message to honour your sensitivity yes - but more importantly, the strong message coming through is to honour trusting yourself on this one. You don’t need outside confirmation, this has happened many times before and you’ve just felt this shift again, so just allow yourself to be here with it. Yes, it might feel a tad intimidating, as I am getting the message you felt like you just found your tribe, your soul tribe of people who get you, yet, with what has just happened, you’ve just shifted again and you don’t feel aligned with them anymore - already! Give yourself a huge hug right now, you’ve totally got this. What is going on here, is the next level, the next layer of your Life Purpose has just been revealed to you. You’ve been in this space before, don’t ignore the signs that you know are so blatantly obvious. Don’t hang around in what you know isn’t aligned anymore, as you know that long term that just causes pain. I am deeply getting the sense that this ‘space’ = you’re about to attract something that your heart has been longing for, for a very, very long time. It feels like yes, you’ve shifted and deep gratitude and love for the tribe you just found and already have outgrown, and I am also sensing that your deep connection with yourself has grown ten-fold and is what has given you the courage and the deep wisdom to understand what has gone on here. And with this - more alignment of your Life Purpose, than you’ve ever understood ever before right? The question is - do you trust yourself on this one? Don’t doubt what you feel in your Heart. Instead, go and connect with Nature, connect with your Soul. Know that you have an important purpose on this Earth (you’re already aware of this next layer hey), and I am getting the strong sense and message that - you’re exactly where you are meant to be - EVERYTHING has lined up, is lining up and has never been in more alignment than this moment. So continue to trust yourself dear one, your Heart, deeply, deeply knows. Honour the deep gift of your Heart’s sensitivity - it is totally on point, on cue and you’re on the verge of your total Heart’s desires in complete fruition. Trust. Love xxx If you feel like you are in deep trust but then flick into doubt and ‘go along with the crowd’ even though it feels off, but because you are not sure where else you are meant to be and want support and understanding about why that keeps happening even though you know you are meant to walk the path of the unknown, click here to register for my free training that deeply gives you the insight you’ve been craving about how to stick to the path of your Heart, even in the face of adversity:


Card #6: God Box. “Write any worries, concerns or desires on a piece of paper that you put in a special container called a ‘God Box’ as a way of letting go and allowing the Divine to help you.”

Oh honey, I am getting the message you have been worrying your little (big) Heart out!! Exhale deeply my love, all is well and I am getting the strong message for you today to keep the faith. You have been walking in sooo much faith recently right? This card has come to you as a sign to - stretch that faith just a little bit further dear love!!! You’ve so got this, even though you step into doubt - step back into faith and fast. All your work is about to pay off, remember who you truly are, remember where your power lies - deep within your Soul. You are a limitless being and the only thing that gets in the way is your doubts and fears - that is seriously all! You are a divine being made up of atomic particles and your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings are the only thing between you and physical reality. That means ANYTHING in your physical reality. What have you been working towards? What have you been wondering about? Now is not the time to doubt yourself, which would mean doubting your Heart - and your Heart has led you here this entire time - so continue to trust in your Heart’s desires and callings! I am also getting the message that there is loose threads, or ends that need tying up - what unfinished business is there that comes to mind as you read this, in your business, work life, home life, physical body or otherwise, that you are needing to tend to? It feels like there are about 2-3 other tasks that you need to tend to that will help to be 100% ready - as they do need to be done before you can move forward yes? Focusing on these right now, will take your mind of what you are worrying about too and I am getting the sense that you will feel more empowered, because you are moving the energy forward and continuing to walk in faith with these things being done right now. Keep asking for support from God, the Angels, or the Universe, or whoever you speak to - to increase your Faith and continue to be open to receiving ideas and guidance about the steps you need to be taking to move forward. You’ve totally got this and this card has come to you as a sign to take your mind off the thing, by tending to the other tasks that need to be done and then you will be there before you know it. Trust. Love xxx If you feel you trust but start doubting yourself, even though you know it is right for you, and then you look to others and get more confused in what you are doing, but know you needed to listen to yourself in the first place anyway, my free webinar training How To Trust Yourself In A World That Screams At You Not To - is exactly this, moving through the doubt, understanding why your gift is so deep and powerful and how to nurture that, instead of listening to a world telling you not to. Click here to register for this empowering free training: