Scroll down to find what message streamed through for you today from the Dreams Of Gaia Tarot - Earth Mother is Speaking - do you hear Her call? 🕊🌏❤️
This may seem like a 'dark' deck... but it depends - what you really see ✨👁✨
Card #1: The Crone. Feminine Power, Fearlessness, Authenticity, Individuality, Independence, New Purpose, Freedom, Shadow Self.
Ah, this one - this is the Elder years, The Wise Woman, the one who has been through it all, seen more than you could’ve ever imagined, detached from who she thought she was to step more into who she is and the one who is ready to share the wisdom that has been stowed upon her. Whilst this card definitely comes in regards to the age of who you are, even if in your consciousness - I am sensing and getting the message from this card, that there is a stage in your life right now - a situation moreso, that you are needing to detach from - maybe you just have detached? Yet, I am sensing this card has come to you, to show you the cycle of life that every situation has on and in our lives. They come in, they teach, they grow and then they leave. I am sensing for you there is a situation you need to step back from, detach and observe, rather than trying to push or force any immediate change right now. I am sensing that you are needing to do this for your health as well - you are tired from this situation and this card really comes with the strong message of detachment. It doesn’t mean that you don’t care about the situation, it doesn’t mean that you don’t love the person, place, thing or time of your life. But the time has come that there is nothing more that CAN be done. You are in the last phase of this cycle and whilst there are always things to do to take care of yourself and honour who you really are, what you have been through and honouring your authentic feelings, I am just getting the strong sense for you that you need to just know that this phase has entered and there is really nothing left you can do to change the situation. It’s time to let go and let be what is. No amount of pushing and trying to get others to see your point of view will do anything - but only tire you more. The Crone is solid in her inner knowingess, but she doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. She just is. And she’ll speak when she knows it will be truly heard, because She has learnt from her very experienced past, that no one really hears you anyway, unless they have specifically asked you. So - has the person asked for your opinion? For your point of view? For your help? Step back honey, the strong sense of detachment is at play. Now, what can you do to take the focus off them/the situation and take care of you? Where are you giving your power away to a situation that is no longer required in your life? Where can you reclaim your power as the powerful wise Soul that you are? The Crone is also about owning your Shadow and truly integrating the truth of why something is in your life. If you are latching onto something that no longer fits - have you received the gift of why it is there in the first place? If not, maybe time to search for the gifts? Love xxx If you are wanting to deeply enhance your intuition to understand the energy of the dynamics of what exactly is going on around you so you don’t have to rely on others or stay in the confusion and turmoil of your beautiful Heart any longer - Trust Your Intuition is OPEN! Doors closing this weekend! Click here for all the details now:
Card #2: Ace Of Air. New Ideas, Personal Truths, Paradigms, Originality, Individualisation, Motivation, Choices, Belief.
An, ‘air’ of new beginnings around here when this Ace of Air cards turns up for you today. I am sensing that you have recently come into a lot of power, it feels like something has deeply shifted in your awareness, integration and understanding of who you really are and what you are here on the planet to do. I am sensing, it feels like a great achievement and indeed you need to be proud of yourself and what is unfolding, has unfolded and is going on for you right now. I am getting the sense that your connection to Spirit/Source/Universe - whatever you call it - has heightened rapidly. It is almost like you don’t know yourself anymore with your new sense of profound power that has awakened within you - like this powerful Dragon on this card that deeply symbolises the magic and the power that you are now sensing in your life. I am also feeling like things have shed away from you, perhaps quicker than you ever thought possible, or potentially - wanted. And now you are kind of left standing like a snake that has shed it’s skin and is a bit bare and soft/tender and still needing to be gentle as you integrate your new found skin of who you are. I am also getting the message to ‘shed’ any continual beliefs that you find - beliefs that surface that no longer serve you - and strong message around dogma here - there is no one way that is right for everyone and to be mindful of pointing dogma at people. Just because it has worked for you - great - find people who resonate with that, but be mindful of placing sharp arrows towards people who just simply aren’t aligned. There are many people on this planet, know they all have a place in the web that we weave called life, we all make up the whole, so be mindful of your sharp quick-witted words that they aren’t cutting, even yourself off from your own wisdom. The Air suit in the deck, is deeply related to your mind and thoughts, so stay neutral in your judgements of your thoughts, whether positive or negative and remember to turn your truth filter on, so you are finding your own truth in the new revelations that you are realising that is waking up your potential - sparkles your light with your fullest potential that is your own truth, not someone else’s that you’ve swallowed. How do you know what is your truth and someone else’s? It will light up your Heart yes, yet, your truth will be sustainable over a long period of time because it is YOU, not someone else’s structure, system or otherwise. The Heart always know. Let your new found wisdom that has awakened and sparkled your light brighter than every before, be filtered through your Heart, not your mind. Drop your mind into your Heart to decipher if it really feels right. Your Internal Compass shows you the way - do you listen to it? Or is your Internal Compass muddled with someone else’s field? Where is your own field guiding you, that is led, through your Heart? Do you - trust your own Heart? Love xxx If you are wanting to truly understand what your Life Purpose is on this Earth, you must filter all information through your own Heart. We come alive when we learn new information yes! And this is amazing - and then completely trust where your Heart guides you, even when something begins to feel off. When we trust our Heart right from that teeny tiny instant that something is off instead of brushing it aside, because so many things add up and are amazing in front of us, if we don’t listen to that tiny ‘off’ then the rest starts to pile up and our intuition becomes dulled and quelled, yet you wonder why you have no energy and are tired all the time with chronic pain and more. Maybe pain surfaces in your Heart, but you quickly bury it with ‘positivity’ instead of authentic listening to your Heart and the rest gets shut down and piles up through your throat to live in your head, thus leading to separation and need I say more. If you want to truly gain the skills to become super apt in your Head and Heart connection, to reunite and learn how to STAY connected through that powerful portal in your Throat, there is only 4 days left to jump into Trust Your Intuition before the doors close. You won’t see it at this price again, as this was a celebration through my very first webinar, so if this at all calls to your Soul, now is the time dear one. Click here:
Card #3: The Youth. Adventure, New Horizons, Excitement, Independence, Freedom, Rebellion, Impulsiveness, Loyalty, Compromise.
Ah - this is the one of taking off on a journey, leaving the world and everyone you’ve ever known behind ESPECIALLY when they tell you not to! Sound familiar? Have you had people around you that are telling what not to do, instead of supporting your Heart in what you want to do - because it FEELS RIGHT FOR YOU? The Youth, represents the teenager, the one that leaves home to seek and learn who they really are and I am getting the sense that - there is a part of you - screaming to get out of a leave a situation that you know isn’t right in your Heart! Yet, you are somewhat fighting yourself about that even?!!? Is there any inner conflict between your head and your heart right now - about what you ‘should’ do compared to what you feel is right in your Heart, that doesn’t make logical sense. You will stay unhappy when you don’t listen to your Heart - you do know this don’t you? And even if you are ‘happy’ there is an underlying tone of resentment in your being right now that I am sensing… that comes across, sharp, snappy or - just plain bitter. And I am getting the sense that it even startles you at times and then you fall down in a heap crying and upset so to speak, because you are lost at wtf you are supposed to do in this situation? BUT - you already know don’t you - and your inner teenager, your inner rebel - is screaming to get out - because IT knows, how much freedom is waiting on the other side for you to truly take that leap of faith and open your heart, spread your wings and omg - the feeling - you can feel it can’t you? And THIS is what you are longing for right? What situation is coming to mind as you read this? What part of your life - is out of alignment but you are not wanting to openly admit it, not even to yourself even, because of the ‘fallout’ of what that means to take action on that? The people around you and how they will leave or stay in your life, the CHANGE that will ensue, when you make the changes your Heart is calling you make THAT WILL SET YOU FREE! So - what does Freedom mean to you? Have you looked at what that even means to you - especially with the reflection of your current situation and how that makes you feel? The only thing stopping you is your mind. Your mind will always talk you out of and find any which way to make sure that your Heart doesn't get what it wants, not out of spite or manipulation - but purely out of fear. So you can explore that fear - go there (you know, in the dark, the shadow ;) ) and ask yourself, what is the worst that could happen? And keep asking yourself that question until you get to an end… but, what will you probably find happen is that you’ll find there is no end - you might die, and then what is the worst that could happen? You come back and do it all over again? The Dog is jumping out at me on this card and Dog symbolises Forgiveness, it is Rose Quartz in The Liquid Crystals and the epitome of your Heart. Where do you need to forgive your own Heart, for not listening to it for so long? THIS is where you will find you will soften and FAST and the biggest shifts will come, when you start realising, you knew all along. It was right in front of you - the entire time. Your Heart, led you here, do you trust it to lead you where it is calling you now? Do you allow yourself to drop deep into the softness, that powerful space, called your Heart, to guide you, to hold you, forever more and…… set you free? Love xxx If you are always doubting yourself and feeling like you have a handle on things and then wonder why they don’t pan out the way ‘you’ve ben manifesting’ and ‘doing so much darn work on this’ - then Trust Your Intuition is calling!!! Doors are only open for another 4 days, click here for all the details if you truly want your Heart to set you free and have all the support to do just that:
Card #4: Queen of Earth. Earth Mother, Pragmatic, Real, Kind, Nurturing, Abundant, Fertile Mind, Wise.
Ah, this card says it all. #queen. What have you grounded within yourself lately? I am getting a strong sense of more listening, than talking - that you have truly been embodying the Queen energy - even if you are a male (it feels like you’ve been allowing your softness to surface, but you are finding that in that softness, is a profound power you haven’t felt or realised before). And maybe softness, isn’t the right word - feminine - is deeply intuitive - maybe it is your intuitive self and side you have opened up more than ever before - felt safe to even ‘go there’? The Buffalo, is standing out to me on this card as well and the Buffalo in The Liquid Crystals is about Nurturing the Self. So, the Queen, also comes in with taking extra care of yourself and/or making these levels of Self Care - NORMAL for yourself. What is new for you in the self care realm? Can you work to bring this awareness and as you’re putting it into action, train yourself that ‘this is normal now’ and just part of who you are, what you do to take care of yourself? The stronger your self care, the stronger you boundaries are and you start to come into deep clarity of who you are as a person, what you value, what you believe, what is right for you - what your Heart is guiding you to do. I am also sensing - something strong about the boundaries there for you - what is happening your life where you are needing to implement stronger boundaries? I a getting the strong sense of - being able to say no? Where are you needing to use your voice as the Queen, who is strong in her power and sense of self to say, that’s enough now? I am getting the message here for you, that perhaps you’ve just come into this deep clarity about what is important to you - yet, struggling to action that in a way that you can honour this new found boundary/sense of awareness of yourself? I am getting the message to ask yourself, what is truly important to you in this situation? Your freedom? Or staying where you are? What is your SOUL saying to do? Your heart PULL - even when it doesn’t make logical sense. What you are needing to do? Or continuing to help/serve others, that may not be completely serving you. I am sensing that you are coming into more and more realisations right now, they are streaming through thick and fast and I am sensing that it is imperative to ask yourself this question - to help implement this into your body, of where are you being called to go through your heart - that your heart is leading you too, rather than what you think you should do from your mind and what is the ‘safer’ choice. The Queen, is grounded, present, strong and very, very clear - are you allowing this divine power to ground you, to know that this is only making you more solid and grounded like a tall Oak tree and that nothing around you knocks you? I am curious what self care boundaries aka ‘no this is not okay anymore’ and taking the courage that your heart deeply holds, tap into that space of courage and action from your heart - even when it doesn’t make logical sense? What are you denying in your hearts truth? This includes the feelings authentically of what your heart is feeling? Do you have the courage to honestly take action on your heart’s desires? Love xxx Courage is deeply seated in your Solar Plexus and that is just below your heart, is bright yellow, like the Sun, full of power, strength, vitality and courage, trust and safety. If you are not feeling ANY of these and want to truly ground your power with stability and consistency rather than being up and down and knocked every which way all the time, the doors are OPEN for Trust Your Intuition and is the exact steps (and more) to do just this. Doors are not open for long this time and if you are wanting to find this stability, anchor it in and learn to say no without the guilt, click here for all the details:
Card #5: Five of Fire. Rivalry, Competition, Aggression, Bullying, Conflict, Discord, Chaos, Obstacles.
What are you not seeing in yourself - that you are seeing in another? And how is this creating an internal discord that you are trying to hide? The image on this card says it all, does it not? A lot of internal rage, fire and even passion that is somewhat misplaced right now - or are you ON FIRE? There is a huge shift in energies on the planet right now and if your creative outlet for your Life Purpose is not fully engaged - your Fire will be feeling burnt out and ‘what’s the point’ and you may have even thrown in the towel to what you’ve always known in your heart you were supposed to do, but are stuck as to why it’s not working right now and have given up on it - the fire has gone out? And then on the flip side, the internal rage is kicking in, and resentment even for what you are seeing others do in the world - because you are resonating on some core level that HEY that is what I am supposed to be doing! Yet, you gave up - too soon? YET the good news is - we can just start again - but you’re not really starting again, because you already know this stuff and what to do. Now, the other part here is the anger misplacement - so when you are feeling angry, a couple of things here - is that under all the anger is a huge pile of hurt and sadness, and if you haven’t let yourself feel the tears and heart sadness for a situation that has recently changed in your life, the anger will be covering/protecting that pain. The other factor here, is that anger shows us what is important to us and when someone has crossed our boundaries - or we’ve crossed our own boundaries. So we make a decision to change our diet or fitness and then don’t do that and eat more or such and then get angry and frustrated because we crossed our own boundaries of self care that we know make us feel better ie better food and exercise and we are angry because we know this is important to us on a deeper level for a healthy body/mind/soul as an example. What is your anger telling you? Has someone, or yourself crossed your own boundaries and what is your anger showing you is important to you? Or has your creative fire diminished, or you feel let down, or betrayed by someone and are deeply angry that how could they do that to you - but what is really going on is that you are deeply hurt about how much they seemingly don’t care about how they’ve even hurt you? It’s important that most people who hurt you, don’t even realise they have done it. It doesn’t excuse the behaviour or them, but it is important you seek help with those that can support your heart - BUT - and this is a very big BUT - you have to be willing to move through it as well. No one can help you but you and you can call on all the resources, you can get all the advice, but if you aren’t willing to truly heal, do the work and put the advice into action? It is important to not point the finger at ‘what they did to you’ when you aren’t even looking within and honouring how your own heart is feeling and getting the support to help you through that. So, are you? If you’re creative fire and spark has gone out - what does your heart want to do? And if you are not clear on that - what feelings are you not letting your heart feel thus squashing your creative fire? Can you listen, to what your heart is truly saying to you - without your mind coming in and telling you every which way and that? Your heart knows, trust it. Love xxx Are you ready to light that creative fire, trust your intuition and let your heart truly guide the way without fear keep shutting you out or even know which way to turn and direct you when you are so confused, because you thought you knew but you realise, wtf is actually going on? If you want to get super clear and have the acute skills to precisely follow your intuition PLUS know how to say no so that people do not squelch your fire anymore AND see who you really are for the first time, Trust Your Intuition is OPEN and all the details are right here, this is closing soon and this will not only light your creative fire, but spark your boundaries strongly, so that no one crosses them anymore - not even yourself:
Card #6: Ten of Earth. Synthesis, Harmony, Highest Ideals, Reward, Inner Peace, Authenticity, Grace, Look Within.
The masks are coming off - you are seeing who you really are - and your greatest power, comes from truly seeing who you really are - because when you do? Not only do others see you, but you aren’t affected by what others do or say as much, because you have this sense of solidarity and deep purpose within yourself, that nothing knocks. You may get slightly affected if there is something within you to look at and shift to your next level and your highest potential - but here at his space, this is a breeze fr you. You know how to take care of yourself, you truly own your dark AND your light and know how to integrate both and this? THIS is where your true power is - you know this and you feel this deep within you - there is a sense of internal balance, that is like this beacon of solidarity in a world and in the energy atoms that make up this entire universe - you are the universe and the universe is you. You feel this in your core, you feel it in your heart and soul, there is no questioning and this card today? The masks have come off and in that? You see what is really going on, you are seeing more clarity than what you’ve ever known possible and it isn’t a mind thing, at all. It is an energy thing. You feel it. And you feel the words of what I am trying to describe because at the end of the day, it isn’t your head at all. It is your entire atom make up - and you have a relationship with every single atom molecule within you that makes up YOU. Yep, that’s how deep, that’s how intricate you are. I see you honey, no - I FEEL you. Because you get this. Need I write more? ;) BECAUSE you have this depth of intricate relationship with every single cell/atom that makes up your existence, no, your atoms, not your cells, you totally get your atoms - you have this deep profound relationship within your atoms. And beyond your atoms? Within every single one of your atoms? How deep do you want to go? Now. Back to now. This moment. This card has come to you - to deeply, deeply confirm to you, what your Heart, your intuition and every cell (well, deeper than cell) in your being is vibrating with a resonance of something that is truly right for you. The strong message through on this card here for you is that your connection is deep, your connection is pure and your connection is TRUTH. Do you trust in your connection to your deepest being selves? Do you also - heed that call with deep clarity, understanding and trust, even when it doesn’t seem the ‘logical’ thing to do? This card has come as an important message to deeply trust yourself right now, there is something that you have become deeply, deeply aware of in your life, that is not in alignment anymore and it is so important and crucial that you listen to this right and take action. It might not feel nice right now, but this teeny tiny bit of uncomfortableness whilst you shift through this space - leads to a life of complete freedom - what do you choose? You’ve worked deeply and very diligently to find yourself in this place, everything is finally coming together, don’t let the discord be your sabotage, now is the time to action what you feel in your Heart, just trust it without trying to logically understand it. Love xxx Not long before the doors close to Trust Your Intuition! If you want to deeply understand the energy on a feeling level so you can be free to completely trust in yourself no matter what anyone is projecting at you and strengthen this space for yourself, so you can truly detach from what is out of alignment to give full birth to your Life Purpose, then this is the sacred space for you:

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