The chaotic Divine Feminine cannot and should not be tamed….

the divine feminine Jan 27, 2019
The chaotic Divine Feminine cannot and should not be tamed….
She is wild, fierce, gentle and calm all at the same moment.
She is your wrath, your fury, your poison and your food all at the same time…
She is WITHIN you and IS you….
If you try and contain Her you will be depressed and not sure of why life is treating you the way it is…
You will be inner conflicted CONSTANTLY you will not be able to make decisions and second guess yourself ALL THE TIME.
When you HONOUR HER EMBRACE HER AND ARE HER…. you allow life to FLOW and BECOME YOU….
The fire, the wrath, the fury, GUIDES you….. and becomes your POWER, your SELF CONFIDENCE, your WORTH, your COURAGE….
And notice life starting to treat you differently as you treat HER different, completely honouring HER - you honour YOU.
In just under 24 hours time, we are just about to step out of the week long Full Moon Eclipse window, that we felt Her power a week before She began.
Honour Her passage and what has occurred in this past 2 weeks - you will have been pulled deeply onto path and purpose, even if it feels like things are falling apart or you can't make sense of what just happened, know that the Universe has your back and guiding you to the path of your true alignment.
You may write letters to those you are angry, hurt or sad about and safely burn the letter or throw it in the bin to completely let go. If you haven't cried about the situation, let tears flow as this is the perfect time for release to wipe the slate clean.
You may write letters to your Soul, asking for guidance and telling your Soul your dream, and watch your Sour respond in kind.
Be very mindful of sleeping dreams as profound messages will be coming through in the next 24-48 hours.
Honour your feelings they are the Divine Feminine communicating with you.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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