Day #1: Diamond Energy Clearing

31 days of clearing energy Aug 01, 2018
Okay beautifuls! Are you ready for this? 31 Days of Super Tips to Clear Your Energy (most without needing to meditate in lotus position!) 🧘‍♀️
Now, whilst having a basic understanding of meditation is important moving through these tips to clear your energy over the next 31 Days I am passionate about making it practical and simple to use in your busy day to day modern life so you actually do it and keep doing it. Just like brushing your teeth or having a shower 😉
These are designed (like all my trainings/meditations and more) to do ‘on the run’ so you kinda have no excuse not to clear your energy 😉
You can read them, and imagine yourself doing it as you read what it is saying. Over these 31 Days, you will find one (or more!) that truly resonates with a big YES and these will become your solid grounding tools that you can use when you are driving home from the shops and sense you are carrying energy, or picked up something that isn’t yours from walking through the shopping centre or other public place for example.
I have a feeling I am going to refer to the Internal Compass a fair bit, due to it being a solid grounding base in not only clearing your energy, but recalibrating your life via your internal compass, so you can find solidarity, direction and expansion in what is right for you in your life, without being clouded by everyone else’s decisions, opinions, thoughts, energy and more.
If you haven’t got my Internal Compass Meditation yet (it’s free) you can download it here:
💎💎💎Day #1: Diamond Energy Clearing💎💎💎
Imagining, seeing, feeling, just knowing, or hearing the sound of your Internal Compass, connected and activated within you. Noticing what chakra, body part or otherwise it is located in your body.
Now imagining the Octagon that your Internal Compass creates around you and it still connected to the 6 Directions.
Notice the energy sense/colour/feel that is connecting the Six Directions of Your Internal Compass.
Now, imagine it, like a Diamond - literally the colour/sense/feel of a Diamond - the Diamond Energy - you are the Diamond.
This Diamond glow, lights up the entire space of your Internal Compass Octagon/Diamond.
Notice it connecting within your body. Notice the Diamond energy, lighting up your meeting point in your body, and then expanding into your entire Octagon/Diamond shape that you are.
This Diamond energy activates your Internal Light Body.
This Diamond energy transforms any energy that is in your space that is not yours, that you may be carrying or sensing that is coming in from someone else.
You breathe deeply as you allow your aura, your chakras, you absorb it in trough your skin, through your blood, through the cells in your blood, your bones, your entire skeletal system, right down into your DNA.
This Diamond is activating the core of your being to your Light Body, through your DNA, your blood, your bones, your entire body, your spiritual, mental, physical, emotional bodies.
Breathe in this Diamond energy. 💎
Allow your Internal Compass, your powerful Octagon/Diamond that you are, to grow and glow your energy to your highest Diamond energy activation. Breathe it in.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑