Day #10: Starlight Star Bright Be The Star You Are Tonight

Day #10: Starlight Star Bright Be The Star You Are Tonight

You notice, how present you are in your current space - you notice the air temperature on your skin, you notice the feeling of your clothes touching your skin, you notice the sounds you can hear, you notice what you can smell, you notice your chest rising and falling with every single inhale..... and exhale you take. 

You notice your feet, you notice the bones in your feet, the muscles in your feet, you notice if you have shoes on or not, you squeeze/scrunch your toes together, feeling your feet on the Earth, or through your shoes, and you become deeply aware of your body, your feet on the Earth.

You notice now above you - the sky - whether you are inside or outside, whether it is day time or night time, you notice the sky - and you notice the stars in the sky, even if it is daytime, you notice the stars in the sky and as you do, one of them becomes super bright all of a sudden and this Star - starts travelling to you, getting closer and closer to you and reaches the top of your head, above your Crown Chakra and feel shivers over your body as this reaches just above you, you feel its powerful bright Star light, showering you, like a cooling rain, deeply cleansing your aura from anything that you may be carrying that is not yours. 

You take a deep breath in and as you do, this starlight, enters the top of your Crown Chakra, opening, cleansing as it moves through your Crown Chakra, you feel your head clear and open to receiving spiritual insight - your divine connection. 

You notice that this Starlight, moves back up again just above your head/Crown and as it does, you look up above you and as you do - this Starlight, gently enters into your Third Eye and you notice the sensations in your physical forehead as you sense this Starlight enter into your Third Eye, cleansing, clearing and opening your Third Eye, gently allowing your Third Eye to be supported by this powerfully activating Starlight. You notice how this Starlight fills your entire head, your brain, all your nerves and organs in your head... 

You notice as you inhale this Starlight expanding and as you exhale, this light, splits in two and moves to your Ear Chakras, this light gently but powerful cleansing and activating this vital spiritual organs, that enable you to hear your intuition, clearly and deeply, accurately. 

On your next inhale you notice this Starlight, moves to your Throat and you sense if there are any blockages here and if there is something coming to mind that you haven't voiced to someone. You notice this Starlight expanding in all directions of your Throat, and feel the depth of this awakening your powerful voice so you can enable your Heart to speak, the depths of what it feels, with clarity, precision and deep, deep authenticity. 

As you notice this, you notice the Starlight has already travelled through the centre of your Throat, right into the core of your Heart. You notice if you cough, or need to clear your Throat as this Starlight moves down into your Heart. 

You notice how your Heart is feeling and this Starlight, gently holds your tender but powerful Heart with its magical Starlight, transformational ability of brining everything back into complete alignment, straight into the depths of your Soul and Life Purpose Alignment. You feel this Starlight expanding your Heart in ways you haven't felt possible until this moment in time right now, inhaling.... and exhaling... 

You notice this Starlight drops into your Solar Plexus and as it does, it ignites something within you, something that feels like, deeply HOME. You feel, more yourself than you've ever felt, like something just...... clicked into place as you start to get a sense that you deeply are remembering why you are here... with every single inhale... and every single exhale... 

This Starlight, moves into your Sacral Chakra, this Divine Womb of ultimate creation and surpasses anything you've ever felt before, you feel deeply full in your stomach, as this Starlight allows this deep sense of contentment to rise up through your entire being and you just feel sooo content as it expands through your entire body and aura... you feel deeply full and divinely... held. 

As you inhale, this Starlight moves into your Base Chakra and you notice that as soon as it connects with your Base Chakra - you sense the energy and Starlight, drop through your legs, through your feet and down into Mother Earth. This Starlight, connects with the centre of the Earth and immediately travels back up through your feet, your legs and into your Base Chakra, you feel the sense of connection to the centre of the Earth, you feel grounded, present, and very, very aware of your Base Chakra, very, very aware of your presence, you power, your energy, and as you do, this Starlight, moves back up, through your Sacral Chakra and to you Solar Plexus and as it reconnects with your Solar Plexus, all of a sudden your entire Aura, is the Starlight, your Solar Plexus has expanded into and through your entire body, your Aura and your entire Being. 

Through your Heart, your Throat, your Ears, your Third Eye, your Crown. Your entire being. 

You look at your hands and notice the Starlight beaming through your hands - you point your hands, move your hands around, and notice the Starlight energy beaming through your hands as you move. 

You inhale and as you exhale and you notice the Starlight shoot up through your Crown as you do - going all the way back to the Sky. 

You notice, that your hands, are still glowing, your arms, your body, your entire, Being and Aura - still glowing. 

You are the Star. 


Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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