Day #12: Sunlight Clearing

31 days of clearing energy Aug 12, 2018

Day #12: Sunlight Clearing

This one is powerful.... and so, so simple. 

Anytime you step into the Sunlight, no matter how little time you have, no matter what clothing you are wearing -

Our Powerful Live Giving Force, our Dear Father Sun: 

Penetrates deeply through your clothes...

Deeply through your skin.... 

Soaking into your bloodstream... 

Absorbing into the cells of your blood, your DNA, your bones, deep inside your bones... 

You feel this Powerful Life Giving Sunlight, soak right in to the core of your bones. 

You feel this strengthening you from the inside, you become, so, so aware and present of your skeletal system and how this holds your entire body. 

You become so deeply present and aware of your bones and how your muscles are connected to your bones. 

You notice all the ligaments and you are deeply aware of the Sunlight, still, penetrating and deeply, deeply nourishing your entire body systems, as you gently feel the warmth on your skin, absorbing through your physical body, nourishing you. 

As you inhale you feel your chest rise, as the warmth of the Sun penetrates your skin, you notice how this Divinely powerful life giving force that rises, every single day to give us this life energy - and you breathe it in, as you feel your physical body FULL of this divine Sunlight, these powerful rays, filling your entire physical body, as you notice they absorb into your Chakras, and awaken, clear and activate your Chakras, so they are all fully open, spinning and the divine sunlight almost 'flicking off' the spin of your now clear, activated and open Chakras. 

You notice this powerfully grounding and centring feeling as with every inhale, you notice how it expands into your Aura and fills your entire space with these divine Sun rays, 'burning' out anything that is not of the light. 

This constant source of Sunlight always there... as soon as you step into it... every, single day. 

You don't need to be in the Sunlight physically to do this/receive it's benefits, you can just imagine the Sunlight coming through the building/roof - which is awesome if you need a pick me up at work! 😍

Once you know this technique (like you've just read it 😉) this Sunlight Clearing can be done, super fast with as soon as you feel that Sun warmth on your skin - it's already gone down to the core of your bones so to speak. 

Anytime - you step out of the shadows, and into the Sunlight. #done

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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