Day #13: Being Held by Our Mother Earth Clearing

Day #13: Being Held by Our Mother Earth Clearing

Whether you are laying on the Earth, the grass, the sand, the soil - or in water, you can imagine yourself laying down, or actually laying on the Earth. 

Notice what part of Our Earth Mother you are laying on - are you laying on sand, soil, grass or are you in water? 

Notice how it feels to have the entire back of your body, laying on the ground. 

If it is sand, notice how the grains gently move as they hold you... 

If it is water, notice how it holds you and moves at the same time... 

If it is grass or soil, notice the solid Earth beneath your back and feeling it supporting you. 

Feel yourself, being held.... 

Now, drop your awareness, to beneath you in Our Dear Mother Earth, drop your awareness down through the layers of Her - that is holding you. 

Notice your awareness, drop right down into the core of Her. Her molten fire hearth - feel that warmth, come straight back up through your entire back of your body. (btw, if you have an unusual reaction to the fire/warmth reaching your entire back, it may signify, Past Life Burning at the Stake or fire torture trauma you haven't shifted yet). 

You notice this warmth, this Heart of Our Mother, holding you, just 'being there'. You notice already, that Her warmth and Her Fire, from deep within the Earth, has melted away anything from your Aura, your Chakras and even your physical body, that is not yours, that is not in your natural frequency alignment of your Heart vibration. 

You notice how much you can literally feel the Earth beneath your back, and you consciously connect your energy with our Mother Earth Energy, as you inhale, you feel your Heart Energy, your Heart Chakra, fully expand and as you breathe, slowly, deeply and every inhale and exhale, you notice how much your breath, your Heart frequency, has all of a sudden - connected to our Dear Mother Earth Frequency - you notice.... 

How you are... 

Breathing at the same time of our Dear Mother Earth... 

You notice how.... 

You have never realised before, so consciously, that Our Dear Mother Earth, is alive is - 


That you can literally feel Her breath in... and Her exhale... 

And you breathe... in awe and how aware you are now of this connection and how you've never noticed it like this before... 

You breathe even deeper, realising this.... 

You notice how calm you feel with this awareness of your breath - your every single inhale and every single exhale, being the same, divine time and expansive nature that you ARE - as our 



You come back to deep awareness of where you currently are right now reading this, the sounds you can physically hear, what you can smell, what temperature the air is, the sensation of your clothes touching your skin over your entire body and you inhale, noticing, that your breath, is still, deeply aligned - to our DEAR MOTHER EARTH - even as you become super conscious of your current space right now. 

And you realise, how quickly, easily and deep, you can connect with our Dear Mother Earth - no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing. 

Just by taking a single in breath, you notice how fast, your Heart, reconnects, over and over, to our 


Just by... BREATHING. 

Inhaling and... exhaling... 




Calm, cleansed, clear - CONNECTED. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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