Day #15: Your Hand Healers & Clearers

Day #15: Your Hand Healers & Clearers

You have powerful Hands - do you realise this? 

Just by thinking about it, you can imagine a colour of light, pouring through the palms of your hands. 

This would originate from your Heart/Soul/Internal Light and pour through your arms and through the palms of your hands. 

Look at the palms of you hands, what colour do you imagine/see/just know/sense/hear the sound of/or just feel is the colour of light, pouring out of your hands? 

You can use this colour of light, to clear almost ANYTHING around you, just by placing your hand over the top of it, and repeating in your mind, 'Clear'. 

You can imagine the colour of light, beaming through the palm of your hand/hands and direct this light/energy wherever you want it to go. 

No special training required. 

Just your loving intention from your Heart and your Soul light pouring through you. 

Some examples to use this are: 

~ writing my blog posts to you ðŸ˜‰
~ clearing my pet's chakras (or any animal!) when I pat them
~ pouring love into the food I am preparing or about to eat to clear and place the energy into the food I want to ingest (only takes a moment to wave my hand over it ðŸ˜‰) 
~ clearing the energy in my or my daughter's chakras 
~ clearing the energy in my home
~ when I hug or shake someone's hand pouring the light/love into them
~ Anything you can think of that you touch, you can pour light into with any intention at all. 

I like dancing on the dance floor and beaming light energy from my hands... and more ðŸ˜

What colour, do you mainly use? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

P.S. If you think that this can help someone, please share it â¤ï¸


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