Day #16: Your Deep Inhale

Day #16: Your Deep Inhale

As you inhale deeply, you feel your lungs and chest gently rise.... 

And as you exhale, you become deeply aware of your lungs and chest, gently hugging you, as it comes back into you.... 

As you inhale deeply, a little slower this time, you become more present with your body and your breath... 

As you exhale, a bit slower this time, you start to feel the depth of your Heart. 

As you inhale, you notice that as your lungs and chest expand, so too, does your Heart. 

And as you exhale, your Heart, gently, hugs you... 

As you inhale you feel your Heart expand.. 

You can just imagine your Heart energy, expanding, or perhaps you feel it, or see it, or just know it... or perhaps it has a sound, when you inhale deeply... and exhaling, your Heart, still expanding on your exhale - and it hugs you, holds you, comforts you. LOVES YOU. 

As you inhale, you notice your Heart energy expanding through your entire physical body, from your Heart, all the way up through to your head.... and from your Heart, all the way down to your toes. 

As you inhale, you notice how much calmer you feel already, just taking a few deep inhales and exhaling... being conscious of your Heart energy expanding with your very powerful BREATH that is ALWAYS with you - it never leaves you - nor does your Heart. 

As you inhale, you notice your Heart energy expanding to fill your entire Aura, your bubble of energy around you, that is you. 

You notice - how this FEELS - for your Heart, to be completely alive, and breathing with you - through your entire body and aura at the same time. You and your Heart, breathing, your energy, completely breathing. 

Just like you notice if a fly, enters your mouth, when you breathe with an open mouth, you too, notice when energy enters your aura, that is not yours and you can shoo it out and keep breathing 'clean energy' through your Heart expansion that is ALIVE through your entire body, your entire aura and is deeply living, alive and part of you, IS you.... with every single inhale and every single exhale. 

The more you practise this, the more this 'Heart Expansion Muscle' will become stronger and normal, and your body/muscle memory becomes stronger.

So when you take a deep inhale at any moment in time in the future - this is what automatically happens, because you've trained yourself so to speak, to do this - with the connection of your deep inhale and slow long exhale... your Heart Expansion is just 'there' and normal - and your entire system, can sense when that fly comes into your field 😉

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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