Day #17: Your Clearing Breath

Day #17: Your Clearing Breath

Following from yesterday's Your Deep Inhale - this one - is using your breath to clear the energy. 

I simply imagine white light (or any colour you choose), to blow out of my mouth with my exhale, and clear the thing I am wanting the energy cleared of.

I imagine the Light travelling right through the atoms of the object/animal/thing and clearing away any darkness or anything that may be stuck in it, that doesn't belong there as it does so. 

This is simple and I frequently use this for things like: 

~ Clearing my crystals
~ Clearing my oracle/tarot cards
~ Clearing food
~ Clearing any item of mine that someone else has touched and is quite sacred to me or my personal space
~ Clearing an animal
~ Clearing my food
~ Clearing anything at all

A simple inhale and exhale white light over the thing you are wanting cleared. 

That... powerful intentional breath. 

Breathe in the Light. 

Exhale the Light. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

P.S. If you think that this can help someone, please share it â¤ï¸


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