Day #19: Purple Light Clearing & Healing πŸ’œ

31 days of clearing energy Aug 20, 2018

Day #19: Purple Light Clearing & Healing πŸ’œ

This Purple Light, I received intuitively not long ago in a way I never knew it could be used before and just today, driving, I received the intuitive message about it that is 'God Light' - that this Purple Light - can be used, like a laser, that you direct from your finger - and can 'seal wounds' and more - just like how when we get a cut on our body, that our blood coagulates and repairs our wound and returns to skin (or scar) - so too, can we use this Purple Light, to

~ seal cracks and repair hair line cracks in physical man made items that may be damaging the Earth (like leaking petrol/fuel station tanks under the ground!)
~ seal cracks in just about anything 
~ deeply heal wounds on our skin
~ seal up bedrooms/rooms/houses and more, to create a deeply nourishing space inside, to keep you safe, allow you to have 'energetic space' from people, places or things

How exactly do you use this Purple Laser Light? (πŸ˜‚sounds funny!) 

You can imagine it beaming out of your finger/s or hand/s and direct it whereever you want to go. Maybe you see it, maybe you feel it, maybe you just sense it - trust your senses. 

When I sense it, it is like the 'colour' of lightning - but purple. And is almost like 'laser surgery' or 'welding' when you are imagining it directing onto the thing you are wanting to clear or heal. 

I am also getting the message that this Purple Light is nourishing for plants and gives them electro nutrients that makes the plants dense in phytonutrients. 

And - I just had to google about that! πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ» That was pure download and I had to google what it means!

The electro nutrients - so basically, this is how they measure the salt content of a plant and the salt content of a plant, enables the plant's capacity to absorb water. 

The phytonutrients - (or also called phytochemicals) are what the plants produce in order to protect themselves from bugs, diseases and germs! 

Wow! Amazing huh!?

So when we drop into the depth of this Purple Laser Light - how we can help the planet - wow, this is dropping into the depth that I kept sharing strongly with my Trust Your Intuition Tribe, so strongly around February/March this year, when we started to move into these great shifts that we've been feeling strongly for the past 6 months or so now.. 

That - I don't really 'buy into' the fear of the 'planet ending and mass death and end etc etc' - but who really knows what is going to unfold. Yet - at the same time, I have never, never feared any of it - and - stick with me here - the part I was so strongly sharing with my Trust Your Intuition Tribe at the start of this year??

That - we are ALWAYS guided with the solution to EVERYTHING! 

And this, that came through for Purple Light Healing & Clearing?? This is a huge tool to keep in your tool belt and use! 

To be able to support plants - the very thing that FEEDS US on this Earth - in this way? You understand the depth of this right? 

Wow. Deeply humbled. I knew I was going to download some 'new clearing techniques' over this 31 Days - and look what is unfolding..... something entirely incredibly indescribable! 

So grateful! 

So - how can you use this Purple Laser Light? 

Do you sense it out of your hands, or fingers or your entire body? (Yes, I just took you to another depth then πŸ˜) 

Let your imagination guide you how to use this. Your imagination is the seed of your intuition - you aren't really imagining it at all! πŸ’œ#trust

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen πŸ‘‘

P.S. If you think this can help someone, please share it β€οΈ

P.P.S. Do you, trust your intuition to guide you, and remember to ask for more information and google words/ideas and more, when you need clarification/more information?