Day #2: Grounding Earth Activation

31 days of clearing energy Aug 02, 2018
Day #2: Grounding Earth Clearing
Imagine yourself standing on the Earth with your shoes off, feet on our Mother Earth (or you can actually physically put your feet on the Earth, but don’t have to receive the benefits, you are building your spiritual muscles doing these exercises), taking a deep breath in and exhaling.
Imagining the Earth, Mother Earth, that rich, fertile soil, that moist, fertile soil energy, moving up through your feet, cleansing anything that may be in your feet as you do so, this grounded Mother Earth energy, moves up through your legs, through your hips, pelvis, base chakra, sacral chakra, womb space (men you have a womb, it is your sacral chakra), stomach, solar plexus, liver, heart, heart chakra, lungs, breathe that grounded rich, dark fertile soil Earth energy into your Heart, feel the deep connection with your Heart, and our supportive Mother Earth, feeding your Heart Energy, nourishing you, aligning you with the sense of your Heart calling, breathing deeply.
On your next inhale, imagine this Earth energy coming up through your shoulders, your arms, your hands your fingers, feel yourself full and loved, by our dear Earth Mother, grounded, present, here. Deeply aware of your body, your energy. Breathing deeply.
On your next inhale, you notice this energy moving up through your Throat, clearing any blockages, chains, ropes, or objects that may be stuck in your Throat. Our dear Mother Earth, gentle dissolves them - with Her LOVE. Breathing in this grounded Mother Earth Loving energy and allow your Throat to open and expand like a beautiful flower, it’s petals unfurling as you allow your true voice to be spoken, from your Heart. Allowing your Heart, to speak it’s dear Truth.
As you inhale, you feel this Grounded Earth Mother Energy, this rich, dark fertile soil, move into your head, your jaw, relaxing your jaw, your teeth, your tongue, your nose, your eyes, your Ears, your Ear Chakras, and notice the gentle, grounded Mother Earth Energy, delicately but powerfully clearing your Ear Chakras, so you can hear what is really being said, behind the realms, behind a persons energy and more importantly, what your intuition is saying to you. #thisisntaboutthem
Breathing deeply, noticing that grounded Mother Earth Energy, in every aspect of your physical ears, clearing, opening, allowing you to hear, clearly, deeply…. clearly. You feel your Ears, your Heart and your Base, deeply connected, as they light up and connect to your Soul’s truth.
As you inhale deeply, you notice that this grounded Mother Earth Energy fills your entire head, and you feel deeply clear in your Third Eye, in your brain, in your Crown Chakra at the top of your head, whilst being deeply aware of your entire physical and spiritual body at the same time. Breathing in deeply and exhaling.
You notice this Grounded Mother Earth Energy expanding through the pores of your skin and you notice that it fills your entire Aura, the energy field around you, that is like a bubble around you, and this grounded Mother Earth Energy - what colour is it for you? (comment below and let me know?)
Knowing that as you walk forward, you are deeply connected to Mother Earth, you are deeply clear and grounded in your energy, and that anyone else’s energy that comes into your field, you are super aware of it, and realise what it is without needing to carry it, you notice that it can pass right through you now and you are not moved, with your deep connection and solidarity of connection to Mother Earth, through out your entire being.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑