Day #20: Deep Indigo Blue Clearing & Healing

31 days of clearing energy Aug 20, 2018

Day #20: Deep Indigo Blue Clearing & Healing

This one - this Deep Indigo Blue - I have received the message - is like a 'Truth Teller'. 

You can imagine this Deep Indigo Blue like a bubble around someone, some thing or a situation you are needing clarity on and imagine this Deep Indigo Blue, around the situation, person or thing you are wanting to know the truth about. 

If this sort of thing is 'new' for you - if you can get into a deeply relaxed meditative state and then imagine this Deep Indigo Blue in your minds eye, your imagination - or literally imagine it in front of you like a big bubble. 

Then ask to see the truth about the situation that is on your mind, the truth about a person or something that is happening. 

I am also getting the message you can use this to locate a missing item! So you can ask where this item is, and trust the messages you receive in this Indigo Blue Bubble. 

I am also getting the message that if you are picking up deception in someone's words, you can imagine this Deep Indigo Blue Bubble of light, fill the entire space you are in and that person will lose their train of thought, or fumble through their words. 

Remember, that you are picking up more information than that person is probably aware of, that they are not 'wrong' for saying what they are saying, because ultimately? That is their truth and what is right for them. Just because, it isn't in alignment with YOU - doesn't mean they are wrong. 

What it does mean, is that, it is showing you what your intuition needs you to see, and what you are being guided to do in your own life. The question is, do you trust yourself and your intuition enough to leave situations that are less than acceptable, without making the other person wrong? 

Do you have the courage and strength within yourself, to just trust what your intuition is guiding you to do? 

If you are fighting with the other person about it so to speak, and making them wrong, usually this is just a sign you are not following your own heart. 

This Deep Indigo Blue is like a 'truth bubble' - so whenever you are needing to understand the truth of a situation, person, place or thing, just call upon this Deep Indigo Blue Light. 

I am also getting the message that, if you don't 'see' an answer, make sure you remember you have other senses that you also receive intuition! And - if you don't get an answer right away, trust that your asking has been heard and is being answered, so be aware of what you are thinking about, seeing and receiving over the coming days once you ask to see the truth about this situation. 

Happy Truth Bubbling 😍

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑