Day #21: Listening Behind The Words

31 days of clearing energy Aug 21, 2018

Day #21: Listening Behind The Words

If you resonate with being an empath - you probably do this without even thinking about it. This is second nature to you. 

Listening Behind The Words - means you pick up when someone is being inauthentic. 

And do you know what it is most of the time though? This, 'inauthenticity'?

Is that they don't even realise they are doing it themselves (not speaking their Heart's truth)


They don't know how to be authentic in their feelings and sharing their heart's true voice, for fear of hurting the other persons and/or getting hurt by someone's response 


They don't know how to articulate what they are feeling. 

The Ear Chakras, which is this Magenta Pink, is all about listening, listening within, listening to the outside world, listening to other realms and listening behind the words. The Ear's the Heart and the Base Chakra's are deeply, deeply connected. 

The Ear's - this Pink - is very, very nurturing, very supportive, very feminine - very opening. 

You can use this Pink light, to open yourself to receive and deeply hear not only your intuition, but sense the very subtle energies around you. 

You may hear them. 

You may sense them. 

And you hear deeply the depths, beyond what other people normally sense. Is that you? Do you sense beyond what most perceive? 

Can you sense when someone is being inauthentic - and taking it to another depth, can you sense, when they are not even conscious they are not being authentic with their very own selves? 

This usually stems from too much pain the Heart Chakra that they are not willing to face. (very common!)

The most powerful thing you can do? 

Just listen. 

That's all. 

This is where those Ears come in. 

You have two of them and one mouth for a reason as they say.

Just listen. 

You listening and yes, you may be picking up, hearing unspoken words of what they are not even aware that they are burying within themselves and that's okay. It isn't up to you to point it out to them.

Because in you, using these amazing Magenta Pink, super sonic Ears you have 😉 and you just listening to the depths, without saying anything - what that does? 

Is that it allows for the depths to rise up, without you even 'doing' a thing but listening. 

Because in this?

You are BEING with them. 

You are BEING PRESENT with them. 

And this BEINGNESS? 

This is this deeply feminine holding space, space. You are listening. Opening, receiving. 

And this allows the transformational magic to happen. 

And because you 'hear the depths' without them even voicing it, but then you say a few words like, 'Oh, its sounds like you were feeling quite _______' and you pick this feeling up, because you can sense what is going on underneath in this 'inauthenticness' that they are not voicing (and usually not even aware of) and do you know what happens in this space? 

They feel HEARD. 

They feel like you 'get' them - like no one else does. Or has ever done in their entire life. 

And all you've done?

Is put a name to the feelings they've buried within their Heart and thought no one could ever touch. 

So when you don't know what to do or say to the person in front of you, remember, you don't have to say anything. 

You just need to listen. 

It's the single most powerful Healer on the planet - is just listening. 

Listening to others. 

Listening to your own Heart. 

Listening to Nature. 


Listening opens you. 

And when you open, you receive. 


In all forms. 

In all shapes. 

Because your Ear's, Heart and Base are deeply connected. 

You open to listen, you open to love, you open to trust. 


Who do you need to just stop, soften and listen to? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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