Day #22: Your Deep Truth

Day #22: Your Deep Truth

As we drop through the Colours of the Rainbow THAT YOU ARE, it is here, today, we arrive at the Throat, this Light Sky Blue - as infinite and as far as you can see - and even beyond this Blue Sky - that you can look up and see outside - what is beyond the Sky Blue? 

Darkness. Infinite Darkness. With speckles of Light and complete whole nother worlds out there that haven't even been physically explored. 

And that? 

Is in your Throat too babe! 

Light Sky Blue - the conscious stuff you can 'see' - and then beyond that? 

The darkness, (which is ONLY unconsciousness btw) the stuff you 'don't' look at and what is IN there?

The infinite possibilities that you can tap into in your life - also exist here! This is actually a GOLD MINE. 

There is a depth here, that when we can see that just like the sky above you - everything exists in 1. conscious awareness and 2. in the places you are not conscious of (or can't see)

When you can look within and do your 'inner work or shadow' - you can release your fear of your inner work/shadow (btw aka demons, entities, darkness, pushing it under the carpet, denying your true hearts feelings/voicing it is also the same thing) - when you can view it as this night sky, that lives always beyond the Blue Sky - it releases the fear of facing it - why? 

Because when you see it as this, you realise that when you 'hunt' into the shadow/darkness/night sky - what lives there? 

Bright shining stars... 

Complete galaxies that who really knows what pure golden gems of aliveness live there... 

Infinite possibilities... 

Other dimensions of complete infinite wisdom...

What does this really mean? 

That when you really commit and do the inner work - consistently, no matter what sort of consistency amount you do - you not only discover these hidden gems within you - but - 

IMAGINE BEING CONSCIOUS OF ALL THOSE INFINITE POSSIBILITIES - that they then - become a normal part of your being? 

Of course, there are infinite possibilities - so to 'know it all' - is really not possible. 

Yet, we have a 'long' life here - how many can you become conscious of in this lifetime now? 

This is Soul Evolution. 

This is Soul Expansion. 

This is Soul Knowledge. 

How does this clear energy you wonder, seen as though we are on the 31 Days of Clearing Energy? 

Imagine - all the 'unknown' bits of your Throat - of the night sky. And you can only see what you can see in your current 'space' - a few stars, and none during the 'conscious day time'. 

Imagine all the 'junk' floating around in the bits you can't see. 

And then imagine how you discover this 'junk' and realise what GOLD lays within there as it takes you through the infinite possibilities into what is really out there, that you realise, isn't scary after all, because of the zillion light stars there, shining brightly, awaiting you to discover and 'see' them. 

So instead of the 'psychic junk' sitting in the night sky - you actually bring your awareness to the bright stars and what this does? 

It turns the Light on. 

The Stars shine brighter - YOU shine brighter - because you have reclaimed all these Stars you ARE. 

And your voice becomes stronger. 

You become MORE OF WHO YOU ARE. 

By reclaiming all these Stars - instead of just going about your day without noticing them, no matter how patient they sit and wait for you to reclaim them. (And sometimes they are quite loud in your face, trying to get your attention).

You become super aware of 'whats out there' - it is vivid, clear and deeply, deeply acute to the 'psychic bits' floating around. 

And you know that as soon as you become aware of something your Light, brightens the space more and you become that space, you reclaim that space that you ARE. 

How many Stars and infinite possibility portals, can you reclaim this life time? 

How willing are you, to expand your Soul? 

What, does it call you to voice, from deep within your Soul - by - exploring what is beyond the Blue Sky? 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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