Base Chakra baby! This is what it is about - at it's core - of course there is more to the Base Chakra, but at it's core - FEAR or TRUST? 

To be grounded, deep into your Base Chakra, requires you getting very comfortable with: 

~ your sexuality
~ money
~ your physical safety
~ your internal safety
~ your Life Purpose 
~ who you really are

When we are talking about clearing negative energy, to clear negative energy or even SEE it as negative - is coming from fear!!! 

Anything that you view as: 

~ nasty
~ harsh
~ wrong
~ dark
~ bad
~ negative
~ yuck

It is coming from fear. 

When you truly 'master' your Base Chakra - you don't live in fear. 

You live in TRUST. 

And in TRUST there is nothing to fear. 

Now, doesn't mean it doesn't exist! 

Sounds contradictory right??

Trust and Fear - live on the same spectrum. 

It is like a line - from one end to the other and in the middle - is you! 

Fear is supportive when it stops us from crossing the road when there are cars. It serves a purpose. Yet, when it becomes obsessive, that is when it flicks into blaming everything outside of ourselves for the way we are feeling and everything in between. 

The key with this Trust or Fear - this spectrum if you may - is that when you can 'live outside the spectrum' - that is when you truly gain Mastery. 

You are not detached/unconscious from it, but you are not run by the spectrum. You just are it. All.

It isn't that Trust or Fear don't exist (what is really real ultimately right?) - yet, it is that they all exist - in delicate balance. 

The night and the day. 

The light and the dark. 

The fear and the trust. 

All existing as one. 

In delicate and perfect homeostasis. 

One might argue that point - that there is room for improvement with things on the planet right now. 


Maybe not. 

What if - everything was exactly as it is meant to be? 

What if - everything was in a continual state of movement and constant evolution of change? 

What if - that if things were supposed to be different in this moment - they would be? 

And this drop's it further into TRUST - when you realise, that in every single moment in your past, you have NEVER done anything wrong - ever! 

Are you ready to release guilt? 

How you might ask? Have you never done anything wrong? 

It wasn't like - back then in your past, you were like, 'Oh, this is the wrong choice, I am going to make this choice' - did you? No. Didn't think so. 

IN THAT MOMENT - you were doing what was right for you - IN THAT MOMENT in time - what felt right IN YOUR HEART. 

I've mentioned many times that your Heart & your Base Chakra are deeply connected right - so every time you beat yourself up for making a 'wrong' choice - you are in fact, shutting down, not only your dear Heart, that leads your life in every moment, but you are closing down your Base Chakra = that helps you walk on this Earth! 

When you close your Heart down for a 'wrong' choice in your past, you are shutting the channels that deeply drop you into your Base Chakra and as you do, they close, little by little and when they close? That is where the darkness creeps in - the Light and energy can't get in there when you slap yourself with wrongness! 

When you are holding onto your past in this way, you deeply fear so many things, you fear making the wrong choice again, you question yourself and every little decision you do, you don't trust anyone in the world, let alone yourself, you are always worried about so many things and you begin to turn this internal shut down - out onto the world. 

You see things and dark, nasty, horrid, you fear things - this internalised wrong that you think you have done - gets turned back out onto the world. 

And so everything feels heavy, dark and yuck and we want to clean and clear the negative energy - from fear. 

Again - this may sound contradictory right - as I am always harping on to you about clearing your energy! 

However - the key here - is noticing when it is obsessive cleaning, when it is out of 'getting rid of someone out of your life' because you can't stand being around them - (projecting your internalised feelings/wrongness?!)

Yes, there is a fine line - again, yesterday's audio recording will deeply help this understanding and gain your depth of your own values and what is right for you in your life. 

When you clean and clear your energy from TRUST you: 

~ feel light and happy for it
~ you aren't stressing hard
~ you do it as routine/normal structure to your day, to take care of yourself, just like having a shower 

The key here in noticing the difference, is that when you 'clear your energy' and something still isn't sitting right - then you can delve deeper and clear out the core wounding of what is surfacing of your next layer of healing. 

Yet - when you are coming from a fearful obsessive projecting space, you will constantly feel unsettled and like nothing is clean, let alone stressing about money, your relationship, your - everything in you life actually. 

For the Base Chakra - is where you feel safe in the world.... or not. 

And if you don't feel safe - then you live in fear. 

This 'safety' is an internal safety. And it is here, we drop down into your core. 

When you feel safe inside, and have released all the feelings and thoughts from your past - that you've done wrong to yourself or others, or made wrong choices - then you can start to feel freer, gain your confidence back and TRUST that you are always, always, making the right choice - no matter what is going on in the world or your life - you drop into this sense of solidarity that is deeply grounded in TRUST. 

There are many, many layers that can help you drop into TRUST. 

So when you pick up your energetic cleaning tools - notice how you are feeling? 

Deeply unsettled and triggered as, or calm and routine cleaning? 

Noticing this difference will show you where you need to focus on supporting yourself more in your everyday life and this support? 

That's Base Chakra too. Do you feel like Life supports you, deeply cares for you, holds you and honours you? 

If not - this is where you need to start: 

~ honouring yourself
~ caring for yourself
~ supporting yourself 
~ putting structures and routines in place for self care and more

One of the most powerful things to start building trust within yourself fast?

Gain a self care routine and stick to it! 

Then you know - you have your own back, can rely on you and this feeling? Ah, what magic to be emitting to the world - trusting yourself to turn up for you = the Universe mirroring life to turn up for you! 

Just when you need it. 

Every single time. 

That... is TRUST in action. ❤️

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. If you think this can help someone, please share it ❤️


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