Day #27: Back to Your Powerful Rainbow That You ARE

Day #27: Back to Your Powerful Rainbow That You ARE

It is so important to acknowledge this complete Rainbow that you ARE. At this place, I call this INTEGRATION. 

Where all the colours of the Rainbow, of all your Chakras - completely work in unison, in synchronicity, in divine order, complete homeostasis balance. 

When your Chakras are all flowing, intertwined, connected and functioning properly, so is your body and... your LIFE. 


Because, as you have seen this past 8 Days, that every colour has a particular message, a particular healing, a particular consciousness and this past 8 Days, I have only skimmed the surface with the depth of messages, healing and consciousness that each Chakra can bring to your Life. 

When you are functioning as one complete Rainbow you are: 

~ deeply grounded
~ super consciously aware
~ highly intuitive and psychic 
~ can manage energies when they 'come at you'
~ know when to take action and when not to
~ know what to say to someone and when to keep quiet
~ your physical body is healthy and functioning
~ you are deeply grounded and activated in your Life Purpose 
~ so much more

You can imagine if there is a Chakra or two, not functioning at full capacity, it is a bit like a car engine functioning without one of it's cylinders, it isn't going to run properly right? Or at all!?

There is great grounded power in having all of your Chakra's functioning at high capacity. You are literally a walking transformer when you do this. Everything is cleared and transformed, just by your presence. Just take a moment to sink in that power, that depth. Powerful being of Light you are. THIS is your Life Purpose. To BE that. 

How do you get all your Chakra's functioning? 

Hmmmm, how deep do you want to go?! 😉I will take you there 😍Deep is my middle name - did you not know this by now?! 😍

As I mentioned, this past 8 Days has been a teeny, tiny example of what the POWER of each of your Chakra's holds, not only to clear energy, but to completely transform your life and the planet at the same time - just by your PRESENCE. 

There is soooo much I can share on the depth of the Chakras and deeply heal every aspect of your life with this space! Hence, why I am being intuitively called to create an entire course on them! One on each chakra! It's called Rapid Ascension Awakening. More on that soon! 

However, if you want something to have a complete spiritual healing session right now, if you haven't taken the time, to listen to my free Next Wave Healing & Activation Meditation, you can download that here for free: 

There is a short training/explanation video on it and I highly recommend watching this first and then listening to the meditation. The meditation is quite long, but deeply healing, for not only healing and clearing all of your Chakras, but the deep connection each one has to the other AND the consciousness that is connected to your life and your body all at the same time. It truly is an overall spiritual healing session - for free!

Click here if you want this free gift to help bring you back into health, alignment & activating your Life Purpose at the same time: 

If you need help and support, or have questions about this meditation or want to share your experiences about this powerful healing, come and share them in my free Reality Awareness Support Group: 

Come back into complete alignment, deeply connected to your body - the place where your Soul calls Home. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. If you think this can help someone, please share it ❤️


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