Day #28: The Air You Breathe

Day #28: The Air You Breathe

Any moment in time, you are always breathing Air. Always. It is like the only constant thing right? Your breath. It is the only thing that is always there, that never leaves you, that is consistent. 

When you build a relationship with your Breath? 




Always there. 



Your inhale and your exhale. 

You want a partner for life? That - right there - you've got one. You always have. 

It's you 😉Your breath. Build your relationship with it and notice what the Universe notices you focusing energy on 😉

That's not what I wanted to share in this post, but that just came out 😍

The Air You Breathe. 

Imagine you are breathing in a particular colour. 

Inhaling deep into your Stomach, middle lung and right up to your upper lung. Your 3 chambered breath. Exhale. 

Notice what colour of light you are inhaling - what colour is it? 

And as you inhale it in, it absorbs through your lungs into your cells, into your blood and as you inhale it - it absorbs into every part of your being. 

Your blood cells are now absorbing this colour into your being. 

You ARE this colour. 

It pulsates through you. It is you. 

Notice what parts of your body it is repairing. Notice what it is clearing out of your body, mind, spirit and more. Clear. Healing. Breathing. Your whole body is breathing this. 

Notice that with every inhale, the colour of light you are breathing in, becomes stronger, clearer and brighter until it 'rests' at a certain hue. 

Be here with this. 

Present with it. 


Your whole body is breathing it. 

You are... it. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. If you think that this can help someone, please share it ❤️


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