Day #3: Waterfall of White Light, Cleansing Anytime, Anywhere

31 days of clearing energy Aug 03, 2018
Day #3: Waterfall of White Light, Cleansing Anytime, Anywhere
Anytime you walk through a doorframe of any sort, shape or form - you can imagine a huge Waterfall of White Light, pouring down over/through the door. When you walk through this, your entire energy, auras, chakra, body, mind, spirit, soul, emotional, mental body is totally cleansed and clear. You may even feel a shiver or tingle when you walk through it. Cleansed. Clear. Alive.
You can also imagine this Waterfall of White Light over your front door - so that anyone coming into your house is also cleansed of any energy they may be carrying that is not theirs. Great tool for kids coming home from school or yourself or other members of your home coming home from a day around other people and places.
You can imagine this Waterfall of White Light, literally on any door frame. It is great to see/imagine/feel/sense it, or even hear it - on the shopping centre/mall doorways - so anyone walking in and out of that shopping centre/mall/school or any building at all, is also cleansed.
You may think it isn’t our job to clear other peoples energy like this and you're right. However, at a school or shopping centre/mall for example - if you are sensitive and aware of energy, and become aware of a denseness of energy somewhere - you are aware of it for a reason dear Lightworker, so time to use these simple techniques.
Just by a simple thought you are doing this, and you are helping Humanity and Mother Earth, by clearing what you become aware of.
The line is drawn when you ‘think you need to heal others and spend excessive amounts of time’ trying to change other peoples life paths and more… that would be a red flag warning signal for yourself.
Yet, this Waterfall of White Light technique over shopping centres/buildings/malls and more - is no different to picking up rubbish/litter that you see on the beach or street and putting it in the bin. Just a general care and responsibility for keeping our Earth and it’s inhabitants clean.
You’ll sense when you need to do it, and you don’t need to analyse it too much.
Trust Your Intuition.
Love, Hannah 

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