Day #31: You Are The Clearing

Day #31: You Are The Clearing

Just by a thought - you either think light or dark. Just by a thought you are either the Light itself, or you think are separate from it.

The question is - which do you choose?

As you take a deep inhale - you bring your awareness into the Spark of Light that you are - that you have within you.

Bring your mind focus here to this Light Spark as you inhale deeply.... and as you exhale, your Light spark, expands into your blood, and your blood travels through your body, lit up, ignited with this Light Spark that is flowing from a limitless Source that is deep within you.

Just by a thought - you can tap into a well of limitless abundance and resources - just by bringing your focus here. 

As you continue to inhale your mind focus goes to your Inner Spark of Light, and every exhale, your Light expands into your blood and moves/travels around your body.

Every inhale your mind focus to your Light Spark…

Every exhale, it ignites your blood and moves through your entire body....

Your next inhale, your Light Spark, expands through your blood and into your entire Aura, your bubble of energy around you, that you are. Exhaling.

Inhaling your Light Spark mind focus and every exhale it expands through your blood and into your Aura - filling the entire space - with your expanded Light.

This Light, dissolves any energy that isn’t yours, that you may be carrying and as you keep breathing deeply with this focus, of your Light Spark and your exhale expanding it through your blood, your chakras, your aura.

Every inhale and exhale you continue to feel your entire energy field come back into balance, breathing deeply.... inhaling..... and exhaling, clear, aligned, centred, grounded…. clear.

You can use this in ANY situation you are in. The more you practise this, very, very simple breath focus, you can do this any time, any where and no one even needs to know you’re doing it.

Practising this over and over to make it your normal breath in everyday life you take, makes your energy strong and powerful with a focus like this.

Breathe in to your Light Spark, and exhale and expand your Light Spark, clear, grounded, focused.... CLEAR. 

BE the Light that you ARE.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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