Day #4: Your Divine Connection

31 days of clearing energy Aug 04, 2018
Day #4: Your Divine Connection
You know how they say we have this divine spark of light within each of us, bring your awareness to this inside you now, notice what colour it is.
Now, you notice that it turns to white light, if it is not that already…
As you take a deep breath in, you notice that this light expands through your physical body, your blood, your organs, your lungs, your chakras, through your entire energetic system, through your mind, through your aura, breathing deeply as this light expands through your entire being, physical and spiritual, dissipating anything that isn’t yours that may be stuck in your aura, body, mind, spirit, soul at the same time. Breathing, deeply.
Notice how big or small your Auric field is. Notice your inner divine spark. Now notice inside your inner divine spark. Yes, drop inside your inner divine spark. Breathe deeply for a few moments, with your awareness inside this inner divine spark of yours.
Now, bring your awareness to everyone else’s inner spark that is around you, in the physical, or online, or that you think of.
Breathe, with this deep connection, that we are all connected through this deep inner space of this divine spark.
We all, connect to that same place.
We all, have all the colours of the rainbow.
And you, can shift any denser energy, by connecting in, with this divine inner spark within you, expanding it through your body, through your aura, and with your awareness inside your inner spark, can connect to the truth of everyone else’s inner spark.
All the connections, connected, clear, united, alive and free to be exactly who they are, just like you.
All of you. All of them. Clear, alive, connected and free.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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