Day #5: You Are A Walking Transformer

That divine spark within you, that you tapped into, dropped into yesterday for Day #4 - that is always there. It never leaves you and it only takes a thought to 'go there' and to remember that it has never left you. 

You can expand this divine spark, as big as you want to, just by thinking it so. 

You can feel all your bodies cleansed in the process, just by thinking it so. 

When you go to somebodies home, walk into a shop, or cross a portion of land and you sense the energy 'off' - this is your signal, again, you've become aware of it, and it is here you draw from your toolkit.

This one is slightly different to the Waterfall Of Light.

You Are A Walking Transformer means that when you become aware of negative energy, or otherwise in a space, whether someone's home, the shops or a portion of land, you can drop into your divine spark and imagine it expanding outwards to the space and transforming the Darkness to the Light, just by thinking it so. 

You Are A Walking Transformer also means that when you sense negative or dense energy in a space, you can just say 'Clear' and imagine it being clear. Imagine the space clear. Just by thinking it so. If you need more 'power' - tap into your divine spark and expand it into the space, repeating, 'clear' in your mind. 

With practise, this becomes second nature. I frequently do this 'without even thinking about it' these days.

Again, if you feel you need to do this to heal people and become obsessed with it, then this is the red flag warning signal for yourself. 

Yet, again, this is just like picking up the rubbish/litter in the street/beach and putting it in the bin. 

Again, Trust Your Intuition. 

You'll know when you need to do it, simply because you become aware of it when you go somewhere - or even in your own home 😉

You Are A Walking Transformer. You can expand your divine spark where ever you go, walk and are and clear not only yourself but the entire space you are in too. Just by thinking it so. 

Warmly, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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