Day #7: Conscious Cleaning

Day #7: Conscious Cleaning
When you are cleaning your home, whether vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, or wiping down a cupboard in your kitchen, you can use the mantra (thought in your mind) as you re doing it:
“I am clearing away any energy that is not mine, I am clearing away any negative energy, I am clearing the energy.”
You can imagine through the vacuum, broom, mop and your hand as you clean - imagine white light pouring out of it - clearing away the stale energy, or anything that doesn’t belong there. (Almost like those commercials you see and they ‘magic wipe’ the cupboard down! 😉)
You can imagine, this white light, seeping underneath furniture, appliances and all those hard to reach places, so your entire home is energetically clean.
Same with your windows - they say they are the vision/reflection of your Soul - how clean are they? Do they need an energetic clean as well as physical?
You can also Ask Archangel Michael of 100% Light to help clear your home, help you vacuum away the energy that doesn’t belong there and gain his powerful strength in your energetic cleaning.
I like to finish this ‘round of cleaning’ - with a Sage overhaul through the house and imagining (and gently blowing the Sage smoke) ‘behind’ furniture, just like the white light seeps everywhere. I also Sage the outside of my home and property - even just imagining the smoke going to every corner of my property. (Yep, no wonder they neighbours call me WITCH **cue witch chuckle laugh** 😘)
I use the mantra “I am clearing the energy of my home, clear, clear, clear” as I am walking through doing this. I usually have loud didgeridoo/drumming music playing at the same time.
I then like to walk through the home with my Tibetan Bell and do a ‘final round’ to clear the energy with sound.
Of course, the very first paragraphs are all you need to worry about here - you wipe down your kitchen bench frequently I am sure, and you can start energetically clearing your cupboards and table today, imagining the light coming out of your hands as you do so.
You have powerful hands - you do know this? Do you use them in this way?
And of course, you can do this all in your mind, with a house full of people, just by imagining white light pouring out of your hands and filling every inch of the home, building or otherwise - and no one even needs to know you’re doing it 😉
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
P.S. If you think this can help someone, please share it ❤️

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