Day #8 The Best Way To Reset After Too Much Wifi & Electronics

31 days of clearing energy Aug 08, 2018

Day #8 The Best Way To Reset After Too Much Wifi & Electronics

The Almighty Tree Alignment


The most powerful way to reset your energy frequency after:


~ spending more than 8 hours straight indoors

~ being around wifi (goodness, we can’t even walk down the street these days without being bombarded by everyone’s wifi)

~ being around electronics

~ feeling clouded

~ feeling confused

~ feeling agitated

~ and more


Is to go outside and hug a tree!


Now - before you are afraid to let your inner closet hippy be seen in public doing such things, let me give you some examples how to do this without looking like a tree hugging hippy - hey, nothing wrong with it, (thats me, tree hugging, loving hippy thang amongst other ‘titles’ 😉)  but I know most of you feel a little bit worried doing this sort of thing in the start, so let me give you a simple way to help you reset your energy field easily in a public place:

You can just casually lean up against a tree, just pretend you are looking at your phone, but you’re not actually looking at your phone (turn that off for a moment!), lean with your back up against a tree, you can sit or stand, the point is, make sure the back of your Heart Chakra (your shoulder blades) is/are melded into the Tree.

Now, notice the powerful Tree Energy, notice how it’s roots go down into that rich fertile Mother Earth soil….

Notice the energy moving through the Tree Trunk, from Mother Earth and straight into the back of your Heart….

Notice your Heart, totally realigning and expanding with every single inhale and every single exhale….

Notice how big your energy expands to match the Tree Energy, notice how clear and aligned you feel….

Notice your feet, on the Earth, just like the Tree - whether you have shoes on or not, you can imagine absorbing that Earth energy into your feet…

As you bring your awareness back to this Almighty Tree you are leaning against… and you look up from your phone 😉 - or tilt your phone up to the sky 😉 And gaze at the Tree Branches, leaves and if there are flowers… and notice, how they are deeply absorbing the Sunlight, whether it is Sunny or not, those UV rays, still come through right?

Notice how the Light is being absorbed into the leaves, notice how the leaves expand and soak in this divine Light Source Energy to GROW and how that energy streams down through the branches, the trunk of the Tree and into the back of your Heart….

Breathe deeply with this awareness, allow your Heart Energy to be cleared, your Aura to come alive and clear, crystal clear, with this Almighty Tree, pouring it’s Divine Energy into your Heart as your Heart, deeply, deeply opens and resonates with this powerful, powerful Source… it knows it like…. Home.

Breathe it in.

You are sooo aware how this feels to have the solid Earth Mother pouring in through your feet, and through the trunk into the back of your Heart, body, mind, spirit, entire energy, and the Divine Father Sun, pouring in through the leaves, branches and trunk into your Heart that is just… so casually leaning against this Almighty Tree whilst you are pretending to look at your phone… or maybe you are reading this looking at your phone…

Now… tell this Divine Connection, this Almighty Tree, Divine Earth Mother, Divine Father Sun… what is on your mind, what is bothering you? Speak this to this Almighty Tree in your mind now. Let your Heart Speak.

Notice how this Almighty Tree responds… does the wind pick up, do you feel the support in your Heart. Breathe deeply.

Give your gratitude, lean a little deeper into this Almighty Tree, and feel it hugging you right on back.

Now walk away from this Divine Tree, with deep gratitude in your Heart, a grounded powerful cleansed, and super present energy.


As though nothing happened at all 😉

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen

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