~ Relationship breakup cleanups - energetically clearing out the threads and rebalancing past life karma from the relationships you just can’t walk away from but know you need to
~ Healing physical aliments the doctor just can’t seem to find what’s wrong
~ Energetic upgrades, energy frequency alignments, recoding, DNA transformation, generational karma clearing and energy frequency activations
~ Healing broken hearts
~ Unsettled anxiety, panic attacks, depression and more
~ Clearing out entities, demons and other beings that you can’t seem to shift, but know are there
~ Just don’t feel right, no matter how much work you do on yourself
~ Clearing past karmic debts
~ Understanding why you feel you’ve never fit in on this planet and healing that pain/trauma associated with that
~ Finding your HOME
~ Healing and shifting the blocks that are stopping you from attracting your Soulmate in this lifetime
~ Healing, clearing and understanding your addictions at their core
~ The hard stuff, the big traumas, the stuff no one wants to look at, the things that people say you can’t fix and that you’re broken for life (Goodness! How can people even say that shit?!)
~ ANYTHING can be healed and worked on in a Distance Healing
You CAN - be free
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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