Do you ever see something out of the corner of your eye? 👻👽☠️🕊

Do you ever see something out of the corner of your eye? 👻👽☠️🕊To only look over and there is nothing there, but you swear you saw something, you even get chills and sense something or SOMEONE there - but you can't see anything? 

Does it scare you? 

Do you experience this? 

Do you feel a presence in the room whilst you are falling asleep? 

Do you ever stop to wonder why this even happens? 

Do you notice it happens in 'waves' at a time - you will experience it all the time and then nothing for ages? 

Do you freak out when this happens? 

It's okay beautiful one, your psychic senses are just increasing! 

So why does it happen more at times, and others, barely anything? 

This is usually two things, depending on what time of year it is, ie, like now, in October when Samhain/Halloween is upon us and the veils are thin, meaning, the spirit world and the physical world energies thin and we can sense easily, Spirit's who have crossed over and other beings more readily. (Yes! This means the 'good' and the 'bad' - so be mindful when you are playing around with the other side!) 

What about when the veils aren't 'supposed' to be thin and you sense something/someone? 

There are many reasons 'why' you might sense someone, let me list a few here: 

  • that your psychic abilities are increasing and you're becoming more sensitive
  • you're about to up level into a new phase/level of growth in your life (if there are 'dark spirits' and/or a lot of distractions around, it just means they are 'testing' you, if you are REALLY going to step up #stepupanyway)
  • someone is trying to get your attention/speak to you (no, it isn't your job to take care of every spirit that comes to you, #exhausting! - just like the physical world, remember, there is no difference, you don't need to help every body, but you do need to know what to do with those people/spirits when they come to you) 
  • two energetic worlds have 'collided' and they are crossing over 
  • you are moving out of an old world/phase of your life and into a new one 
  • someone who has passed over that you know is trying to communicate with you 

These are just some of the reasons, in short. I go into deep depth and detail about when a presence shows up in your bedroom, when 'ghosts' won't leave you or a client alone, what to do when they are harassing you or just in your space when they 'shouldn't' be, in Trust Your Intuition

This is one of the core elements when you begin trusting your intuition and increasing your psychic abilities - you sense EVERYTHING on the other side - not just Angels, and the nice things. In Trust Your Intuition is every skill you need to decipher, who is who in the Spirit World, what to do when 'bad' Spirits show up, the truth about curses, hexes, spells and why these things even appear in your or someone else's life in the first place. Click here for all the details for Trust Your Intuition, as doors are open now:

So what do you even do when you sense a presence like this in your home, or you swear you just saw it out of the corner of your eye and now they aren't there anymore but you still have chills about it, because they are still THERE! You can feel them! EEEKKKK! ðŸ˜±

The first thing to do is very simple and can be done immediately as soon as you sense them is ask Archangel Michael of 100% Light to please remove any being from this space that is not of 100% Light, by simply stating asking those words. 

You can always tune into if they are 'good' or 'bad' - most people are scared of things they cannot see though, or 'ghosts' - it takes practise to be calm/feel safe within yourself when dealing with Spirits from the Other Side. That comes from learning skills and learning what to do when you sense these. (Yes, Trust Your Intuition has all the skills you need for this job!)

What do I do? 

I sense into 'who' it is, what they are doing here and why. I notice them more at times when I am writing a post or creating something, more times stronger than others and notice that when I am shifting to a new level, there are more beings who turn up. 

Not always 'nice' ones, but they don't scare me, maybe because I have done this 'work' for a long time, but also because I know the dark is there to turn us towards the Light. 


Am I going to drop into fear and not write the post? No. I am going to acknowledge them and choose to keep going. Of course, that doesn't always work for everyone and it depends on 'who' is showing up in the Spirit world and why. 

The other most crucial element that you SHOULD be doing daily, just like I mentioned in our Psychic Skills Activator (did you watch the three training videos that we just held this week?), that just like you lock your home up at night time, you should be energetically locking your home up too. Imagine your walls, windows, floors and roof, full of white light, so you have walls of light, to help keep out unwanted guests. 

Just like you wouldn't let a stranger wander into your home, it is no different to the Spirit world. 

It is your Home after all, you can say no you know! 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

P.S. Are you ready to:

  • amplify your psychic skills
  • release the Spirits from your home, or your clients homes, let alone attachments that are draining the life force out of you/others
  • stop hiding your psychic skills from others, when it is only draining and tiring you to hold back your powerful gift that is trying to burst forward
  • release the fear of using your psychic gifts and spiritual power (because it happens anyway right? May as well know how to use it!)
  • come back to peace and happiness again after all the pain of being shut down after shut down after betrayal and hurts that seems like they never end time to free your Heart and come back to the confident, happy and full of dreams to live in this lifetime you right? 

Enough worrying 'how', enough doubting yourself beautiful one, enough thinking you are not good enough anymore.... 

You can - stop feeling so drained and tired, you CAN have energy and LIFE again, let alone happiness in your heart, because... there is a part of you... that has forgotten that right? 

How can that possibly even exist again in your life you wonder? 

Trust Your Intuition releases the clouded mess of your life, and all the past life karma drama that seems like it is never ending and always pulling you back down right? 

Not anymore precious one! 

It is time to release your Heart from all the pain, release the chains from your wings and FLY AGAIN! 

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How do you know if this is for you? 

  • It will CALL YOUR SOUL! 
  • You will be obsessed with the spiritual stuff, meditating, have many decks of cards, books and can't take your eyes of Spiritual Leaders content, audio books, crystals, burn sage like no tomorrow - you can't get enough of this stuff
  • Be called the 'weird' one and feel like you don't belong anywhere 
  • Know that you aren't supposed to work or be in a normal mainstream job and feel super exhausted after a short period of time in any job that you 'settle' into 
  • You will know this is something you HAVE to learn and be a part of, as I said, your SOUL will be calling it forth from in you, let alone the SIGNS EVERYWHERE that won't leave you alone! 

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